Donald Trump: we’ll hold China accountable


Besides decoupling China, will President Trump fight a war?

Donald Trump is hardening his stance to “decouple” the US economy from China’s and to hold China accountable for the spread of the coronavirus as he talked to the press on Labor Day earlier this week.

While focusing his attacks on the Democrats and Joe Biden, President Trump praised himself over and over what he has done for the American workers.

“Under my leadership, next year will be the greatest economic year in the history of our country, I project,” said Trump.

Trump said the US will soon have the safe vaccine, criticizing the Democrats to have politicized the vaccine and it’s bad for the country. He remarked, “Contrary to all of the lies, the vaccine that they’re — they politicalize. They’ll say anything. And it’s so dangerous for our country, what they say. But the vaccine will be very safe and very effective, and it will be delivered very soon.”

“Biden’s plan for the China virus is to shut down the entire U.S. economy,” said Trump, “Biden has also pledged to demolish the U.S. energy industry and implement the same policies causing blackouts in California. He wants to have things lit up with wind. He’ll have to talk to China, Russia, India, and lots of other countries, because they’re not doing that. ”

Trump accused China and even Europe of ripping off the US for decades, especially under the Obama-Biden Administration.

“He (Biden) spent 47 years sending American jobs to China, to Mexico, and to other countries, while collecting millions of dollars in campaign and super PAC contributions from global corporations that got rich by making American workers poor.”

Trump also took on the Biden family for their wrongdoings with China and Ukraine.

“His son, ‘Where is Hunter?’ — Where is Hunter? — I call him ‘Where is Hunter?’ — walked away with one and a half billion dollars to manage, even though he never did that before. He walked away with a fortune from Ukraine, from China, and from other countries. ”

Trump said China has used the billions of dollars made from the US to build a powerful military, but he is not going to fight a war with anyone, citing a story about John McCain.

“I’ve always been on the opposite side of John McCain. John McCain liked wars. I will be a better warrior than anybody, but when we fight a war, we’re going to win them. And, frankly, I was never a fan of John McCain. You know that; that’s been very obvious, ” Trump said. “I was never a fan of John McCain because he wanted the endless wars, and I didn’t.”

But Trump is sure Communist China has sent the coronavirus and he must hold them accountable, in addition to “decoupling”.

On September 9, when Donald Trump adds 20 additions to the US Supreme Court, including such hawks as Tom Cotton, Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley, he is ready to take the CCP to justice.

Trump said when he makes those judicial appointments, “Apart from matters of war and peace, the nomination of a Supreme Court justice is the most important decision an American President can make.”

Not yet specific as to how to hold the CCP accountable, Trump remarks, “We have to have leadership.  We have to show leadership.  And the last thing you want to do is create a panic in the country.  This was a horrible thing.  It was sent to us by China.  It should not have happened — should never have happened.  This is a disgusting, terrible situation that was foisted upon us.”

“China released something that they shouldn’t have been allowed to re- — they should not have released.  It came out of China.  It went to Europe.  It went all over the world.  It should have never happened.  They could have stopped it.  They stopped it from going into the remainder of China.  It started in Wuhan, and they stopped it.  But they didn’t stop it from coming to our country.”

Trump is close to making a conclusion of how the US should hold the CCP accountable. We are looking forward to thunder actions from his administration.

by Winnie Troppie

Selected Remarks by President Trump on China in Press Conference on Labor Day, September 7

The New York Times has just published an entire story on Biden’s China sell-outs, which is amazing for the New York Times. I appreciate that. In 2001, Biden said, “The United States welcomes the emergence of a prosperous, integrated China on the global stage because we expect this is going to be a China that plays by the rules.” They didn’t play by the rules.

We lose billions and billions of dollars for years and years, decades. We’ve lost billions and billions and billions of dollars by dealing with China. We get nothing from China. They (the Democrats) get nothing, other than loss, other than giving our money. And they take that money, and they build their military. And you see they’re building up a powerful military.

And it’s very lucky that I’ve been building ours up, because otherwise we’d be dwarfed right now by China. We would be a terrible thing. A terrible thing.

We’re way ahead on the nuclear front. We’ve upgraded our nuclear. Hope to God we never have to use it. But we would be in a position that we are not in right now. But China is spending the money we give them to build up their military.

So when you mention the world “decouple,” it’s an interesting word. So we lose billions of dollars, and if we didn’t do business with them, we wouldn’t lose billions of dollars. It’s called “decoupling.” So you’ll start thinking about it. You’ll start thinking.

They take our money, and they spend it on building airplanes and building ships and building rockets and missiles. And Biden has been just a pawn for them. He’s been so easy. They dream about Biden. There was a report today that they hope that Joe Biden becomes President. If Joe Biden becomes President, China will own the United States, and every other country will be smiling also. They’ll be smiling.

Biden cheered China’s rise as a great power “because great powers adhere to international norms in the areas of nonproliferation, human rights, and trade.” Well, they didn’t. They took advantage of stupid people. Stupid people. And Biden is a stupid person. You (the media) know that. You’re not going to write it. But you know that.

China has been very bad, on top of which we had the China plague sent to us and other viruses — nothing near this serious — but the swine, and we had other viruses sent in over the years that came from China. I wonder why.

If Biden wins, China wins, because China will own this country. If Biden wins, China will own this country, and hopefully you’re not going to be able to find that out.

Under my administration, we will make America into the manufacturing superpower of the world, and we’ll end our reliance on China once and for all. Whether it’s decoupling or putting in massive tariffs like I’ve been doing already, we’re going to end our reliance on China because we can’t rely on China. And I don’t want them building a military-like they’re building right now, and they’re using our money to build it.

We’ll manufacture our critical medical supplies in the United States. We’ll create “Made in America” tax credits and bring our jobs back from China to the United States.

And we’ll impose tariffs on companies that desert America to create jobs in China and other countries. If they can’t do it here, then let them pay a big tax to build it someplace else and send it into our country.

We’ll prohibit federal contracts from companies that outsource to China.

And we’ll hold China accountable for allowing the virus to spread around the world.

I will never feel the same about China.

Source: The White House

Edited by staff


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