Do you know how many other countries trust China? None, zero! Says Senator Kennedy


Number one the Chinese people are wonderful folks. They are wonderful people. Number two, the Communist Party of China led by President Xi is acting like a bunch of thugs.

They’ve got to stop cheating, stop stealing intellectual property, open up their markets, stop grabbing islands in the South China Sea, stop bullying Australia.

The problem… some of the problems is America’s problem. Free enterprises didn’t change China. China has tried to change free enterprises. And we have to stand up to them. We have to make the Chinese Communist Party understand that they have to play by the rules.

Now, other than the United States, you know how many other countries trust China? None, zero, nada. But they are scared. China is the second-largest economy. China uses its economic heft to bully other countries, and many other regions of the world are scared to stand up to them.

Now there are exceptions. Australia is standing up to them. India is standing up to them. Canada is standing up to them. We need to Join our allies, not limited to Europe, and say to China, look, you are going to play by the rule. Or we’re not going to do business with you.

They have got 25 years to do what they have wanted to do. We’ve got to convince France and Germany, I think they are watching what we are doing, that they shouldn’t be scared. We play the lead but the world needs to join together.

I’m very proud of the fact that Modi in India is standing up to them. I am very proud of what Canada is doing. Not every country is running and hiding in the corner.

Remarks of Republican Senator John Kenney in his interview with Maria Bartiromo of Fox News


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