Crazy things will happen in Hong Kong but the CCP is fighting a losing war

Military exercise of GD armed police in Shenzhen.

By Thursday, over one hundred thousand people have signed their names in the White House Website calling for official recognition of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) as a terrorist organization despite crazy cyberattacks from the CCP regime.

The call has been welcomed and supported by the world community as the wrestling with the CCP has actually happened within the White House. In the following days, the message will be sent to many journalists, senators in Capitol Hill, and officials in the White House.

CCP killer Guo Wengui is flying to Washington today to brief on the developments of this pro-democracy movement, the intelligence from within the CCP leadership, as well as the crisis in Hong Kong.

With more and more Americans feeling the real threats from Communist China, a global war against the dictatorship has turned the battleground over from defensive to offensive, a great move being that the U.S. Defense Department just announced the setting up of the Space Command.

“Now, those who wish to harm the United States to — seek to challenge us in the ultimate high ground of space.  It’s going to be a whole different ballgame,” President Trump said today in a related event, “Our freedom to operate in space is also essential to detecting and destroying any missile launched against the United States.”

The CCP government sent its PLA troops and armored trucks into Hong Kong Thursday morning soon after it made a public announcement for routine rotation. But people have only seen the troops into Hong Kong but no troops out of the territory.

Guo Wengui said in the past few days, at least 100 thousand soldiers have entered Hong Kong. In addition to some 50 armored trucks seen on the road at about 4:00 am early morning, more soldiers in about 1000 buses had entered Hong Kong secretly before that. At 9:00 am, more troops actually arrived by ship, together with more supplies.

Guo told that ten military bases in various districts in Hong Kong are all full of PLA troops and a great number of them are telecommunication soldiers as they must first try to cover up the eyes and ears of Hong Kongers by disrupting Hong Kong’s telecommunication networks before taking more extreme actions.

On the pretext of routine rotation, the CCP troops have been fully prepared for war. And of course, according to Guo Wengui, the United States and its allies have already upgraded their readiness for war as well.

Noted financier Kyle Bass tweeted today, “Xinhua photos showed that the PLA garrison has changed its armoured vehicles, of which it was about 50, from Type 092, the military version,to WJ-03B, the model used by armed police. The changes suggest the garrison is ready for anti-riot missions”.

Guo reiterates that the focus for everyone today should be and must be Hong Kong. He said the most important thing for our warrior fiends is to pay attention and spread the truth about Hong Kong.

In this pro-democratic movement in Hong Kong, Guo said, women have been more courageous than men and girls have more bravery than boys. But they are also the worst hurt in this movement. Guo has accused the CCP regime of bullying the females, the kids and the elderly as always in the history of its governance.

But no matter how hard they are trying to defend their front, the CCP is on the losing side. When tens of millions of courageous Chinese are standing towards the mission of the Himalayas, fighting the CCP for no personal interests, no group interests, no economic or political interests, the CCP is already on the losing side.

Today we have seen a phenomenal situation across China when officers from the legal and public security circles (They are actually our hidden warriors friends.) have “harassed” and “intimidated” our warrior friends in a friendly and smiling way after taking CCP orders to “invite them to tea”.

Today on Friday, at least three democracy activists including Joshua Wong and Agnes Chow, and Andy Chan were detained by police. More crazy and dirty things will happen in Hong Kong streets in the coming days.

In essence, this is not a war between China and the United States. This is a war of the hard-working Chinese people against the vicious CCP regime. The Americans and its western allies are only pushing waves of the movement forward from the sides.

At the time PLA troops are coming into Hong Kong and ready for crackdown, a massive military exercise has taken place across the border in Shenzhen on Thursday. A bloodshed crackdown shall be seen in Hong Kong streets every minute from this moment on!

When the first shot is fired in Hong Kong, more shots must come along not at the protesters but at the CCP leadership in Beijing.

Protect Hong Kong! Spread the truth!

Everything is just beginning!

By Winnie Troppie


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