China’s diplomatic wolves: the red curtain falls and the drama is over.


Two Australian journalists – Bill Birtles and Mike Smith – working in China have made their way home to Australia after forced out from a diplomatic stand-off in Beijing where police demanded interviews with them.

They know the danger: Secretive detentions, a lack of access to lawyers and vague, drawn-out legal processes have defined multiple national security cases involving foreigners in recent years.

In China, the media carries the surname “CCP.” The Chinese Communist Party controls virtually everything, not just the media. Today, it’s doing everything to control the narrative over COVID-19, and thus has sent the message that “there is a diminishing place for the pesky prying eyes of foreign reporters.”

For 70 years, China rejects what it sees as Western values: democracy, free speech, or rule of law. Under Xi Jinping, the Communists have taken the regime to even greater tyranny, locking up dissidents, lawyers, artists, or anyone who dares to challenge his dictatorship.

When former President Hu Jintao visited Australia in 2003, he began his address to Parliament by describing the story of a 15th-century Chinese admiral, Zheng He, although his narrative was largely dismissed by western historians.

Hu said, “Back in the 1420s, the expeditionary fleets of China’s Ming Dynasty reached Australian shores … They brought Chinese culture to this land and lived harmoniously with the local people, contributing their proud share to Australia’s economy, society, and its thriving pluralistic culture.”

Since Xi Jinping came to power in 2012, he has emphasized the “rejuvenation” of China, recalling two earlier golden eras of the Tang and Qing dynasties, and he even pushed his demands to assert the narrative of “China’s Rejuvenation” both at home and to the rest of the world.

Xi ordered massive new resources for diplomacy. Top diplomat Yang Jiechi was also promoted to the Politburo and a new Central Foreign Affairs Commission was established, underlining Xi’s determination to elevate a more assertive foreign policy as a national priority.

In the eyes of most Chinese, their diplomats have long had a reputation as well-trained, handsome and cautious professionals who pursue their missions doggedly without attracting much unfavorable attention.

Their best moment came with the blockbuster success of the patriotic film Wolf Warrior 2 in 2018 when proud Chinese diplomats said, “Whoever offends China will be punished, no matter how far they are.”

At the end of the film, the red cover of a Chinese passport is displayed, accompanied by the message: “Citizens of the PRC: When you encounter danger in a foreign land, do not give up! Please remember, at your back stands a strong motherland.”

But the coronavirus or CCP virus has changed everything. Today, “Chinese diplomats are evaluated not on how well they perform their professional duties, but on how faithfully and vocally they toe the party line,” as political analyst Minxin Pei has put it.

More and more people, especially overseas Chinese who have awakened up to the truth and watched their shameless performances, have ridiculed the Chinese Foreign Ministry as a “Ministry of Traitors” or “Ministry of Lies”.

And today on the international diplomatic arena, Chinese diplomats described as wolf-warriors have become mice running across the streets.

As the west is to designate the Chinese Communist Party as a terrorist organization and the Communist regime lacks the legitimacy to represent 1.4 billion Chinese, the next step happening soon would be cutting off diplomatic relations with western countries.

According to ABC today, Senior Chinese media officials in Australia have been targeted and the visas of two leading Chinese scholars have been revoked in an unprecedented foreign interference investigation into a NSW political staffer.

They include: the Australia bureau chief of China News Service, Tao Shelan; China Radio International’s Sydney bureau chief Li Dayong; prominent Chinese scholar and media commentator Professor Chen Hong; and another leading Australian studies scholar, Li Jianjun.

After the two Australian reporters were forced out of China, the CCP regime will become more aggressively dictatorial and isolated, and its own reporters and diplomats overseas will find themselves more difficult to survive.

On the world stage of diplomacy, the red curtain is now falling apart and the drama of the Red Dragon will soon be over.

Australians have called this “The end of an era.” ABC journalist Stan Grant says today, “As Australian journalists flee China, Xi Jinping’s ‘China Dream’ is coming to pass.”

To recall, let’s take a closer look at the ugly performances of some of these diplomatic wolves acting as running rats across the streets.

