Concerns about CCP Kidnapping All Chinese


We really don’t want something like that of the end of Tang dynasty or Han dynasty to happen. I really don’t want Chinese to be the enemy of the world.

My mood on this topic is complicated, very complicated. In the matter of taking down CCP, we shall say that is all great. Almost too good, when we see how crazy they are. When we see their death, it’s a bit complicated. All our family are Chinese as well. What we really don’t want is that CCP may take too many Chinese with them to hell,   our Chinese people. We really don’t want something like that of the end of Tang dynasty or Han dynasty to happen. The uprising of Chen Sheng, Wu Guang, they were killed shortly, but in the so called ten countries war, too many people were killed. For hundreds of years, people were feeding on each other. This is the kind of thing that we want the least. That is why my mind is complicated. I talked with many people. They all say that Miles you are right. We cannot let CCP use this “potential chaos of China” to threaten the world.

If we don’t eliminate CCP, China will not only fall into chaos, but also a lot of Chinese will be eliminated. I don’t believe the world will let go of this virus issue, of course they will get the debt even, eventually. I don’t believe that they will not put all the Chinese people accountable, in the eyes of foreigners. They don’t have the concept. We are doing the best we can but may not be able to achieve it. We don’t want to hear all the horrible news, such as someone’s family got killed in some bombard, right. Or some province starved millions of people to death. We don’t want to see that. But you should see that this is the setup of CCP. They want to keep you all as slaves, otherwise, the whole world is going to hell with them.

I was talking with them last night about this, this worries me the most. I really don’t want Chinese to be the enemy of the world. This is a feeling you guys don’t get. I got a heavy heart because of this. Because I can feel that is going to happen, I can feel that before that happens, even just among the Whistleblowers Movement, we got this ridiculous “De Jiao”. Right, in Northeast China, this kind of people is called Da Wei Ba Lan Zi, right? Even this kind of scumbags were able to hide among us. If scumbags like this and Lude and Demon Yan can fool people around. How can you fight against devils? Hong Kong was bathed in civilization for 100 years. Look at what happened recently, they were arresting people randomly. Even the court become such a chaos and even worse than Shen Zhen now.

By Miles Guo



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