Corruption in Peking University is linked to top CCP leadership


Note:Founder Group was established by Peking University in 1986.  It currently has six public companies listed in stock exchanges of Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Hong Kong, and more than 80 independently funded enterprises and joint ventures.

Founder Group is a major Chinese technology conglomerate that deals with information technology, pharmaceuticals, real estate, finance, and commodities trading. Li You had been the CEO of Founder Group before he was convicted with various criminal charges.

Miles Kwok has told about his relation with Li You and Founder Group as follows:

Founder Securities Co. Ltd has its headquarters in Hunan province. Li You started the securities business when he bought the nearby Sun Securities from Changsha city.

At that time, the leadership of Peking University was made up of CCP officials mainly from Hunan province and Wuhan in Hubei province.

The Sun Securities was first registered in Wuhan while Founder Securities was founded in neighbouring Hunan. Zhang Hai, one of China’s most crafty businessmen who owned the famous soft drink producer Jianlibao, helped Li You with his business at the early stage.

Zhang Hai is now hiding in Belgium or somewhere in Europe after he was released on bail from 7-8 years’ imprisonment.

Zhang Hai first met my elder brother who introduced him to me. It was through the acquaintance with Zhang Hai that I came to know Li You. But I had not met with either Zhang Hai or Li You in person until after some years later.

Li You and Zhang Hai had their first cooperation in the Sun Securities. During that period, they kept a close relation with the powerful Ye family in Guangdong. (Ye Xuanping was governor of Guangdong). Together they developed the business of the Founder Securities in Hunan.

It was the Ye family who introduced Li You and Zhang Hai to the leadership of Peking University, where they met the famous Professor Wang Xuan, who founded the Founder Group in the 1980s. The cooperation with Peking University has helped Li You build an empire of his own and corrupt CCP officials.

By way of bribery, Li You made many standing members of the CCP Central Committee side into his empire, like He Guoqiang and Liu Yuandong.

The years 2005-2006 was a critical period for Li You and Zhang Hai to build these relations and their ambitions.

Because of frauds against the Ye family, Zhang Hai was arrested by police and sentenced 10 years in prison. After serving about 7 years, he was released on bail. That was the first time I met him in person when my elder brother brought him into my Pangu Hotel in Beijing.

Zhang Hai had tried to persuade me to invest in Li You’s business. But I refused to cooperate with Li You so as he had a bad reputation. It was the President of Peking University Wang Enge who finally got me into an agreement for cooperation. That was the first time I met Li You in person.

I had learned that Wang Enge kept a close relationship with Jiang Zemin’s family, especially his son Jiang Miankang. Their relation had helped with his persuasion.

You have learned that I have lost 18 billion yuan with this cooperation when the CCP levied the greatest fine ever in Chinese history.

Zhang Hai is the most notorious liar that I have ever met. At a time Founder Group was developing rapidly in medical science, internet and real estate, in 2005, many CCP Politburo members, ministers and provincial governors greeted him warmly as “Master Zhang”. My family also called him “Master Zhang”.

Li You is another liar, maybe even worse. Within a very short period of time, he built a large network by associating with top CCP officials. He set up many companies and accumulated hundreds of billions in cash, while making family members of those officials into his shareholders. He has been ambitious to govern the whole country with a scheme called “Toxic Pill Plan”, with himself controlling all those top CCP officials from behind the scene.

With the “Toxic Pill Plan,” he actually built a base in Linzhi of Tibet, hoping to make Tibet into his backyard for political and espionage maneuver.

As a key player with the plan, Zhang Hai claimed that he must become “the king of Guangdong” or its future governor. He claimed he was a rebirth of Dalai Lama with some kind of magical power.

More than that, Li You claimed that he was more powerful than former Chairman Mao Zedong and even the Buddha. He claimed that he had been sent by some spirits to earth to eliminate all other gods and spirits. He practiced weird sex games with Hu Shuli, founder of Caixin Global and ended up in the hospital with sexually transmitted diseases.

They have plans to control top CCP officials by means of bribes and sex scandals. They selected female students in Peking University for CCP officials as sex slaves. They want the CCP to be always in power while they themselves control the power from behind.

We can see now the association between Founder Group and Peking University is the biggest scandal in China’s education history. With the scandal, it is shameful for the CCP to turn education into Ponzi schemes, to make education into tools of corruption, and to turn Peking University into a training center for traitors.

With the scandalous associations, Li You established the Shanxi Club with Ling Jihua, secretary of the General Office of the CCP Central Committee. The Ferrari involved in his son Linggu’s traffic accident was bought and presented by Li You and his deputy CEO Wei Xian.

Ling Jinhua and Ma Jian, vice minister of the State Security Ministry, have actually become the first victims of their plan.

Although Li You, Wei Xian and their assistant Ms Yu Li were all convicted with prison terms, they still receive the best treatment today after release on bail by Dalian People’s Court with bribery.

The scandal of Founder Group and Peking University in related criminal case is clear evidence that China is still a country ruled by a group of organized crimes, by evil police, by frauds, and by corruption.

Compared to the case of Founder Group and Peking University, the case of the HNA Group is only of minor importance. That’s why Wang Qishan is not happy when we revealed his corruption and scandals with the HNA Group. He would think that the case with Peking University involving such standing members of the CCP Politburo as He Guoqiang could be the first to blame.

I definitely agree with Wang in that regard. Please think that all families of standing members of the CCP Central Committee have some kinds of corruption with listed companies like HNA or Founder Group. Besides He Guoqiang’s involvement in Founder Group, Jiang Zemin’s family has control over many other huge companies.

Top CCP officials have formed into many interest groups, pocketing the national wealth into their personal accounts. They were all state traitors and enemies of the people.

Li You is really rich with precious jewellery all over the places. His PKU Healthcare Group makes many fake medicines. He built the Peking University Hospital of 5000 beds with loans from Europe; there is lots of corruption involved. But he won all the lawsuits with us, the same with Caixin of Hu Shuli who has also won all her lawsuits with us. As children of those state traitors, they are well protected by the CCP.

We, as ordinary people or private entrepreneurs without CCP background, are doomed to live in misery in the corrupt environment of China.

That’s why we have to stand up to fight the CCP.

Everything is just beginning.

By Miles Kwok
Translation by staff writer


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