Demons are dancing in China: last days of craziness


According to yesterday, Index NO.162069/2018. It is the first time in whole history of both America and China since the two countries were founded, Chinese state-level official and CCP Political Bureau Standing Committee member were suited as defendants in US court officially! It’s significantly meaningful and the real reason why CCP kleptocracy heavily attacked Miles Kwok recently! US law will bring us the truth and recover all the dignity and security we lost. Thanks to Great America!

Frozen Mountain tweeted on earlier, last night at 20:37pm (28th),according to CCTV news, 38 million people in China have given up to pay for their social security charges. A person who had paid over 100 thousand for 23 years since 1993 died on January 20th. China’s Social Security Bureau gave him only 28 thousand for the funeral. In 2010, he bought a commercial insurance and paid a total of 66 thousand until his death. The insurance company paid him back half a million yuan. China’s social security is dead!

Miles Kwok tweeted as a response to Frozen Mountain, this tweet tells the vicious nature of the Chinese Communist Party. They are liars, robbers, thieves, and murderers! They have governed the country as gangsters, making the 1.4 billion Chinese slaves. They have robbed the whole country for the benefits of just a few families. Social security, the stock market, the banks…these are the gates for the state traitors to robbery. That is why most the luxurious properties in New York, Hong Kong, London, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Canada and Australia are under the control of these traitors, and the best private jets and yachts too. Those top CCP officials have kept all the gold and silver which shall be the wealth of the ordinary Chinese people. That’s why we need a revolution!

According to Beijing News or Xinjingbao on the 27th, the Supreme People’s Court changed its tone on the loss of all documented files on the second hearing of a case related to a 100 billion yuan mine in Sha’anxi province, accusing a related Weibo account of spreading rumours “the files were stolen by a thief”.

The noted TV host Cui Yongyuan took on the Supreme People’s Court the following day, accusing the Supreme Court of its crimes. Mr. Cui said, “The Supreme Court is highly guarded. How can a thief make his way into its offices? Even a mouse will find it difficult to do so. How can the Supreme Court have all the files lost? And only the files related to this single case! And the most important part of them!? the time of loss, the CCTV camera suddenly failed to work properly. And…they want to fabricate another set of documents! What a case! A farmer called Zhao Faqi accidentally bought a mine worthy of billions. All the high ranking CCP officials, from the governor of the province to directors of the people’s courts all work together to rob his fortune. Fuxxxck you CCP! Is it a casino game that only allows you to win? What is the place for the ordinary Chinese?”

Earlier in October the Dalian Intermediate People’s Court levied a 60 billion yuan ($8.7 billion) fine against Zenith Holdings Co. Controlled by Miles Kwok. On the 26th of this month, the court had a second hearing of the case in closed doors and immediately after that the court forcedly started to transfer Miles’s cash away from his Pangu Hotel and other accounts in a form of robbery. Miles Kwok showed related documents to the public on social media about the illegal transfer.

Miles Kwok said yesterday that this fine is the biggest in history of China or maybe in the whole world. The fine was levied on Zenith Holdings, but they recklessly took all the savings from Pangu Hotel accounts. This is not the rule of law; it is totally robbery! The charges are framed. The actions were taken according to the order or wish of one or two CCP leaders, instead of a legal process. They are evil doers.

This case is a typical example that all private entrepreneurs in China shall be robbed sooner or later by the communist government. There seems to be a legal process there with the court hearings, only to show the innocent and ignorant Chinese that there is the rule of law in the country, but everything is done in secrecy and lawlessly.

Miles Kwok gave an example. China is a forest, and these private entrepreneurs are birds in panic. Now those able birds have all flew away, in whatever ways they can, to get out of the country and migrant overseas. The CCP officials are the hunters; they are after the birds, trying to shoot them down one by one in the name of law.

Ma Jian, vice minister of the Ministry of State Security, was sentenced to life imprisonment the day before. Miles Kwok insists that Ma Jian is a good man and his only crime is that he has known too much about the corruption and sex scandals of vice-president Wang Qishan. Why all the hearings were all the same done in closed doors, and no detail of his case was made public because of the so-called relation to state security?

Miles Kwok wants the public to pay attention to the case of Wang Jian and HNA Group, the case of Interpol president Meng Hongwei, and the case of Anbang Chairman Wu Xiaohui. “What’s the reasoning behind these cases? Please think over and over, dear friends!” Miles said.

Miles Kwok China is going to collapse under the CCP rule with “broken rivers and mountains”. After so many years of development, China’s air is polluted, water is polluted, soil is polluted. Economy is going down, people’s lives are deteriorating. Even though there is going to be a deal between President Xi Jinping and President Donald Trump, things will not be changed for the good in China.

Miles Kwok says all across China, demons of all kinds are dancing. All the demons in CCP uniforms, in Police uniforms, and in uniforms of social security guards are robbing the people, enslaving the the less fortunate and persecuting those who are already suffering.

For decades, millions of Taiwanese businessmen have invested in the mainland and helped build the country, but now the CCP government has threatened to fight a war across the Taiwan Strait and bring the Taiwanese people into destruction. They did the same against the Americans, the Japanese and people of other countries. Those new generation red guards are encouraged by the CCP government to start anti-western civilization campaigns one wave after another. The CCP has turned the country of China into a land of demons.

With the recklessness and craziness of the CCP, China is now facing greater difficulties. In 2019, more people will lose their jobs; unemployment will be widespread. More factories will leave the country and move to South East Asia. Foreign investment will be stagnant. And more people will be starving. “I have a friendly who recently drove a car all the way from my home town Shandong to the south of Guangdong. On the way for two thousand miles, he saw too many factories closed, too many shops closed, too many restaurants closed. Everything looks shabby, worn-out and most people look sad, listless.”

“We hold the Pandora Box,” says Miles, “it’s a nuclear bomb. We are waiting for the right time. We are not here to revenge for private grudge. Our purpose is not just to get rid of a few traitors like Wang Qishan and Meng Jianzhu. We have to eliminate the CCP. This is our mission from god. Most western friends are also convinced that CCP is a threat to them, not just to the Chinese people. The forces of justice have stood by our side. The day for our victory must come. It must come in 2019.”

Everything is just beginning

By Miles Kwok and Staff writer


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