Donald Trump is losing the second debate for his lack of courage


Hundreds of people are gathering on sidewalks outside Belmont University’s campus in Nashville, Tennessee, for the second and final presidential debate to show their support for the candidates on Thursday, October 22.

NBC White House correspondent Kristen Welker, who also co-anchors NBC’s Weekend Today, was selected for the task by the Commission on Presidential Debates.

74-year-old Donald Trump and 78-year-old Joe Biden made their appearance on the stage in time for the debate that starts at 9PM ET.

To start with the first topic, Joe Biden said Donald Trump does not have a plan to fight coronavirus.

To defend the high death count of over 220,000 in the US from the coronavirus in his first answer to the debate, Trump said, “We closed up the greatest economy in the world in order to fight this horrible disease that came from China.”

Although Trump has recovered from an infection of the disease himself and learned a lesson, he lacks the confidence more Americans can be saved by the way of how he can manage the pandemic.

“We have a vaccine that is coming, it is ready, it is going to be announced within weeks, and it is going to be delivered,” Trump said.

We know the Covid-19 we see today is somewhat different than what it was months ago, and it has evolved differently in different countries over the 8-9 months. And no effective vaccine can be expected as a cure in years to come.

As a matter of fact, there will be no vaccines workable for the virus without taking down the Chinese Communist regime that has covered up all the truth about the virus, not just the origin. Without trace to the source of the disease, there will be no hope of any practical vaccine. And we shall not be fooled around by Trump or anyone else with that.

As Donald Trump lacks the courage to face the facts and truth, this has lent Joe Biden a good choice to attack him by saying that “He has no clear plan and there is no prospect that there is going to be a vaccine available for a majority of the American people before the middle of next year.”

When pressured by Moderator Kristen Welker on his plan to have a coronavirus vaccine before the end of the year, Trump was only about to give a weak defense, “No, it is not a guarantee, but I think it will be by the end of the year.”

Donald Trump has accused Joe Biden of “raking in money from Russia” in a bizarre attack but did not tell much about the scandals of Biden’s family with Communist China. The President has failed again to use his bullets effectively.

But Joe Biden was stupid enough as well to attack Donald Trump for opening and keeping an undisclosed bank account in China.

We know that Donald Trump was a businessman before running for the presidency. He has business operations all over the world. It’s not a big deal to have a bank account in China or even make money from doing business there.

The problem is with Biden that his family, especially his drug-addicted son Hunter, made lots of money for collusion with corrupt Communist China when he was vice-president. That was a national security matter and might have been a crime as well.

When asked about how they will deal with China after elected as President, none of the candidates has the courage to answer Welker’s simple question, “How will you hold China accountable?”

Compared to Biden who says he will pressure China to “play by the rules”, Trump is weaker only to tell that he has imposed tariffs on imported goods from China.

Donald Trump lacks the courage and wisdom to face the facts and truth, and his past messages of “China will pay a big price” will only become empty talks as well.

Trump has been weak in action to hold Communist China accountable for many things, not just the coronavirus.

Today, if he had the courage, he should just tell the audience what actions he is going to take after he is re-elected. And then just keep his promise and take those actions. Unfortunately, Trump does not have the courage.

Donald Trump lacks the wisdom to play around his strategies by telling “I will hold China accountable but I am not going to give the details of actions to be taken” because this is a national security issue and he is not going to show anyone those “secrets”.

Although Donald Trump has more chances to win the election, he is losing this presidential debate. It’s not because Trump is a much better choice than Biden. It’s Biden and the Democrats who are more corrupt and evil.

Most of the time on this worldly globe, the evils prevail. And we may need the evils to beat other evils.

Donald Trump is not winning the debate, but Joe Biden is a bigger loser. Besides lying about his scandals, Biden loses the base for any debate; he has to read from a book to find answers to questions.

Therefore, whether Biden wins or Trump wins, it doesn’t matter very much so long as democracy wins.

But for the Chinese democracy-loving people, we shall not rely too much on America to help take down the CCP dictatorship. Chinese people have to stand up themselves and fight for their own dignity.

By Cloudy Seagail


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