Wang Yi – Foreign Minister

Yesterday, Wang Yi launched a global data security initiative, outlined the principles that should be followed in areas from personal information to espionage, and called for international support.

It is ridiculous for China to try to set up universal rules for the world’s internet while it is building the notorious Great Firewall higher by the day.

While The U.S. has accused China’s technology companies of posing national security threats by collecting user data and sending them back to Beijing, Wang Yi defended yesterday, saying that “We have not and will not ask Chinese companies to transfer data overseas to the government in breach of other countries’ laws.”

Wang Yi himself has been a notorious actor on the diplomatic stage. To show off how he is educated in Chinese history, Wang Yi was proud to cite, too, the story of Zheng He during a UN General Assembly meeting in September 2018.

“There’s not a single bone of making external expansionism in the body of the Chinese. As early as over six hundred years ago, the Chinese navigator Zheng He led the biggest fleet in the world to the Pacific and west Indian Oceans on seven expeditions, visiting over thirty countries and regions, not taking a single inch of land.” Wang said in his speech.

It is well-known that the atheist CCP is the greatest destroyer of China’s five thousand years’ cultures and traditions. The communist ideology has nothing to do with the harmonious principles of Chinese ancestors. While the CCP opposes the feudalism of Zheng He’s Ming Dynasty, it is not all proper for Wang Yi to cite the example of his great voyages 600 years ago.

Earlier in June 2016, Wang Yi vented his anger when a Canadian reporter asked about China’s human rights after he met with Justin Trudeau in Ottawa.

The question of Amanda Connolly of Ipolitics to Wang Yi was, “Why is Canada pursuing closer ties with China, how do you plan to use that relationship to improve human rights and security in the region?”

Wang weighed in with his own response, telling the reporter, “I have to say that your question is full of prejudice against China and arrogance … I don’t know where that comes from. This is totally unacceptable,” he said through an interpreter.

He continued, visibly angry. “Other people don’t know better than the Chinese people about the human rights condition in China and it is the Chinese people who are in the best situation, in the best position to have a say about China’s human rights situation.”

Wang asked the journalist if she had ever been to China. “Do you know that China has lifted more than 600 million people out of poverty? … And do you know China has written protection and promotion of human rights into our constitution?”

Though making himself a joke, Wang Yi is truly a Communist fighter.

At the 70th anniversary of the Chinese Foreign Ministry last year, Wang Yi urged the country’s diplomats to adopt a “fighting spirit” in the face of international challenges.

Although Twitter and Facebook are banned in China, diplomats quickly acquired accounts and followers and began to use them to hammer the countries where they were posted.

From August 25 to September 1, Wang Yi paid official visits to Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, France, and Germany. He has kicked all the rocks there. I have said in another article that this might be Wang’s last chance on his diplomatic missions.

When in Rome, his Italian counterpart, Luigi Di Maio has sent a stern warning about Hong Kong, saying that China ought to respect its speech freedoms, and signaling the European Union’s continued disapproval of the national security law Beijing imposed on the city.

At a news conference after talks with Wang, German Minister for Foreign Affairs Heiko Maas, whose country holds the rotating presidency of the EU, also warned China against making “threats” against the Czech Republic over Taiwan, besides calling out China over its security law imposed on Hong Kong and the treatment of minority Uighurs.

In every capital he visited, Wang Yi was accompanied by democratic activists, protests from local MPs and MEPs, although in some countries, parliament wasn’t sitting because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

A Bloomberg report says, “China’s diplomats were already having a terrible year in Europe, but this week they managed to make it even worse.”

Hu Xijin – Chief Editor of Global Times

Today, all-time wolf warrior Hu Xijin looked tired and awkward when he said in his Global Times that “Outside forces are misreading China’s desire for peace.”

Hu was referring to the border disputes between China and India.

“Recent events have shown that China’s overall deterrence has not been big enough to deter Indian troops from taking risks. The Indian side is still taking chances, misjudging and underestimating China’s will to never compromise on the territorial issue, ” Hu remarked.

