Demise of the Chinese Communist Party will take place in Hong Kong


All sorts of feelings fill my mind when I came back here again in Washington. Last night in an emergency I took my plane here and was not able to get to bed until 5 o’clock in the morning when I confirmed the intelligence of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) ready for actions in Hong Kong.

For a whole day yesterday, I have been contacting with various sources for the confirmation of the information.

As you have known, Carrie Lam made a new statement about the protests in Hong Kong during her press conference. One day ago, Reuters reported that it had obtained a voice recording of Carrie Lam’s remarks in a secret meeting in which she clearly said she had submitted a resignation but was refused by Beijing.

Carrie Lam said Beijing had no plan for martial law in Hong Kong and it was only rumors for the media to tell that the CCP had demanded her to resolve the crisis of Hong Kong before the first of October, and that the Hong Kong government has prepared to celebrate the National Day at a low-key.

Her expression tells that the Central Government does not have a fixed timetable to deal with the Hong Kong crisis with a martial law enforced by the PLA. It also tells that the Central Government has not blamed her for the disastrous situation. She wants to resign, but the Central Government has not given the approval.

Did you watch the CCTV last night? CCTV said some Hong Kong activists had colluded with Taiwan activists for independence. It is interesting to tell that the editorial was broadcast by Channel Seven of CCTV. That is a military channel combined with agricultural reports. It tells a lot about the art of war against Taiwan and China’s military capabilities. In the past 24-48 hours, it reported PLA’s military drills over and over. Can you see the message it is delivering to the public?

On the first of September, I was in Tucson of Arizona with Mr. Steve Bannon making the announcement that the CCP has a plan to attack Taiwan in case Hong Kong is out of control. They want to shift the blame on Taiwan and the U.S. for its failure to resolve the Hong Kong crisis.

If you check the stocks of companies of the military industry, you can see a sharp increase of their market value. In the past 48 hours, large amount of gold has been sold outside the stock market. At the same time, the Central Bank has lowered the required reserve ratio for all commercial banks and over the weekend, the CCP has issued instructions to its 90 million members to be prepared for war and hunger.

More importantly, we must take note that those islands from Fujian to Dalian have entered a state of emergency for war, including all the oil tanks storage in Xiamen and Zhuhai. All these also happened in the past 48 hours; you can check the information on domestic websites.

You can trace the above series of actions to the way of how the CCP manages its affairs. Think the opposite of how they lie, make up stories, and give denials, trying to fool people around.

They were supposed to have the martial law. And they denied that. One August the first when I told that the CCP was going to enforce a martial law, they said I was telling lies. Later they announced the so-called routine rotation of troops. But we only saw PLA troops and military trucks in but no troops out. Was that a rotation?

And another thing, do you still believe that the evil armed policemen in Hong Kong streets are native Hong Kong police? Only people with mental illness would think that way. As a matter of fact, the CCP has already enforced a martial law there, but in a different way.

Do you know why the voice recording of Carrie Lam’s remarks was released yesterday? It was done intentionally. Anyone with common sense would think that at the state of an emergency, no one was allowed to carry any electrical appliances into the secret meeting, not even a watch or a metal hook for a bra, let alone a voice recorder. In the conference room, there were three machines producing noises to disrupt signals to be sent out. When these machines are working, no recorders can function properly.

With a new kind of high-tech digital blocker, no cameras or video recorders or recording pens can work properly during the secret meeting.

If you have recorded something, it is death penalty if anything from the secret meeting was released to the public. Could Carrie Lam dare to do that?

With this common sense, we can see that Carrie Lam was fooling people around by releasing the recording to the Reuters. Who told her to do that? Of Course, the Chinese Communist Party leadership!

When the news was released, I told my American and European friends that the CCP just had a debate within the party. They wanted to have Carrie Lam to shoulder the responsibilities so that the PLA troops and its evil armed police would take control of Hong Kong.

