Defecting Chinese spy seeking asylum in Australia; what next?

Chinese spy Wang Liqiang surrenders to Australia security agency.

Secret Chinese operative Wang Liqiang has detailed sensational espionage allegations as he seeks political asylum in Australia, local government sources have confirmed.

Nine Newspapers have reported that Mr. Wang is hiding at a secret place in Sydney while he provides Beijing’s covert operations to Australia’s spy agency ASIO, including new information about the kidnapping of five booksellers from Hong Kong and their rendition to mainland China.

Wang has revealed information about Chinese spies infiltrating the Hong Kong pro-democracy movement, Taiwan’s elections and interference in Australia’s internal affairs.

Wang told that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) “infiltrates all countries in areas such as military, business and culture, in order to achieve its goal,” according to Nine News.

Wang has told that the CCP has trained student spies in all universities and planted agents in major news agencies in Hong Kong.

In a clip from 60 Minutes posted to social media on Saturday, Wang said that he was “responsible for organising the cyber army to attack people online”.

“You shouldn’t underestimate our organisation – we were cultivated and trained by the organisation for many years before taking up important positions, ” Wang added, “China collects all data of WeChat users, listens to Apple [mobile phones] and hacks PCs, besides [there are] over 1,000 operatives on the payroll.”

When asked why he had decided to seek political asylum in Australia and detail his involvement in such covert operations, he said: “I know very well that the Chinese Communist Party can never be trusted. Once I go back, I will be dead.”

Responding to the news of Mr Wang’s reported asylum claim on Twitter, former Chinese diplomat Chen Yonglin said Mr Wang would not be safe in Australia.

“He’d better move to America later. He is not safe in Australia. Since he revealed names and IDs of operatives and kidnappings, he may be executed,” he wrote.

Anthony Albanese, the Labor leader, says the reports were “of real concern”and the Chinese spy may have “a legitimate claim for asylum”.

“We need to make sure that Australia’s national sovereignty is protected,” Albanese told reporters. “We will await processes with the government and one of the things that we will be seeking next week is a briefing from the appropriate authorities on these issues.”

Describing the alleged plot as “deeply disturbing and troubling”, Prime Minister Scott Morrison said the government was determined to protect Australians from foreign interference and had bolstered laws to strengthen the powers of intelligence agencies.

“Australia is not naive to the threats that it faces more broadly … and that’s why we strengthened the laws, why we increased the resources, that’s why we established the Department of Home Affairs, to bring together all of this in a single portfolio, to ensure Australia was in the best possible position to deal with any threats that come our way,” Morrison said.

Shanghai police have accused Wang Liqiang of being a convicted fraudster. Whether Wang is a criminal or not has nothing to do with what he has revealed to be facts. The horrifying fact is not whether Wang is a fraudster, it’s whole system of a government doing evil in the name of justice.

Political commentator Luthur Wang said on Ludepress that as the CCP regime is coming to its doom, more people within the CCP system will stand out to defect and reveal the scandals of the CCP. This only happens when U.S. President Donald Trump is leading the fight against the Chinese Communist Party.

In January 2012, when Wang Lijun, the deputy mayor and police head of Chongqing fled to the nearby U.S. Consulate for asylum, he was rejected and turned back by the Obama Administration with Hillary as the Secretary of State.

Financial analyst Lao Jiang who joined Ludepress in his live broadcast urged Chinese entrepreneurs to defect from the CCP regime as well. “Do not take your chances and think that you will make more money or your money will be safe with the CCP’s government,” said Lao Jiang, urging more high ranking CCP officials to flee the system and cooperate with the Expose Revolution.

CCP killer Guo Wengui gave a strong warning that anyone overseas helping the CCP to harass our warrior friends and do harm to the Expose Revolution must be brought to justice and severely punished.

Guo told that former Chinese foreign minister Qian Qichen was a spy working in secrecy for the U.S. Government. He said he is going have an hour of broadcast to reveal the scandals of Yang Jiechi, State Councilor and China’s top diplomat, and his revelation must shock the world: Yang is also a spy working for the U.S. Government!

When Donald Trump has told on Friday with Foxnews that General Secretary Xi Jinping has the plan to destroy Hong Kong in 14 minutes with a million troops, the world is worried that the CCP regime is waging a war against the west, not just in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Luthur said in his broadcast that the very moment Xi Jinping gave the order to launch the missiles or nuclear bombs, he has come to his own destruction as few generals within the military would take his orders seriously. Luthur is sure that Xi Jinping won’t be able to control 50 percent of the military.

All members of the CCP leadership are very clear that their boat is going to sink and no one wants to be buried with the very few dictators. Many have taken the side of the Himalayas and are prepared for revolt when the time is ripe.

It is the will of the people as well as the will of God that the CCP shall go to hell.

Everything is just beginning.

By Cloudy Seagail


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