Chinese demand one thing from the CCP: open the internet


The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) concluded its fourth plenary session in Beijing on Thursday with a blueprint for better governance and promise to bring about a better future for the Chinese people.

President Xi explained the work report saying, “The system of socialism with Chinese characteristics is a scientific system developed by the Party and the people through their long-term practices and explorations” and “All the work and activities of China’s national governance are carried out in accordance with the system of socialism with Chinese characteristics”.

The CCP has always claimed to be “great, bright, and just”, telling that it represents the development trend of China’s most advanced productive forces, the orientation of China’s most advanced culture, and the fundamental interests of the overwhelming majority of the Chinese people.

But in reality, the Chinese people never have a say in how the country should be run and towards what direction. They don’t even have the right to speak out for themselves.

In the communique released after the Plenary Session, the CCP has promised to provide proper infant nursing to all families, schooling to all youngsters, compensation to all workers, medical coverage to all the sick, health care to all the elderly, accommodation to all citizens, and assistance to all the weak and handicapped. It has promised to ensure basic livelihood provision to the people and work for a fair distribution of the development results to all people.

To add some gold on its face, the CCP regime would do something of the above and then claim the credit for all. The system only serves the CCP leadership and a proportion of the elite class.

70 years of communist rule has told that the CCP has always said one thing but done another. It has said all the beautiful words on earth but has done all the evils on earth as well.

China has a fake government. All that the CCP is doing are for one single purpose: to keep the CCP in power. Whether it is the blockchain or the digital money, whether it is the capacity for governance or Xi Jiping’s thought on socialism, they have nothing to do with the well-being of the Chinese people.

US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo said in his speech yesterday, “I must say that the communist government in China today is not the same as the people of China.”

Early Vice President Mike Pence said in his China policy speech, “No longer will America and its leaders hope that economic engagement alone will transform Communist China’s authoritarian state into a free and open society that respects private property, the rule of law, and international rules of commerce.”

“And today, China’s Communist Party is building a surveillance state unlike anything the world has ever seen, ” the Vice President has told, “So far, it appears the Chinese Communist Party continues to resist a true opening or a convergence with global norms.”

The US government asks for nothing more and the Chinese people deserve nothing less.

The world needs to know the truth about China, and China about the world.

And for that, the Chinese people demand only one thing from the CCP: Take down the notorious Great Firewall and open the internet!

By Cloudy Seagail

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