But we don’t know if Hu is going to fight or negotiate. Either way, he seems to lack confidence.

Never before, Hu’s shouts are as weak as these, “China’s policy toward India is backed by strength and if ordinary people are not afraid of Indian provocateurs, how could the PLA be intimidated by them? How can the country be weak in dealing with India? Everyone must believe that China has an upper hand over India. We have all kinds of initiatives in our hands and we will not allow India to take advantage of China, no matter it is negotiation or fighting a war.”

When multiple nations ended extradition agreements with Hong Kong after the CCP regime’s brutal crackdown on democratic protests there and the US had not renewed visas of Chinese journalists mid last month, Hu Xijin strongly called for retaliation.

When US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced in May that the US is cancelling Hong Kong’s status as a Free Trade Zone, Hu Xijin tweeted with arrogance, “Whether China’s Hong Kong is autonomous, how could it possibly be up to the US to define? Plus, it has a habitually lying Secretary of State who can tell the US Congress what Hong Kong national security law is before it’s even enacted.”

In July, when the US informed China to close its consulate in Houston, Hu Xijin, tweeted out, “The US asked China to close Consulate General in Houston in 72 hours. This is a crazy move.”

As to the coronavirus, Hu Xijin has his firm narrative, saying that “There was actually a conspiracy theory in China that the US made the virus.”

Hu Xijin has been a hardliner to defend CCP’s stand. On sanctioning Huawei, he said, “Huawei is leader in 5G technology and has long prepared for a back-up plan. US sanctions on Huawei may incur more losses to US companies than to Huawei.”

Hu said China will certainly retaliate for barbaric suppression Huawei received. It’s a unanimous attitude of officials and ordinary people. “I believe Beijing is selecting retaliation targets and approaches, minimizing damage to itself and not weakening confidence in China’s opening up,” Hu said.

Referring to Hu’s verbal attacks at former White House Chief Strategist Steven Bannon, CCP killer Miles Guo said Hu Xijin is one of the few representatives of the CCP’s Grand Propaganda team who would soon end up at Qincheng prison in Beijing.

Hua Chunying – Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman

”She is a whore! She is a hooker!” Many Chinese would call Ms. Hua Chunyun this way.

“It hasn’t been long since the September 11 attacks. The U.S. should not forget the pain as wounds heal,” Hua Chunying said at a press conference on December 4, 2019, when she accused the US of playing double standards on anti-terrorism.

Hua laughed at the Americans, “I’ve heard that some of the U.S. lawmakers do not even have passports. They haven’t been to China, let alone to China’s Xinjiang. How can they speak for the 1.4 billion Chinese people or the 25 million people in Xinjiang? And yet they are making unwarranted allegations and false comments on Xinjiang. How arrogant!”

Hua has criticized the US plea to release activist Pu Zhiqiang, saying “I think lots of people have the same feeling with me, that some people in the United States have hearts that are too big and hands that are too long. Washington should address human rights problems at home and stop trying to be the world’s policeman or judge.”

Hua took on Vice President Mike Pence over his China-policy speech. She said in a regular press conference, “In his speech on October 24, US Vice President Pence intentionally misrepresented China’s social system, human rights and religious conditions, and wantonly criticized China’s domestic and foreign policies. These remarks, just like those in his speech last October, are full of political bias and lies, and reveal nothing but his arrogance and hypocrisy. China expresses strong indignation and firm opposition to them.”

In 2018, in response to the US tariffs imposed on trade with China, Hua said “In international relationships, every time you change, every time you break a promise, the country’s credibility is damaged.”

In August 2017, the Chinese Foreign Ministry issued a fiery response to the U.S. State Department’s accusations of flagrant religious freedom violations in its latest report, insisting America “mind its own business” and “respect the facts.”

“We call on the United States to respect the facts, mind its own business, and stop using the religion issue to intervene in other countries’ internal affairs,” Hua told reporters.

In July last year, Hua accused that U.S. officials were behind violent chaos in Hong Kong and warned against interference, following a series of protests in the city.

