Courageous Anti-CCP fighters: Lude, Inty and Xisi little brothers


Representing millions of little ants on and off the internet, three courageous fighters Lude, Inty and Xisi have followed CCP killer Guo Wengui to stand up on the international arena fighting against the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its vicious dictatorship.

Risking their own lives and the safety of their families in mainland China, these three young men are the most brave and greatest Chinese warriors on the fore front challenging the CCP and its government.

Their free talks and on-line interviews are sharp spears into the hearts of the CCP by exposing everyday the crimes and scandals of the government and its corrupt officials. CCP has tried hard to seal up their mouths but in vain.

Youtube, Google and Twitter, under pressure from the Chinese Communist Party, have also helped with the “crackdown by suspension”, but with greater support from tens of millions of warrior friends, these three great warriors are fighting harder.

Lude has a live-broadcast in the Himalayas Embassy in New York.

Lude is well respected with his sense of righteousness and professionalism in journalism. He was the first brave young man to stand up to support Guo Wengui in fighting the CCP on the net with a now-very-popular Ludepress on Youtube.

This hard-working warrior is quick to take on all topics regarding China politics, economics and major issues of common concern. His news commentaries and political analyses have awakened millions of Chinese with conscience, greatly shaking the foundation of the CCP’s corrupt and totalitarian system.

Lude takes on the CCP on the most challenging issues of President Xi Jinping’s dictatorship, Vice-President Wang Qishan’s corruption, human rights violations in Xinjiang and Tibet, problems in Taiwan and Hong Kong, as well as human and social disasters across the country.

This experienced gitar player in Las Vagas has written history in China’s Himalayas Movement towards freedom and democracy.

Inty interviews a Falonggong protester in front of the Visa Office of Chinese Consulate General in Los Angeles.

Inty is such a brave and courageous Xinjiang man. If there were ten thousand young men like Inty from Xinjiang autonomous region, there would never be two million Uyghur Muslims sent to the re-education camps for persecution.

Inty has brought his live-streaming broadcast down onto the streets of American cities. He challenged the CCP dictatorship by talking face to face to protesters and ordinary people in front of the Consulate General Office Building and inside its Visa office in Los Angeles. Next to the Chinese government office, he had the live broadcasting at one of the properties owned by CCP leader Wang Qishan’s family accused of corruption and other scandals.

He had more than ten hours’ interviews with a 91-year old Tsinghua University veteran about CCP’s crimes in prison farms, past political movements and other human rights violations.

He’s quit his job as an IT professional and devoted his full efforts in the mission of eliminating the Chinese Communist Party.

Xisi takes his live-broadcasting onto the beaches in Australia.

Xisi little brother is a handsome and straight-forward young man with a great sense of humor. His eloquence and unique style of comic talks of “freely ripping the CCP Central Government” have won him tens of thousands of followers and loyal warrior friends from the overseas Chinese communities across the world, as well as countless little ants gatecrashing the Great Firewall in the mainland.

Every night on his two-hour live broadcast, Xisi takes telephone calls from dozens of viewers among thousands, giving followers the platform to speak freely about topics of heated debates and concerns in China.

Xisi also brought his live streaming down the streets by walking onto the campus of the University of Queensland to report on the protests of students supporting the democratic movement in Hong Kong.

Xisi has met with Guo Wengui and Steve Bannon when visiting the Himalayas Embassy in New York earlier this year. He was honored to join the global fight against the CCP regime with the right direction and firm determination.

Xisi is an IT professional and lives in Brisbane.

Editorial note: I am sorry to tell that from December 29 2019 when Guo Wengui revealed that Xisi is a fake supporter, the world of warrior friends is shocked by his dirty tricks and ugly behaviour of taking advantage of the Expose Revolution to make his selfish fortune. Still I want to keep the above words about him as a warning to myself in failing to “read an individual” which may do harm to more of our innocent warrior friends in the future. 

By Cloudy Seagail


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