Europe and Asian nations join US in full-blown war against communist China


As more and more Chinese have stood up to challenge the legitimacy of CCP’s authoritarian rule in China, US allies in the west and Asian countries have joined the “cold war” against the Beijing regime.

The 28-member European Union, Norway, Switzerland and 21 Asian countries—including China—pledged to uphold market principles and international standards for infrastructure projects at a summit in Brussels on Friday.

According to Wall Street Journal, US allies, led by the EU and Japan, want to seize on China’s trade fight with Washington to expand in Asian markets that need roughly $26 trillion of infrastructure investments. China’s European and Asian rivals say Beijing shuts them out by forcing noncompetitive bids in exchange for Chinese-financed development projects.

Washington has accused Beijing of unfair trade practices and violation of WTO rules. Trump has threatened to withdraw from the WTO and has repeatedly characterized the Geneva-based organization as being biased against US interests.

Wall Street Journal reports that the U.S., China and the European Union moved a few steps closer to a major clash at the World Trade Organization that risks testing the global trade referee’s neutrality and President Donald Trump’s patience for an institution he already hates.

In a volley of filings, the EU, China and the U.S. this week escalated disputes over new U.S. metals tariffs, the European response to those levies, and Chinese intellectual property practices.

Conflicts between Washington and Beijing government have upgraded their scale from trade war, to economic war, to military confrontation, and now to a full-blown “super cold war.”

Top US and Chinese defense officials met in Singapore Thursday for a head-to-head meeting which nearly didn’t take place amid growing tensions between the world’s two most powerful countries, according to CNN.

CNN reported that US Secretary of Defense James Mattis and Chinese Defense Minister Wei Fenghe spoke for an hour-and-a-half behind closed doors, according to Randall Schriver, the US assistant secretary of defense for Asian and Pacific Security Affairs.

“Neither side really wants a full-blown strategic competition, disengaging, decoupling from each other,” Bonnie Glaser, director of the CSIS China Power Project in Washington, told CNN.

“(The Chinese) like the idea of having regular dialogues. It is an important way for (Chinese President) Xi Jinping to signal to his domestic population that he has a handle of the US-China relationship, that it’s not spiraling out of control.”

CCP officials in Beijing have tried to convince its population that it is “making a deal with the US” for the benefits of the 1.4 billion people and that its military is always ready to fight a war “in the name of the people”.

On October 16, China’s state news agency Xinhua announced that Fang Fenghui and Zhang Yang, two former top general in the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, were officially expelled from the CCP. Both fallen generals had been stripped of their ranks earlier by the Central Military Commission (CMC), the highest body that controls the Chinese military.

In the latest statement, Xinhua said Zhang and Fang had “seriously violated the Party’s political discipline and political rules.” Under “suspicion of offering and accepting bribes,” Zhang and Fang had “huge amount of unexplained wealth.”

Zhang attempted to escape punishment through committing suicide. The Chinese population knows that the PLA is no longer the “People’s Army”, and they have lost confidence in such a corrupt army to win any war against foreign aggression.

According to South China Morning Post, Former defence secretary Ash Carter has urged the US government to strengthen its military partnerships in Asia to counter what he described as China’s isolationist and confrontational approach in the region and around the world.

“In the Taiwan Strait, on the Korean peninsula, in cyberspace, in global trade – at nearly every turn, China’s leaders have chosen isolation over integration and confrontation over inclusion,” Carter wrote in a report by the Belfer Centre for Science and International Affairs at Harvard Kennedy School.

“We must also continue to build stronger military partnerships in the region, with established allies such as Japan, South Korea and Australia as well as newer partners such as Vietnam and India.”

New York Times reports that the Trump administration is preparing to tell Russian leaders next week that it is planning to exit the landmark Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty, in part to enable the United States to counter a Chinese arms build-up in the Pacific, according to US officials and foreign diplomats.

Months ago we seldom heard of the term “US-China Cold War”, but in recent days, this term are frequently mentioned in the main western media. Actually most White House officials have labeled this conflict with China a “super cold war”.

“All that are happening right now tells us, this time, no one in the US government has dreamed of pushing down the CCP of China with just one fight, or one event, and everything will be over. They are ready for a full-scale war with China, not an ordinary ‘cold war’ as many has put it, but a ‘super cold war’,” said Miles Kwok on Wednesday.

“If the US loses this war or even step back from it, the Americans will no longer have a future”, he added.

Miles Kwok says that months ago he has told Donald Trump he must win the coming midterm elections, otherwise he would end up in prison and the CCP has wished and done its utmost to put Trump into prison. “The White House or the prison”, Miles has advised Donald Trump at least twice in his report citing intelligence from the communist party of China.

This is a life and death wrestling for Donald Trump, and that’s why we see Trump every day of these weeks busy travelling to all states across the country, holding massive rallies and making speeches to his audience over and over.

When Donald Trump wins the midterm elections next month, the CCP of China will be hit hard again as many more dramatic things in Trump’s plan will happen against them.

The whole world has kept an eye on the developments.

By Cloudy Seagail


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