I said things could be worse as they are going to wage a war in Taiwan. If the PLA troops take over Hong Kong, there is 50% possibility that they will attack Taiwan. If they did not have a martial law and take over Hong Kong, there is 90% possibility that they will attack Taiwan.

Yesterday, my intelligence told me that the CCP leadership had a meeting in the morning and the majority agreed to an immediate enforcement of martial law or emergency act in Hong Kong. Why was that? Because by letting the PLA troops in to take over Hong Kong, they can stop the crisis of protests into Guangdong and other mainland provinces.

You may not have known that in recent weeks, a series of collective protests have occurred in Guangdong and Guangxi provinces, and Xinjiang Autonomous Region. No matter how hard they are trying to stop the news about Hong Kong from spreading into the mainland, many people have learned about the facts because of the social media. This has caused panic and fear within the CCP leadership.

That’s why some of the CCP leaders proposed a military crackdown to stop the spread of protests while some others raised their opposition for fear of an economic failure because of U.S. Sanctions.

But President Xi Jinpiang and Vice President Wang Qishan made the final decision. They have given up hope on Donald Trump for a trade deal in 15 months of his presidency. They hope to take control of Hong Kong and Taiwan in these 15 months so that they can negotiate a deal with a new U.S. President.

They want to solve the domestic problems by starting a war in Asia and take control of Taiwan and ending the crisis in Hong Kong. They made this 15 months a strategic period and told Hong Kong about the decision.

So according to my intelligence, the Hong Kong government has been informed of an official martial law enforcement by the PLA troops.

At the same time, when I consulted my friends in the western world, their intelligence also confirmed the martial law enforcement. When I was sure about the information, I wrote a tweet on at 5:00 am and went to sleep. I was awakened from a dream and issued an official announcement.

You have seen that, on the first of August, the CCP had prepared for the martial law but was delayed because of my whistle blow. Later they had the military exercise in Shenzhen and the so-called routine rotation of troops. Afterwards, they intentionally released the recording to Reuters to distract the public attention. They have planned for a massacre on August 31 and September first, or something like a massacre. Finally on September second or third, they announced an immediate emergency act enforcement.

If we look back to June 9 and June 12, I am telling you that at a Beijing meeting of the State Security Commission, all CCP leaders regretted for no actions taken before June 12. They said they should have announced a state of emergency on June 9. They should have let Carrie Lam announce a state of emergency without approval from the legislation council. Then they regretted again on June 16 for another delay. They thought they should not have let the protests continue into August.

What can we see from the above developments? This is 100% accurate intelligence from inside the CCP leadership. With their regrets, the fate of Hong Kong was completely changed on June 9. Without the protest on June 9, Hong Kong was over. And the protest on June 16 was even more important. The turning out of one million and then two million people shocked the world. The CCP did not think that Hong Kong could win so much international support. So June 9 and June 16 were the most important days for Hong Kongers.

According to my intelligence, Carrie Lam submitted her resignation after June 9, another time on June 16 and another time on July 17, but the Central Government did not approve that. On the contrary, they warned Carrie Lam in clear words if she dares to insist on her resignation, she would be regarded as “having a second thought”. Frightened Carrie Lam could do nothing but wept within the toilet. She wants to get away? No way! The CCP won’t allow her!

Dear warrior friends, this is interesting, isn’t it? From this chapter, we can see clearly how the CCP apparatus works, how it plays with politics and how it uses its PLA troops and its powers.

The whole world has an idea that the CCP is not that powerful. It has no magic powers! Any movement of theirs cannot be hidden from the eyesight of our warrior friends.

From the day the CCP ordered a military crackdown in Hong Kong, the CCP has come to its doom. Xi Jinping and Wang Qishan will die in the fight in Hong Kong; the Chinese Communist Party will have its demise in the territory of Hong Kong.

Everything is just beginning.

By Guo Wengui
Translated and edited by staff

Photo: Guo Wengui walking out of the Hay-Adams Hotel  behind the White House to the nearby church with his security guards on September 4th.


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