Dr Limeng Yan was interviewed by Tucker Show about Covid-19 origin


Yesterday, Dr. Li-Meng Yan, a heroic scientist, was interviewed by Tucker who is the host of Fox’s famous Tucker Show. “Give more pressure to the Chinese Communist Party to ask them what they have done to the virus,” Dr. Yan said in an interview. “And we need to work together to study the random and also intentionally resort to come out from the virus which gives the harm to the human. We need to solve these things together, and we should not stay in the lies again!” After listening to Dr. Yan’s introduction, Mr. Tucker responded: ” Hey ma’am, this could be more dangerous than we realize. This is a scary point, but it’s a good point. You should get the Presidential Medal of Freedom in a fair and honest country!”

Host Tucker said that Dr. Yan should get the Presidential Medal of Freedom! The Presidential Medal of Freedom is awarded annually by the President of the United States. It joins the Congressional Gold Medal as the nation’s highest civilian honor. Recipients are not limited to U.S. citizens. Awardees for exceptional contributions to the national security or interests of the United States, world peace, cultural or other significant public or private endeavors.

Dr.Li-Meng Yan published three academic reports on the truth of COVID-19 on https://zenodo.org, which shocked the world and received high praise from Peter Navarro who was a former assistant to the US President Donald Trump. He used ever the word “Brilliant” to evaluate Dr. Yan’s work. Dr. Yan’s three reports own high academic value on the novel coronavirus truth, except for the Chinese Communist Party doing its best to smear it, so far in the world’s scientific field, virus academia and medical academia no one dare to challenge this!

Based on Dr.Yan’s whistle and warning about the national security of the United States,and revealing the truth of the virus to the world through the Lude Media on January 19, Tucker said that Dr.Yan should get the Presidential Medal of Freedom, this is from the bottom of his heart and represents the recognition of the American people for Dr. Yan’s outstanding contributions.

However, our scientist Dr.Yan has made an outstanding contribution to mankind, far more than the Presidential Medal of Freedom and the Nobel Prize. When the truth of the Novel Coronavirus is revealed to the world, there will be a greater reward waiting for her! Let the people of the world see Dr. Yan being brave, perseverance to save the world, even higher than her own life! She is the real angel to come to the earth!

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Opponents of Dr. Yan’s Reports Secretly Switch Gears

In the May 21, 2021 Getter video, Mr. Miles Guo said those scientists and media which previously attacked Dr. Li-Meng Yan’s reports had secretly withdrawn their reports and changed their narrative privately, and also scientists in two prestigious schools, Stanford and MIT, had carefully studied Dr. Yan’s reports. He believed that the congressional hearings on the CCP virus would be happening no matter what obstacles those rogue politicians would place for the hearings.

The following is Miles’ remarks:

Likewise, you look at the situation of the world, about the virus. Early this morning, our best partner, who I can’t say his name, a bigwig of American politics, sent me a message talking about someone who previously opposed the three reports of our Dr. Yan most, on several different occasions in the public. He said, “Have you noticed the recent speech of XXX? Recently this guy has changed his narrative privately.” He also said that the things that Dr. Li-Meng Yan had talked about were of great value and credibility.

So this friend asked me, “Do you think the congress hearing will happen?” I said “We will definitely make it happen. The congress hearing will definitely happen. The U.S. Congress hearings are determined by the will of the American people, not represented by any rogue politicians. It will definitely happen.” He said, “No way. As long as the Democratic Party still exists, it will never let it happen.” I said, “Let’s wait and see.”

As you saw yesterday, Politico, the website, a political website claiming to be able to make a diagnosis for the US, which attacked our scientist (Dr. Yan) early on, has two journalists who are absolutely pro-CCP and have attacked us many times. Recently it changed its tone and quietly removed those so-called news reports that attacked our scientist from its website. Have you noticed that? In Britain and Germany, there were several so-called big names, scientists, who attacked our scientist Dr. Li-Meng Yan on their social media, who posted their so-called reports of the truth about the virus to claim the virus was originated from nature but not a lab. They have withdrawn all those reports.

Not only that, Stanford University, which, in the United States, is the absolute authority in biological research, and MIT – Harvard is a rogue political university, so just ignore it –  these two schools, you can go check what is the most discussed by their insiders now? [They were discussing] the truth about the CCP virus coming from the Wuhan lab. All these people have the three reports of our scientist (Dr. Li-Meng Yan) on their hands and have analyzed them thoroughly. And most importantly, our scientist showed to the media the CCP’s own textbook,  regarding the unnatural origin of SARS which was self-evident, proofing CCP’s long-term planning for this and that this is unrestricted biowarfare. Now this concept has been widely recognized by the world, which was defined by our scientist – called “unrestricted biowarfare”.

Translator: 一花一世界


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