Chinese scientist surrenders videos of PLA labs making virus

On May 23rd in Melbourne. NFSC fellow fighters appear at the front of the Chinese Communist Party’s Consulate in Melbourne as usual to hold their weekly demonstration.

In the May 26, 2021 Getter video, Mr. Miles Guo revealed that a scientist fellow fighter was cooperating with European intelligence agencies to surrender all the video records of PLA lab(s) making the CCP virus. This person also has solid evidence that no high-rank CCP officials had been vaccinated, and he also suspected that many US officials were not vaccinated either.

His remarks are as follows:

This morning’s meeting is very, very important to us. It is a critical part of taking down the CCP with the truth of the virus. Of the fellow fighters we rescued, the family of one of them made contact again. They were going to Europe to cooperate with European intelligence agencies and provide more evidence of the virus.

What is the additional evidence? They have all the videos from the laboratory and the military, not in Wuhan but in other places, showing the entire experiment with the virus at that time. This matter is huge, it’s too huge! They will also present some official documents, CCP’s official documents. All of these will further raise people’s awareness of the truth of this coronavirus – the CCP virus.

This is why Fauci, that old Fauci, immediately shifted gears when he heard of such witnesses and such evidence. The Wall Street Journal has now changed its tune and no longer helps the CCP. Now they have begun to say that there is a problem with the origin of this virus. Many people in the mainstream media are also saying that there is a problem with the origin of the virus. What problem is it? Whether the virus was created by humans, or came from nature. A sequence of evidence indicates that the virus had actually begun to be released at the end of 2019. However, the release was unsuccessful. The virus killed their own people.

In addition, we now have obtained absolutely accurate intelligence that none of the high-ranking CCP officials have been vaccinated. So, this scientist told me very seriously, “Miles, you must tell all the fellow fighters not to get a vaccination.” He said that he did not believe that senior officials in the United States were getting a vaccination. He said that if you really want to get a vaccination, it’s best to ask them to try it first under the witness of a third party.

So, if an official or the government asks anybody to get a vaccination, people should say, “If you want me to get vaccinated, okay, let’s have a third party to notarize that you will be responsible for all the consequences of the vaccine.” Any wife, husband, and child would be obligated to ask the person who requires you to get vaccinated to provide guarantees and assurance, and the official must also get vaccinated themselves. When they get the vaccination, it should be witnessed by a third party.

This news today is very, very mind-blowing to me. Although we have been talking about the virus for more than a year, it is still very shocking for me to hear such words from a scientist who personally participated in the research of the CCP virus.

I actually wished that the Whistleblower Movement would be proven wrong one day. We have said that vaccines are dangerous, that hydroxychloroquine works and the CCP has created the virus, and so on. These are things that I didn’t hope to happen. In my heart, I hoped that what we said was wrong, then humans would not have to risk facing the man-made coronavirus. It is very, very important. However, things are not as we hoped. There are really too many crazy people in this world.

This fellow fighter made it clear that the CCP had prepared more viruses for the world. This is exactly the same as what the scientist (Dr. Li-Meng Yan), Lude Media, and the Ph.D. Team said. This makes me, your Brother Miles very worried. I ate dumplings at noon today. Originally, I said that I would not eat anymore. But when I heard this, I wanted to eat and ended up eating a lot of them.

At the same time, during the meeting, he also told me another piece of information. The CCP is coordinating all its operations of the market economy, stocks, and foreign exchange rate control around the virus. And he was convinced that the virus outbreak in India is a step-by-step planned action by the CCP to retaliate for the small-scale border war between India and the CCP. At the same time, it is also for absolute strategic control of Asia. The CCP will not allow any country in Asia like India and Japan to have the ability to challenge it. The CCP really regards itself as the world’s boss.

Translation by YY, Liberte, and the Miles Guo’s Getter Group


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