Donald Trump is never alone in his fight against the Chinese Communist Regime

Hong Kong protesters in human chains.

As the G-7 Summit continues into Monday in French Biarritz, China remains the subject that will cast a long shadow on issues far beyond the trade war.

When the mainstream media has largely described “a difficult test of the unity and solidarity of the free world and its leaders,” Donald Trump truly finds himself few followers with a tougher stand against the unfair trade practices of the Communist Regime.

President Emmanuel Macron of the highly corrupt French government, for his selfish economic interests from Communist China, wants to evade the key issue there and focus on the environment.

The CCP-friendly German Chancellor Mrs. Merkel echoes with a description that the Amazon rainforest fire was “shocking and threatening”, saying she was convinced the issue should top the agenda.

The Canadian government under Justin Trudeau has been weak when it comes to dealing with Communist Beijing. The weakening Trudeau finds no better ways for the wellbeing of  its citizens detained by Beijing.

Although British new Prime Minister Boris Johnson has taken on both Macron and Merkel on Brexit, he is also reluctant to charge Communist China directly for his economic and political interests.

Japan looks to be a much closer ally to the United States and the two sides “enjoy a robust relationship of trust more so than ever” when Shinzo Abe and Donald Trump agreed on Sunday to core elements of a trade deal between the two countries standing hand in hand to counter the Beijing dictatorship.

Scott Morrison of Australia has lent support to Donald Trump over the trade war with Communist China, claiming that the U.S. has “legitimate issues” while admitting this partnership will hurt the Sino-Australia trade relations.

Australians may react in a slow pace but its system is always working well when it comes to upholding the universal values. Last week the NSW government snapped all the Confucius Institutes funded by the Chinese government and ordered them to close by the end of the year over foreign interference fears.

While Scott Morrison described the U.S. as “friend” and China a “customer”, Australia has taken its side. Although Donad Trump has hailed Boris Johnson as the “right man” to deliver Brexit, we would like to see a stronger leader in the United Kingdom like Nigel Farage who has a clearer sense about the threat of Communist China.

CCP killer Guo Wengui said former White House Strategist Steve Bannon has worked for a “populist revolution” in Europe, and dirty politicians like Macron and Merkel must leave for a better future of Europe.

In his latest tweet, President Trump said, “In France we are all laughing at how knowingly inaccurate the U.S. reporting of events and conversations at the G-7 is. These Leaders, and many others, are getting a major case study of Fake News at it’s finest! They’ve got it all wrong, from Iran, to China Tariffs, to Boris!”

The President tweets again, “The question I was asked most today by fellow World Leaders, who think the USA is doing so well and is stronger than ever before, happens to be, “Mr. President, why does the American media hate your Country so much? Why are they rooting for it to fail?”

Among the fake news, Bloomberg might be the most active in fabricating that “Donald Trump acknowledged having second thoughts on escalating the trade war with China”; the fake news like to see Donald Trump out of the White House as soon as possible.

To counter Bloomberg’s rumors, White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham says the media misinterpreted Trump’s initial remarks. The US president does not regret starting a trade war, but he does have second thoughts on whether he should have beaten the CCP regime harder.

“The president was asked if he had ‘any second thought on escalating the trade war with China.’ His answer has been greatly misinterpreted. President Trump responded in the affirmative – because he regrets not raising the tariffs higher,” Grisham said in a statement.

Answering questions before the meeting with Boris Johnson, President Trump said he could declare a national emergency on China if he wants. “This has been going on — in many ways, that’s an emergency,” said Trump, “But we are talking to China very seriously.”

President Trump is truly the “chosen one” and he really can force U.S companies out of China, as the White House has said. “We don’t need China and, frankly, would be far better off without them,” the President said earlier.

Looking into China, we see the food prices going up and up across the country, especially the meats. As the country’s economy continues to slow down, China’s Commerce Ministry has called for “having some tight days” as the country is “financially distressed”.

Turning to the streets in Hong Kong, the police have drawn their guns Sunday night at protesters attacking them with rods and sticks. Water cannon trucks were used for the first time, along with the armored vehicles.

Over the weekend, over 200 thousand protesters joined hands to form human chains of nearly 60 kilometers along the island city in a peaceful turnout. They chanted for freedom and democracy against police cruelty and brutality.

Since August the first, Chinese armed police in disguise and PLA troops have entered Hong Kong for crackdown in various methods. The Hong Kong police force has actually become a group of terrorists and the vile Chinese Communist China definitely a terrorist organization.

Although the g-7 summit is underway in Europe, but the real battleground is in Hong Kong.

Noted Financier Klye Bass said over the weekend, “With the President’s final acknowledgment of china’s communist party as our ENEMY on Friday, the United States now has a second Independence Day.”

President Donald Trump may not have the support of the world’s mean politicians, but he has the full support of Chinese people in his fight against the terrorist regime of the Communist Party. And we are sure the majority of the world audience is standing right by the side of justice.

Stay the course, President Donald Trump!

Everything is just beginning.

By Cloudy Seagail


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