Chinese people favor Miles Kwok; President Xi and Wang Qishan in death fight, says Taoist master

Taoist mountain Qingcheng Shan

Dear friends, let me tell you a story today.

Every year on the fifth day of Lunar New Year, I used to pay a visit to a Taoist priest in a remote mountain. I have not seen him for years now.

Last time my tour to meet him was with a leader from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Central Commission for Discipline Inspection on a fighter jet. That was a small fighter jet hired from the military as my private jet was a bit too big for the small landing ground in the mountains. The leader’s family was also with us on the trip.

After the visit with the Taoist priest, this CCP leader was promoted and his forty year old wife was pregnant, which we thought was quite magical.

Every time I went to see him, this Taoist priest was very pleased to tell my fortune and curious about me too. I actually introduced him to many CCP leaders.

One thing I think quite agreeable for this Taoist priest is that he never asked me for money. And he did not have many visitors to his residence in the remote mountains.

Then I was such a silly young man that I just bowed to any gods or spirits. Once I followed Lin Qiang, a CCP director from the Ministry of State Security, to meet in mountainous Yunnan province a fortune teller Wang Lin who fooled me around for seven million yuan. I transferred 7 million to his bank account the same day we met him. Wang Lin bought a luxurious car with the money.

In those days, I often travelled to remote mountains in Chengdu and Chongqing and other southwest mountainous areas to meet similar “masters with superstitious powers”.

From this experience, I made the statement that “politics and religions must be separated; religious figures or organizations must be denied from finance”. Otherwise, the world could be in chaos.

When I went to visit Wang Lin, I saw on the walls of his residence many photos of himself with nearly all CCP leaders, live or dead. I saw photos of all the celebrities and family members of those CCP leaders. When I sat together with him, he often made phone calls directly to provincial governors or CCP secretaries, talking about huge trade deals of train-load of coal or petrol.

Wang Lin finally went to his doom of destruction, naturally as a result of his frauds. He often called himself an impersonator of certain Buddhisavatti or spirits, telling about his dreams of enthronement in the name of those spirits.

Let me come back to this Taoist priest. He was a lot different from Wang Lin. He never talked high of himself or claimed to have magic powers. Still I gave him five million US dollars. That was in 2002 or 2003. I had a whole truck loaded with the 5 million in cash which he accepted with pleasure.

This Taoist priest was right in some of his predictions but not all. For example, he was wrong in predicting the results of CCP’s 17th Congress. He was mostly wrong in his words about President Hu Jintao except that “President Hu might be safe into the 18th Congress, but he won’t survive the 19th Congress.”

When I asked him about the situations during the 18th Congress, he predicted, “Monsters and evildoers will be dancing around. President Hu will be in danger after stepping down.” He advised me to keep away from the “monsters and evildoers” as far as possible.

It seems he was right to tell about the appearance of monsters and evildoers in the country. We have seen after President Xi Jinping came to power at the 18th Congress, the country has been kidnapped by evildoers.

I was told that Zhou Yongkang (former general secretary of the CCP’s Central Political and Legal Commission ) met this Taoist priest once. He gave Zhou three characters 命、欺、杀 which means “doom, lies, murder”. I think he was right in telling about the fate of Zhou.

I asked him, “When will the CCP be ended?” He stared at me with a strange look, closed his eyes for a moment, nodded but gave no answer.

I asked him, “Why Wang Qishan hates me so much? Zodiacally, he is a rat; President Xi is a snake. ”I also mentioned Qu Long who was also a rat. He told me, “This Qu Long is a villain; you must be careful with his person and keep away from him. But he will end in disaster.” He continued with Wang Qishan, “This person is a demon, a demon in hell.”

I said to him that President Xi and Wang Qishan have kept a good relation. But this veteran Taoist priest said, “NO! NO! No! They will fxxxk, fxxxk, fxxk each other! ” He also told about Sun Zhengcai in a similar fight. That’s why I have kept a distance with Sun.

Please! I am telling you, friends! Yesterday I talked again with this Taoist priest by phone.

Every time I met him before, he asked me to talk first, as much in detail as I could.

Yesterday I told him, “In the past days and months, the rivers and lakes are getting warmer and warmer. Domestically and internationally many important events occurred. Venezuela has come to its doom…”

As I have seen, whenever similar things happen, Chinese Foreign Ministry will stand out to warn the United States and its western allies of interference in others’ internal affairs. Whenever the Chinese government says these words of ‘interference in internal affairs’, this country must soon come to its end. The same is with Iraq, Libya, Yugoslavia, next Cuba, North Korea.

We will soon see the rise of South East Asian countries, like Vietnam, India, Pakistan, Burma, Cambodia. Those who have been persecuted by red communism will soon rise up.

Economically, we see after the China-US trade talks, before the deal is confirmed, the stock markets in Shanghai went up somewhat crazily. But the fact is, all major shareholders have fled the country. Private entrepreneurs are all trying to leave the country. All across China, demons and evildoers are dancing in craziness.

I am going to tell you, friends, 80% of my audience, people who watch my whistle blows since the Lunar New Year, have expressed their dissatisfaction in my performances. They disagree with my notion of “no fight against President Xi Jinping”, thinking that as an unpractical thing.

They all have said that CCP is coming to destruction and Miles Kwok has made history to send the CCP to hell. But they are not happy at all when I say “no fight against President Xi”. They said I must act against Xi. They all support me to get rid of Xi Jinping.

After the establishment of our Rule of Law Fund, most veteran CCP leaders who kept their communication with me raised their disagreement, together with other CCP members. Especially many retired generals from the military were not happy with my “no fight against President Xi”. They are the strongest force to support me in eliminating Xi Jinping.

I told the Taoist priest yesterday, “I have stick to my Seven Principles for some time; maybe it’s now time to make some changes. As to the reactions of those overseas democratic leaders, I don’t care too much about them. The CCP has seized 30 billion US dollars of my assets, detained 270 of my employees and arrested 18 of my family members and relatives….I am the number ONE enemy of the CCP. What I care most are the reactions from within China. We cannot rely on the US or outside forces to give the CCP the final blow. We must take the main responsibilities in fighting and eliminating the CCP. To take down the CCP, we must first rely on our 90 million CCP members and our warrior friends within the country”.

I asked this veteran Taoist priest yesterday, “What do you think shall be my next strategy? What do you think of the relation between Xi Jinping and Wang Qishan? Another question: will CCP survive 2020?”

This old master gave me a shocking answer. He said to me, “Wengui, do you know that people in these mountainous temples all watch your videos or read your stuff? Some people have printed out your remarks and distribute them among the mountains. They all watch Lude and Sara talks about Wengui, and those many brothers too. ” I was deeply moved.

The master continued, “You have seized the hearts of the people. And people are on your side now. Do you still remember the three paper boxes with tips I gave you last time? When you need help, go and open one!”

Thus I went to look for the paper boxes that this master had given me before the CCP’s 18th Congress. This shocked me more, friends! When I opened the first box. The tip reads, “Xi Wang Qishan(习亡岐山)”, which means “Xi Jinping kills Wang Qishan” or “Xi is killed by Qishan. And there is a hexagram “X” after that.

The hexagram tells that the hearts of the Chinese people favor Miles Kwok and President Xi Jinping will put Wang Qishan to death.

Everything is just beginning.

By Miles Kwok
Translation by staff


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