China’s great civilisation is now ‘in the hands of thugs and gangsters’: Bolt


China prepares to stage an annual congress – CCP TWO Sessions – and pretence of business as usual.

Thousands of CCP delegates are streaming into Beijing for the country’s most important political event of the year have undergone nucleic acid tests and quarantines amid what state media have called “wartime measures”.

These 3,000 delegates cannot legally represent China. They are actually thugs and gangsters ruling over the country.

Sky News host Andrew Bolt has revealed US media outlet Bloomberg is reporting Chinese officials “have a list” of other Australian exports they may ban in the future which includes seafood, oatmeal and fruit.

Mr Bolt said, “this war with China looks like getting worse” as the communist regime “seems determined to punish us for daring to call for an independent inquiry” into the origins of COVID-19.

He said Bloomberg Media are reporting Chinese officials may have other Australian industries in their sights to boycott in the future, following the regime’s recent tariff inflicted on some Australian barley suppliers.

China on Monday evening announced it would follow through on a threat to slap an 80 per cent tariff on Australian barley in a move that inflamed trade tensions between the two nations.

Beijing claimed the tariffs had nothing to do with Canberra’s push for an inquiry into the origins of COVID-19 and instead said they were due to concerns Australian farmers were dumping barley in their market below market value.

“Bloomberg says its sources warn that Chinese state media could also encourage consumer boycotts of our exports, which fits with the threat by China’s ambassador a week ago”.

“What a bunch of thugs now runs China,” Mr Bolt said.

Sky News



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