Chinese Communist Party wants a war to prolong its life

The U.S. drone downed by Iran at Hormuz Strait.

Dear warrior friends!

When you see this video (of procession in Pyongyang), think of the Cultural Revolution, think of Japan before the Second World War, think of Iraq at times of Saddam Hussein. I went to Iraq a few times. If you were there, you would feel how I felt. Think of Libya and Yugoslavia.

If you can recall those days, I want to ask you one simple question: of those who made their appearance at the Grand Ceremony yesterday in North Korea welcoming President Xi Jinping, who factually had a heart-felt pleasure in their minds? Look at those people lining along the streets holding flowers and flags! Who is really happy? Who is really safe? Who really wants to be part of the event?

I think every person there wants to spit at them (Kim Jong Un and Xi Jinping): How come they each have such a beautiful wife while I don’t have? I guess most men would say that, ha ha! They may also have other dirty thoughts, I guess, possibly, probably. I believe, because I asked about that.

Some years ago, Xi Jinping brought his wife for a visit to Cambodia. I asked some veteran CCP leaders, “What do you think of that?” One of them said, “Few people there have seen a head of state coming from a foreign country accompanied by such a white skin lady wearing a mini-skirt. They would think: how does a man feel to sleep with such a woman? So you know what I mean?”

So the common people hate them. They have kidnapped the whole population, but they themselves have the most beautiful women, the most beautiful foods. They are both fat; they have a lot to eat.

But for all the North Korean people taking part in the procession today, who feeds their mouths? Most of them feel hunger everyday and would not afford even a bowl of green bean noodles for the day.

I have been to North Korea. At the end of the airport, you’ll see the farmland. The airport faces the north; when you get off the airplane, you normally walk towards the north. If you walk eastwards, you will see poor farmland and low rough straw houses. Those farmers are so poor that they seem to live in pre-historic times. They can only have green bean noodles during the Spring Festival. All farmers suffer hunger and everyone is skinny.

You have seen those motorcycles at the Grand Welcoming Ceremony. Those motor-cars are gifts from the Communist Party of China (CCP). To arrange for this visit, several thousand Chinese were sent days ahead to North Korea for preparations. Can you imagine what these several thousand Chinese think? Can you imagine how they feel?

What is the meaning of a country? Look at the “greatness” of the welcoming ceremony! Do you think the United States would fear this? Would Europe fear this?

What about Iran. CCP has made the country of Iran into a Pandora Box. When the Iranian leaders came to power, I used to ask the Iranians, “What do you think? How do you feel?” Most Iranians want them to die, the sooner the better.

Why? The trend of this world is democracy, to favor the rights of the common people, not the interests of just a few individuals. That is why I have charged Wang Yi of his mentioning the Pandora Box.

In Wang Yi’s Pandora Box, there are North Korea’s nuclear weapons and surely Iran’s nuclear weapons. I will assure you that Iran must soon stand out to claim: “We have nuclear weapons! Long-range missiles of 13 thousand kilometers!” They must stand out to say that. And then conflicts at Hormuz Strait occur, and a war is started.

When the water is muddy, it is easy to catch fish. I am telling you today, the Chinese Communist Party plans to catch fish in muddy water. This is what they want to see in the end. But we will never let CCP’s plan succeed. We will not let another 9.11 Incident happen so that CCP can catch fish in muddy waters.

Today’s CCP is threatening the whole humanity. Some years ago, CCP was weak and ignored by the world. It was not powerful enough to threaten the world. Today, the situation is completely different. CCP is powerful enough to become a threat and it wants to catch fish in muddy waters with a “black hand”.

Wang Yi warned western powers to leave their “black hands” off the affairs of Hong Kong. Wang Yi is a bastard. He is confusing the white and black. Who has the black hands? Who has interfered into others’ internal affairs?

Hong Kong is an international city. It should be no change in 50 years. Why CCP signed into an agreement of 50-years no change in the system? What does he mean by “internal affairs”? Whose internal affairs? CCP is violating the human rights of Hong Kong people and is thus threatening the world. It is not an internal affair or external affair! It is an affair of human rights violations. Human rights should be on top of the right to sovereignty.

Secondly, according to international agreements, the CCP government has the commitment to maintain Hong Kong’s human rights. It is a commitment, not others.

Third, the extradition bill amendment has threatened the whole humanity. It is a total shame for Wang Yi on behalf of the Foreign Ministry to speak such ridiculous and irrational words of of rogues.

More than that, they even plan to have the One Country Two Systems implemented in Taiwan. They already detained two million people in concentration camps in Xinjiang and had many murders and kidnappings in Tibet. CCP is the common enemy of the world.

If One Country Two Systems is implemented in Taiwan, tomorrow’s Taiwan will become today’s Hong Kong. CCP is the enemy of Hong Kong as well as the enemy of Taiwan.

With the extradition bill in Hong Kong, CCP betrays its commitment, its contract and hurts the interests of international communities. They actually planned to do it in the whole world, to create an internationally functional extradition bill. Meng Hongwei was the executor, but he was detained.

CCP is helping Iran to build nuclear weapons. They want to take Israel and the Middle East into turmoil so that they can catch fish in muddy waters.

I have told my warrior friends to unite and stand together because we have the common enemy: CCP. We have become best friends because we are fighting the same enemy. Now the CCP regime is facing the strongest, greatest, and most united force on earth!

When China Central Television broadcast the Grand Welcoming Ceremony in North Korea, what do you think President Donald Trump would think? He must have thought: See! The black hands of Wang Qishan!

The chief designer and director was truly Wang Qishan. Please do not look down upon Wang Qishan. He does have great powers. He just visited Heilongjiang and met the Russians there, according to my intelligence. He said some harsh words in Heilongjiang: “Ready for war! This war must come, big or small! If we don’t have a war, how can CCP survive?”

Dear friends! Wang Qishan has made it clear that without a war, the Chinese Communist Party won’t be able to survive in China. This is his logic, his real thinking. Some friends from the Justice department who listened to his talks have sent me this message: “Wang Qishan said to us: No war? How can we CCP live without wars? Who is going to feed you? Without internet control, without censorship, can we CCP survive? Will China have a future? The Americans are not our enemies. Our common Chinese people would tear us into pieces and swallow us! Therefore, you should be thankful to CCP who is paying all prices to preserve this governance, to preserve your governance. If CCP collapses, you shall be the first to be executed!”

In the past, CCP called on the people to overturn the landlords. Now the common people would like to stand up and overturn the CCP regime. Isn’t this funny? “Down with the CCP!” This is the common call of the people.

Wang Qishan is telling the truth. This bastard likes to tell about facts: In the past, people wanted to overthrow the landlords; but now they hope to overthrow the CCP!

Wang Qishan said to his subordinates: “The people is calling for the overthrow of CCP. You must be very clear about this. In case CCP is overthrown, your wife and kids will be executed, raped, or tortured, understand? To preserve the CCP regime is your only choice! So we need wars. Without wars, CCP won’t rule for a single day! Without making troubles, we won’t rule for a single day!”

By Guo Wengui
Translation by staff


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