Disappointments of Chinese longing for the collapse of the Communist Regime


After 80 minutes of meeting with President Xi, Donald Trump has agreed to suspending new tariffs and continuing for negotiation for a trade deal with China. “We’re going to work with China on where we left off, to see if we can make a deal,” Trump said at the closing press conference.

This has made many warrior friends disappointed who want the elimination of the Chinese Communist Party as soon as possible. Netizens worry that this agreement will give the CCP a chance to breathe and thus prolong its life.

Sensible people think that Donald Trump is the president of the United States, not of the Chinese people; he must first speak and do things for the interests of the American people.

Donald Trump said, “Our farmers are going to be the biggest beneficiary.  But I’ve made up for the fact that China was, you know, targeting our farmers. Because they know the farmers like me, and I like them. I love them. And they sort of love me, I guess, when you get right down to it.  And it was $16 billion. That’s a lot of money.”

When Donald Trump says he loves his farmers, he surely means that and he loves their votes too. If Xi Jinping says “I love Chinese farmers”, most people would take it as a joke.

Donald Trump is a smart businessman. He said when President Xi’s team is going to be consulting with the U.S., they start spending money, “even during the negotiation, to our farmers, our great farmers in the Midwest.”  “China is going to be buying a tremendous amount of food and agricultural product, and they’re going to start that very soon, almost immediately,” said Trump during the press conference.

Trump is sure he is not able to take down “strong” Communist China in a short time. He needs a second term of presidency. But his enemy is not just Communism in China; he also has enemies within his own government. Trump must also try to wipe out the traitors of his country, including some in those big companies.

By allowing U.S. companies to continue selling products to Huawei, Donald Trump might bring a dead fish in salt back to life again. Trump said that is a very complicated issue because sanctioning Huawei also hurts many U.S. companies.

“Our companies were very upset. You know, these companies are great companies. You know all of them. But they weren’t exactly happy with it. But we’re allowing that because that was a national security – we’re allowing them to sell,” Trump remarked.

So Donald Trump has put America first and put his votes for 2020 first. He confesses, “So they have to put it up for a vote.  And I think you’ll get a great vote in the House and you’ll get a great vote in the Senate.”

Trump has decided to suspend the new tariffs on imported Chinese goods, but he still holds the thread to tie up the bag at any time when Beijing fails to keep its promises. “We agreed that I would not be putting tariffs on the $325 billion that I would have the ability to put on if I wanted,” said the president.

With the tariffs suspension and prospects for a trade deal, Trump actually has put President Xi in a dilemma. Keeping his promise and implementing those changes would heat up the confrontation and wrestling within the CCP leadership.

Some people say, “The CCP is like a rotten apple; it is decaying from the inside. Although it still looks nice from the outside, you can smell the bad from inside. See the foreign leaders at the Osaka G20 summit – everyone is now keeping a distance from the dictator. Let it decay gradually by itself. Donald Trump does not have to cut it into pieces personally.”

Thus we should think with common sense when Donald Trump said “about President Xi, he’s a brilliant leader, he’s a brilliant man.  And you know better than I, he’s probably considered to be one of the great leaders in 200 years in China.”

Donald Trump is calling for the appearance of Mikhail Gorbachev in China. If President Xi became the second Gorbachev, he might be regarded as the “greatest leader in 200 years”. Otherwise, he will still be the greatest dictator in 200 years as well as a sinner through the ages.

When Donald Trump “praised” President Xi and gave him another chance to breathe, not everyone in his administration is happy about that. For a month or so, Chinese state media has taken on Secretary of State Mike pompeo with the dirtiest words besides calling him the “trouble maker” in international diplomacy. His anger like burning fire in his heart has not been put off yet. The military hawk John Bolton already has his machine guns fully loaded and ready to fight, but he was called off at the last minute. He is also not happy. Let’s see what Vice president Mike Pence has to say in the upcoming speech.

One thing that many netizens feel a deep regret is that Donald Trump truly did not take the issue of Hong kong to the negotiating table and almost no leaders (except Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe ) have stood up to challenge President Xi at the G20 summit with the issue of Hong Kong.

Think! Hong Kong belongs to the Hong Kong people. The people there are standing up for their own rights. These G20 leaders have come for their selfish interests. The fate of Hong Kong remains in the hands of Hong Kong people. With or without external help, Hong Kong people have to fight to the end.

Everything is just beginning.

By Winnie Troppie


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