“We can see that U.S. officials are even behind such incidents,” said Hua at a regular press briefing. “So can the officials tell the world what role did they play and what are their aims? The U.S. should know one thing, that Hong Kong is China’s Hong Kong, and we do not allow any foreign interference.”

“We advise the U.S. to withdraw their black hands,” Hua said.

Of all China’s Foreign Ministry Spokesperson, Hua Chunying has told the most lies. The harder she defends the CCP regime, the more she owes the Chinese in terms of striving for freedom and individual dignity.

We have an editorial note on the article: It is a total disgrace for the great country of China to have such an unworthy spokeswoman as Ms. Hua Chunying to represent the voice of the Chinese people. Also as “a stain of the century”, this disgusting woman will soon be dropped into the rubbish bin of history.

Zhao Lijian – Foreign Ministry Spokesman

When diplomat Zhao Lijian returned from a post to Pakistan last year, Reuters reported that “a group of young admirers” at the Foreign Ministry cheered him.

Zhao gained notoriety during his time serving in Pakistan for his outspoken use of Twitter, and he has been identified as a prominent leader of the new generation of “Wolf Warrior Diplomats.”

Zhao had catapulted into global attention by labelling the US as racist and in a Twitter spat, telling former National Security Advisor Susan Rice she was “a disgrace” and “shockingly ignorant.”

From 2015 to August 2019, he served as counselor and minister counselor of the Chinese Embassy in Islamabad. During his tenure there, he used the name “Muhammad Lijian Zhao” on his official Twitter account, but dropped “Muhammad” in 2017 right after China banned several Islamic names in Xinjiang.

Zhao tweeted on 15 July 2019, “Truth hurts. The living conditions of African-Americans are worrisome. The median white family has 10 times as much wealth as the median black family. African-Americans are 2.5 times as likely to be in poverty as whites, about twice as likely to be in unemployment as whites.”

This January, Zhao was promoted to a Foreign Ministry spokesman, highlighting that he was on the path to diplomatic success.

In March, Zhao promoted a conspiracy theory that the United States military could have brought the novel coronavirus to China. On March 12, Zhao tweeted, first in English and separately in Chinese:

“When did patient zero begin in US? How many people are infected? What are the names of the hospitals? It might be US army who brought the epidemic to Wuhan. Be transparent! Make public your data! US owe us an explanation!”

The US State Department summoned Chinese ambassador Cui Tiankai on March 13 to protest about Zhao’s comments. During an interview on Axios on HBO, Cui distanced himself from Zhao’s comments and said speculating about the origin of the virus was “harmful”.

Zhao Lijian is this kind of human as the Chinese say, “When he dies, he does not know the reason why he’s going to die!”

Liu Xiaoming – China’s Ambassador to the UK

This week, Liu Xiaoming reportedly liked “a 10-second video of a sex act” in his Twitter account.

The likes remained active for at least an hour and were widely commented on before the pornographic tweet was unliked, and then later the others. Some hours later a spokesman for the London embassy released a statement condemning the alleged hack.

“Recently, some anti-China elements viciously attacked Ambassador Liu Xiaoming’s Twitter account and employed despicable methods to deceive the public. The Chinese Embassy strongly condemns such abominable behavior,” the Chinese Embassy in London said in a statement.

Whether Twitter was manipulated or not, Liu Xiaoming is a political thug and villain on the diplomatic stage. His mouth is full of lies, always, like toilet waste.

As Chinese Ambassador to the UK, Liu Xiaoming said in April that China has taken up its responsibility to contain the COVID-19 outbreak and safeguarded global public health, and those who stigmatize China for a cover-up “owe the Chinese people an apology.”

The coronavirus pandemic has brought Britain and China closer together, Liu Xiaoming claimed.

Liu Xiaoming hailed the unprecedented dialogue and “very close work” between the two countries on finding a vaccine.

“This is not the era of gunboat diplomacy, this is not the era when China was still a semi-feudal society, this is the 21st century, this is the first decade of the 21st century. These people still live in the old days, they think they can bully China, they think they can bully the world,” he told the BBC.

