Chinese migration agents scout Townsville


A GROUP of Chinese migration agents are scouting Townsville as a potential place for their clients to live and invest.

The delegation of 22 agents was organised by Trade Investment Queensland’s Business and Skilled Migration Queensland (BSMQ) and hosted by Mayor Jenny Hill.

BSMQ manager Greg McKean said the agents represented Chinese clients looking to move to Australia.

“The idea was to bring them to a regional area like Townsville to show the industry opportunities, the lifestyle, how Queenslanders live and what opportunities there might be for their clients when they go back to China,” he said.

BSMQ has an agreement with the Federal Government to nominate business and skilled migrants that will bring economic benefit to Queensland.

Mr McKean said prospective Chinese migrants wanted to “forge a new life for them and their families”. “They’re looking for a change in their lifestyle and they see the clean green of Queensland and Australia as being a very viable opportunity,” he said.

The agents represent clients with interests in a variety of industries including food and agribusiness, tourism, property development, commercial property investment and manufacturing. The delegation is in Townsville for four days and will tour the city and attend business meetings.

Ausin Group agent David Yue said he believed his clients would find Townsville “very liveable”.

“Usually they choose to migrate to Australia for their children’s education, better social environment and more business opportunities,” he said.

“They think about education, but generally speaking they are satisfied with the Australian education system as a whole.”

Townsville Mayor Jenny Hill said the delegation was a great opportunity to showcase Townsville.

“It’s vital that our guests go back to China with a very strong message for their wealthy investors that Townsville is ready and open for business,” she said.

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