Disasters won’t end unless the Chinese Communist Party is taken down

Sadly, workers build an emergency field hospital in New York City’s Central Park for COVID-19 patients. MARY ALTAFFER/AP PHOTO

I lived in Upper Manhattan for a full month in February and March and walked to the Central Park once a week. Today, a war-time emergency field hospital was set up there for virus patients. Still in New York today, I feel sorry for those suffering.

The United States now leads in coronavirus cases. President Donald Trump on Tuesday warned Americans to brace for a “hell of a bad two weeks” and the White House projected 100,000 to 240,000 deaths in the U.S. from the pandemic.

This is truly disastrous and horrifying.

Despite so many concrete evidences that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) created the coronavirus to prepare for a biochemical war, released but failed to control it from spread, the world is still naive to question the CCP’s fake numbers and its cover-up.

We feel sorry for Prince Charles and Trudeau’s wife and many other celebrities who were infected by the disease, but we also see the stupidity and weakness of the world’s most powerful leaders in their responses of no public statement to condemn the CCP regime of causing these disasters.

Boris Johnson, Macron, Merkel, and Trudeau are all paying the price of kowtowing to or coming too close with the evil CCP regime for short-sighted economic gains.

Wall Street and the FAKE media are also paying the price for colluding with the CCP dictatorship.

According to BuzzFeed News yesterday, “The Daily Telegraph is one of dozens of newspapers around the world that have struck deals with China in recent years. According to one report, the paper received £750,000 annually to carry the material from the People’s Daily, a relationship which, prior to the coronavirus pandemic, had led to accusations that the British newspaper had softened its editorial line on Beijing.”

European countries have been hit much harder than Asian nations and have spread the virus significantly more than other regions. The Intercept went through news reports of Covid-19 index cases across the world, and the results were startling. Travel from and within Europe preceded the first coronavirus cases in at least 93 countries across all five continents, accounting for more than half of the world’s index cases. Travel from Italy alone preceded index cases in at least 46 countries, compared to 27 countries associated with travel from China.

The Intercept concluded that although the virus started in China, Europe has help spread it to the world. It reported that “London’s Heathrow and Paris’s Charles De Gaulle airports are still open as cases soar in both of those cities, while Spain’s air operators only closed major terminals in Madrid and Barcelona when air traffic had ground to a halt anyway.”

The disease is now crippling the U.S. and ravaging all states in the country. Politicians are battling to craft a narrative of who is to blame for its damage.

Even President Trump has held an unequivocal position about China and confused the world by praising dictator Xi Jinping over and over again in his public speeches (Few people would understand such tactics of his by calling Xi “a friend of mine”).

I suddenly feel sorry for this poor old man who has been fighting communism and injustice of the world. This “chosen man” looks tired now after press briefings day after day.

“Please don’t ever never again have a phone call with Dictator Xi!” is my words to Trump.

Fox News reported today 3M in Florida is sending millions of masks to overseas countries because they have ordered with cash. They are not sending the masks to their fellow Americans in urgent need. Sad?

Again, Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker on Thursday broke into tears thanking the Chinese Foreign Affairs Ministry, the Civil Aviation Administration in China and the Chinese Customs Office, and its Consulate General in New York for sending him the masks.

“We all know this pandemic is being fought across the globe and we couldn’t have accomplished what we’ve done here without willing partners in China that worked with us to bring this to fruition,” Baker said. “Ambassador Huang Ping at the Chinese consulate in New York was instrumental with the success of this effort.”

Baker did not thank Trump or the Federal Government. It’s like: the CCP raped his wife and later invited him to a big dinner, and he is very much grateful to the CCP for giving him such good food.

Boston Herald raised this question, “Baker might want to think about that before he joins the Chinese propaganda machine.”

There might not be radical shifts in U.S.-China policy during the next several months, but China’s cover-up and disinformation campaign will color the relationship going forward, Dan Blumenthal, director of Asian studies at the American Enterprise Institute, said Wednesday. (AP reports)

Some clear-minded experts are calling to decouple with China and bring back the supply chain to the US. But this will take time, at least 6 months as some have said, and many big corporations are reluctant to do so as they have been happy to kiss the ass of the CCP for more profits.

There are calls in Congress to hold Communist China accountable for initially covering up the outbreak. The voice has been widely heard but actions are weak. Trump has concerns it might hurt US interests still in China. That’s why Trump still refrained from blaming China until he finally spoke out “Chinese virus”.

Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian was looking for his own destruction accusing the US military of bringing in the virus to China. And the chief spokeswoman Hua Chunying shall definitely be thrown into the historic rubbish bin by always telling liars.

Senator Richard Blumenthal was right to say that “They’re still covering up. All discussion of COVID-19 on social media apps get blocked and censured. … They are cracking down even more, censoring even more. They are jailing people who are trying to tell the truth.”

Xi Jinping and Vice-president Wang Qishan are criminals of war against humanity and peace and they should be declared enemies of the world. And surely they are enemies of the Chinese people.

Xi has stocked countless face masks after millions of overseas Chinese sent over 2 billion of them home at its outbreak in China. Now he is acting as a savior of the world and trying to leverage its reputed success story into a stronger position on international health bodies.

Xi has a long willing international partner WHO as his coronavirus accomplice. Both the World Health Organization and its chief Tedros should be brought to justice as soon as possible.

Funny to learn that the United Nations is partnering with Wechat of Tencent to facilitate an international campaign to mark the body’s 75th anniversary. But news of the partnership has raised questions about the security of Chinese tech, especially given Tencent’s role as a comprehensive surveillance tool for the Chinese dictator state.

In a statement, the UN said that Tencent will provide “videoconferencing and digital dialogue tools” to hold “thousands of conversations online” for the anniversary campaign, which aims to “reach out to millions of people across the globe to listen to their thoughts. Tencent released a similar statement yesterday.

The United Nations is a highly corrupt and incapable organization in preserving justice and world peace. It should have long been dismantled.

The US and its allies shall not be afraid of angering the Chinese Communist regime by declaring the CCP a terrorist organization and tearing off their diplomatic relationships with the dictatorship.

Chinese economy is collapsing; unemployment is everywhere; people are suffering. Now all across China, there are fires and people are expecting accidents that will come close to the CCP leadership whose members are nothing but frightened ants in a heated wok.

At least 90% if not 99% of China’s 1.4 billion population want to see the CCP eliminated and democracy be established in China. To bring the supply chain back needs at least six months, but trying to take down the CCP needs less time, maybe only a couple of weeks.

If the CCP is no longer there, no Chinese would hold the raw material and medical supplies to the US.

There seems to be a voice in the world community that when the virus crisis is over, the world is to hold the CCP regime accountable; but in my opinion, the world should do the other way round: take down the CCP first; then the virus crisis shall be solved. And the stronger force to revolt is within China.

When the world makes clear its stance, the majority of Chinese will also make their stance. This is the best solution to the coronavirus crisis.

Everything has started.

By Cloudy Seagail


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