Depressed Hua Chenyu sings into the souls of a new generation


30-year-old Hua Chenyu is one of China’s most influential young singers and songwriters, well known for his powerful vocals, dramatic stage performances and talents in composing.

Hua’s parents divorced when he was 2 years old and he lived with his father during his childhood. He suffered from depression at a young age.

In 2019, Hua composed and released five songs based on his life experience: “I want to love this world”, “Madhouse”, “Conversations with ET”, “God Tree”, and “Seven Personalities”. The common theme of these songs touches the hearts of many.

On December 4th, when “I want to love this world” was exclusively published on NetEase Cloud Music, it raised the awareness of more people to care for those who are suffering from depression as Hua himself.

But the significance of his songs goes far beyond the emotional part of the human soul when Hua gave his performance on New Year’s Eve. It lets people think of the fate of China in a new era.

On January 1st, Hua was the first one who performed on the concert of HunanTV 2019-2020 New Year celebrity after 0 o’clock. And, during his show time, the TV rating of HunanTV got to 2.7%, furthermore, the market share of it has reached up to 30.85%.

While millions enjoy Hua’s performances, especially with the song “Seven Personalities”, they easily relate his depression and the depression of many others to today’s political and social atmosphere in the country.

His seven personalities can be translated as follows:

1. A lost person devoid of purpose; 2. A curious person; 3. A meditating person; 4. A fierce fighter; 5. A pessimist; 6. A depressed person; 7. An angry person.

When the country under the rule of the Chinese Communist Party is confused what is right or wrong, the young generation is easy to get themselves lost in cursive thoughts.

Like Hua Chenyu himself in his verses, he is confused with his roads ahead, his mind wanders randomly, he notices a bird here and there. Ultimately he is anxious and so he shouted “Shut up!” in the end.

In the second phase, his mind starts to pose questions like a child. Why this, why that? It’s a questioning mind. What the hell is this society?

When he cannot find justice or righteousness in the country, he tends to hide himself from the worldly life. Then the verse in the third phase makes reference to Taoist or Zen text away from the social chaos. The self is unconstrained there.

After the artist gained insight, the conscious self raises the desire to break free from external constraints and hence becomes a warrior. It is like many of our warrior friends who have stood up against the evil CCP regime.

During the fight, the artist finds that the truth is buried, and the world is still running numbly as the way it is. The artist starts to think that there is a predestined tragic fate.

It has been three years since CCP killer Guo Wengui started his whistle-blows to reveal the corruption and scandals of the CCP leadership. Although more and more people have been awakened with the truth, the evil force is so powerful that it can destroy the normal lives of too many.

Like in the song, the pessimism ultimately leads to depression. As we can see these days, many warrior friends have become tired confronting the evil forces of the CCP. This is when Hua sings that beautiful melody with guitar accompaniment.

Towards the end of the depressed state, he is angry at himself for being at lost. This madness pushed him to restart the cycle of finding himself again.

In today’s China, few young people are courageous like Hua Chenyu who is speaking/singing his mind. Most people still keep their mouth “Shut up!” under CCP’s censorship and cruelty.

Communists are born with two faces: they always say one thing but do another.

Hua Chenyu is not alone; too many people live with Seven Personalities. The whole nation is depressed.

While his songs have touched the hearts of many, will they become the fighting horn that can lead the Chinese nation into the greatest battle of the century?

Everything is just beginning.

By Winnie Troppie


  1. His songs have nothing at all to do with communism… And what’s up with this ridiculous claim about the mental health of people living in China… What a misleading article indeed! Brought tears of laughter to my eyes. But in all seriousness, Hua Chenyu is an amazing and passionate singer, love his works and the meanings behind them.


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