Eliminating the CCP is the best blessing to the Chinese people


Iron Man: Seventh Brother (Guo Wengui), in front of time, we are all tiny. We are very grateful to you, Seventh Brother. I have my last question: as I can see that your mother has left this world and you for nine months. If your mother had lived till today, not persecuted to death by the CCP, if she was still alive now, taking a plane to the United States over the Pacific Ocean and meeting you at an airport in the United States, and when you hugged her, what did you have to say to your mother? Thanks.

Guo Wengui: Many people have their parents. When I wake up everyday, I would walk to my mother’s room; I have her portrait hung up there in her room. To start my everyday, I must walk to her first, to kowtow to her and pay my respect. When I come home after work, I would walk to her again and say “I’m back, mother!” Everyday, I touch my mother’s face six times.

You just said that if my mother was still alive and flied to the United States, to meet me at the airport, and what I would say to her? Of course, there is no such “if” on earth. Life has no come back. Therefore we must value what we have now. Gratitude! Yes, this is the word I am going to say to you – gratitude.

What does “gratitude” mean in the west? Thanks-giving. The Americans thank the indigenous people, because the indigenous people helped the Americans. We don’t see the indigenous people today; it is those helped Americans who are managing the country.

Thanks-giving has a different meaning in Chinese vocabulary, the kind of gratitude in Buddhist terms. First, we must thank our parents for giving life to our birth and bringing us up. Second, we must thank the heavens and earth for giving us materials to live on. We thank those who have come to strike us so that we can see through the truth. We thank those who have come to defame us so that we can train our minds. We thank those who have come to betray us so that we can become stronger. We thank those who have come to humiliate us so that we can cultivate our determination and wisdom.

This may be the difference between Zen Buddhism and Mantra Buddhism. Mantra is a school of traditional Chinese Buddhism. It is like a worldly system of governance with the court, the procuratorate, the police, the discipline inspection commission. Zen focuses on the enlightening of the mind. It teaches you to see through life, see into the depth of the truth of life.

The core idea of gratitude is our thanks to our parents who have given us life and have brought us up. And we need to thank all living beings as well. Our existence relates to all living beings. They relates to our future and everyone of us has some kinds of connection with them.

Iron Man, when I think of my mother, I think of our connections for many lives. This life, we share the same mission, a mission granted by God and the Buddha. If my mother had flied to America, I believe, I would have met her in the Heavens. Some days ago, I said to my wife, “I won’t let my mother wait too long for me in the Heavens”. I have set my life ending at 65; and I shall be fully ready to go and meet my mother anytime then. I shall feel very happy with that.

Yesterday we had a meeting. When we saw the photos of the dead body of Wang Jian (former HNA chairman), many people were scared. I was not scared. I had seen too many dead bodies before, too many. When I was in prison, I saw many prisoners taken out for execution, right in front of me. Their bodies started to go bad after three hours and flies were coming onto them all over. Their blood soon turned from red to black. I had seen too many dead bodies, so I was not afraid. In Wang Jian’s left leg, there was a hole, deep into the thick flesh. That injury was for sure the result of a fight before he was pushed off the wall.

Today, I am telling you, Iron Man, that Wang Jian truly died. He was dead. Isn’t this a shocking piece of news?

Secondly, I am going to tell you, Wang Jian’s shorts were blue, dark blue. The so-called evidence does not match. He had not worn the same kind of shorts as Tian Ding. When he was laid dead, he was in a pink shirt. You can check the last photo that I have uploaded to the broadcast. He was in a pink shirt, wrapped with a blue jacket.

When he dropped off the wall, he only had his pink shirt on, no sight of the jacket. His chest was covered with the POLO shirt at the last minute. Do you know how terrifying he was? At the time of his death, he was shedding tears. His teeth were torn apart. It was a death with open eyes. When his body was wrapped into the bag, tears were still running down from his eyes.

This shows Wang Jian was murdered. His suicide was a fabricated scenario.

Please tell me, Iron Man, when you have seen the photo of a dead man whom you knew very well before, what would you feel? When you have seen tears running down the eyes of a dead body, what would you feel?

What do you think I would feel? My mother was 88; she had died of anger. I have been thinking of many kids who have parents and family members like Wang Jian. How would those parents feel to see their young kids die before them?

I was lucky to see my mother leave before me. If I had died earlier than my mother, how would she have felt? For this, I must say my sincere gratitude to God and the Buddha.

I am going to tell my mother, “Your son is here, carrying on your mission, doing something that you never dared to accomplish. Your son is carrying on your mission!”

So I shall laugh while I speak to my mother, “Look! Mother. Look at your son! I have overcome this. We have won! It is not a possibility; it is reality. We have won! Mother. Take a look at the universe, there is no longer the existence of the Chinese Communist Party!”

Of course, I shall hug my mother tight, and I shall kiss her, telling, “Mother, I have accomplished your mission, our mission! I have made many people call you MOTHER. They are the same as me, hoping to counter the CCP, to eliminate the CCP! I shall not let any more kids like Wang Jian, shedding tears while his dead body was wrapped into the funeral bag!”

Look! Iron Man, this is the best pay-back to my mother. I am not crying. Are you?

From the dialogue between Guo Wengui and Iron Man

Translated and edited by Cloudy Seagail


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