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On September 24, CNN published an article by Kevin LiptakCristina Alesci and Jeremy Diamond, entitled “A peek inside Trump’s chaotic trade war”, which we think is mostly misconception, full of bias and prejudice, at least without clear understanding of what is happening in the People’s Republic of China. We hereby cite their key points for an analysis:

CNN: In a West Wing rife with well-documented chaos, no area better embodies Trump’s duke-it-out whims than trade, particularly with China. The President has had long-standing, dogmatic conviction on trade policy and, according to multiple people close to the administration’s internal deliberations, those views will not change.

Now, as the President arrives in New York for the annual United Nations General Assembly, the US-China trade war is looming larger than ever, threatening to unsettle the global economy if the dangerous game of tit-for-tat between these two economic behemoths persists.

Followcn: The US and Communist China is at a trade war, an economic war. And more than that, Trump’s purpose is to take down communism in China. This is a “long-standing” strategy of the Trump administration, not only in the interests of American people, but also in the interests of the Chinese people.

CNN has little understanding of the sufferings of ordinary Chinese under CCP rule. If CNN has the intention, it can organize a public vote and see how many Chinese and Americans agree to Trump’s decision, and how many disagree.

With his trade policy, Donald Trump is doing what is right for humanity and for both peoples, and with great wisdom and tactics. It is not a “dogmatic” conviction. Although it may be a “dangerous game”, and needs to resettle the global economy, the world community would welcome it. And we will see justice and righteousness prevail at the coming UN General Assembly.

An administration at odds with itself

CNN: Driving Trump, according to aides, is a persistent aversion to appearing weak, even in the face of dire warnings and political fallout. But he has also allowed internal divisions to persist — a management style he prefers — offering up uncertain negotiating territory and giving Beijing an opening to exploit divisions among the President’s top economic advisers.

The President has continued to face internal opposition to his more hawkish trade views from several of his top advisers, most notably Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin and senior economic adviser Larry Kudlow.

But while the two men have privately sought to dissuade Trump from pursuing the increasingly costly trade war with China, they have been far less effective at discouraging Trump from following his protectionist instincts than the President’s advisers were in the first year of his presidency.

Followcn: We know that there is resentment within Trump’s administration against his presidency, as a New York Times’s open letter has revealed. The internal views to blacken Trump only represent a small percentage of public opinions; the fact itself proves that US is a model democracy and Trump has to listen to different sides, or at least to allow freedom of speech.

I want to tell CNN that freedom of speech is totally out of existence under Communist rule in China, let alone an “open letter” targeting the president in office. This kind of vicious regime must be confronted and dealt with.

Steve Mnuchin and Larry Kudlow, knowledgeable about “China’s troubles”, both favor the stand to confront China. Whether they “have privately sought to dissuade Trump from pursuing the increasingly costly trade war with China”, the argument lacking concrete evidence, they both support Trump’s stance to counter Communist China.

In a democracy, “an administration at odds with itself”, or members with some sort of disagreements, is healthy and normal. Under President Xi, all members of the CCP must say YES. Does CNN think that is a good thing?

Debate encouraged

CNN: Several administration sources downplayed the internal strife. Instead, these officials insist that the President encourages debate and said the President’s advisers are united in affirming the importance of addressing the Chinese issue.

The President’s more hawkish trade advisers like US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer and Director of Trade and Industrial Policy Peter Navarro now appear to have the President’s ear.

The two camps of advisers all huddled in the Oval Office several hours after Trump dispatched his tweet. …

“We’re doing the tariffs,” the President told his advisers, according to one person briefed on the conversation. “Steve can keep talking, but we’re doing the tariffs.”…

Ahead of the tariffs announcement, Mnuchin had invited China’s lead negotiator, Vice Premier Liu He, to Washington. But negotiations between the United States and China stalled after Trump ordered new tariffs on $200 billion worth of Chinese goods last week.

Followcn: Trump’s advisers and WH officials want a debate and more time to think before taking tougher sanctions against China. This is what CNN also agrees.

But the majority Chinese people and American people must stand by the side of Donald Trump to take immediate actions. Trump is so wise and great to go along with his instincts. Let others and “Steve can keep the talking, but we’re doing the tariffs!” That’s so powerful, and we like it! The ordinary Chinese would thank Trump for many generations!

Using levers at hand

CNN: At the President’s direction last year, the Commerce Department launched an investigation using a little-known national security provision in a 1962 trade law, known as section 232. The Commerce Department found steel and aluminum imports “weakening our internal economy” and therefore “threaten to impair” national security, according to the report.

In response to CNN’s questions about the exclusion of an analysis of potential job losses in downstream industries, a Commerce Department spokesman said the “overriding concern under Section 232 is national security.”

“The tariffs represent a small fraction of 1% of our economy, and the Department established the product exclusion process to offer relief to specific downstream industries unable to source their steel or aluminum domestically,” the spokesperson said.

Followcn: CNN might want to say the Trump’s trade war with China would “cost US jobs”, “threaten security” and “cause problems to certain industries”.

These CNN reporters and their supporters are so narrow-minded that they are not able to foresee a greater picture. They have totally no ideas of how the tyrant-like rising of Communist China has cost the US millions of jobs in decades, threatened the security of western civilization (and its fellow Chinese citizens as well), and overwritten the WTO rules.

Talking about “levers”, does CNN know which side weighs heavier and which end lighter?

Chaotic track

CNN: But while the President has at times butted heads with his Treasury secretary, he has shown no indication that he is eager to axe him. Trump’s relationship with Mnuchin is one of the longest-spanning among Trump’s advisers — going back to the campaign — and many Trump allies say Mnuchin is one of the most effective of the President’s top advisers at speaking his language and leveling with him.

Others say Mnuchin’s has largely gone-along-to-get-along with a President intent on waging a trade war he believes can benefit his political base. At moments, that’s meant weathering a chaotic process dictated principally by Trump’s in-the-moment impulse.

Last week’s tariff rollout was subject to those prevailing winds. Aides had determined the formal announcement should come after financial markets closed at 4 p.m. ET on Monday, a tactic long employed by White Houses to avoid stock plunges on the news unpopular with investors.

But instead of waiting until the closing bell, Trump told reporters at 2:30 p.m. an announcement was coming. The Dow Jones Industrial Average dipped 100 points.

Followcn: CNN here wants to tell us that Trump’s second round of tariffs has caused “chaotic” “plunges” of the stock market. Again, CNN has their eyes only for one day or two. They are so short-sighted, if not blind on future reactions. I am not going to do the “primary school work” for them or similar economists at Wall Street. Use your common sense or a bit of experience and see what will happen in the coming weeks, or months if you can!

Donald Trump has called CNN “fake news”, and when we looked into many of the CNN articles about Trump and China in recent months, they are truly “fake” stuffs or “not that professional” in journalism with human conscience, as I put it.

In conclusion, Donald Trump has not started a “chaotic trade war” as CNN has put it, the President is waging an economic war against a vicious regime with the greatest wisdom, full of the best intelligence and in extremely good order.

By Cloudy Seagail and Staff writers


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