“It is against human conscience to deliberately put the virus label on a specific region, politicize [the] public health issue and stigmatize a specific country,” he said. “Such moves will only drive a wedge between countries, undermine international cooperation and harm the interests of all mankind.”

In May 2020, Liu said anti-China rhetrotic is in danger of undermining international solidarity in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. He also said UK MPs were in a “cold war mindset”.

“The UK government keeps making irresponsible remarks on Hong Kong affairs,” Liu said.

On 4 July 2020, Liu told students to “leverage their strength” as the UK overtakes the US as the most popular destination for Chinese students for the first time. He urged students to practice patriotism and “serve your motherland”.

On November 26, 2019, Liu Xiaoming gave an exclusive interview on BBC’s HARDtalk hosted by Stephen Sackur to explain China’s position on Hong Kong, Xinjiang and China’s peaceful development.

Sackur: In China, there will be one CCTV camera for every two people. You have 1.4 billion people. That is an unimaginable surveillance society. What’s it for?

Ambassador: Have you been to China?

Sackur: I have been to China.

Ambassador: When was your last visit to China?

Sackur: It was probably about three years ago.

Ambassador: I think in China, you will feel that people are very free and very happy. You can’t feel it? You feel people are under harassment, people are threatened, and they have a lot of complaints? You can see smiling face on the Chinese people. Yes, people have some complaints. In any society people will have the complaint. But people have their channels to make their complaints known. We have the National People’s Congress and National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference. You feel China has no street politics, so China has no democracy. But China’s democracy is of Chinese characteristic. You can’t use your standard to judge other country, just like we would not judge you based on our standard.

Sackur: Let’s then talk about Xinjiang, one of the provinces in western China, which sees the greatest repression. Now you will know as well as I do in recent days, we’ve seen a new slew of leaks of official Communist Party documents which show the extent of the repression of the Uyghur Muslim people of Xinjiang. We know that hundreds and thousands of people over the last two years have been interned in camps – camps which looked to the outside eye like prisons. Why?

Ambassador: First let me tell you, there are no such leaked documents. I said in the very clear-cut term during my press conference, this is fake news, this is a made-up story with ulterior motives. There are no such leaked documents. It is made up.

Sackur: Just because you call them fake news doesn’t mean they are fake.

Ambassador: Let talk about the documents. I have double checked with the relevant department authorities. There are no such leaked documents. Secondly, let’s talk about what is happening in Xinjiang. Have you been to Xinjiang yourself?

Wang Xining – China’s Deputy Head of Mission to Australia

Against the fear and distrust that increasingly characterizes Australia’s relationship with China, the Belt and Road Initiative looms large. Australian politicians from both major parties rarely agree on much openly, but nearly all agree that China uses the BRI to achieve geopolitical goals.

At the National Press Club in Canberra on 26 August 2020, Wang Xining, the second-ranking Chinese diplomat in Australia, talked with some “humor” on poisonous and hostile ties between Australia and China.

“A married couple knows this!” he declared, raising slightly strained chuckles in the room, “while a rift between husband and wife hurts one family, a rift between two countries hurts millions.”

Wang laid out Australia’s sins in some detail.

He said Australia’s push for an inquiry must have been at the behest of the United States.

ABC foreign affairs reporter Stephen Dziedzic said, “Wang didn’t provide any evidence to back up this accusation, but offered a watertight nexus of circular logic.”

Earlier in April, in an exclusive interview with The Australian Financial Review, Chinese Ambassador to Australia Cheng Jingye denounced Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s push for an inquiry as “dangerous” and predicted it would fail to gain traction among global leaders.

“Resorting to suspicion, recrimination or division at such a critical time could only undermine global efforts to fight against this pandemic,” Cheng said.

Cheng said Australia’s support for the inquiry could result in Chinese tourists having second thoughts about visiting.

“Maybe the ordinary people will say ‘Why should we drink Australian wine? Eat Australian beef?’” he told The Australian Financial Review.

The ambassador also told that Australia must “put aside ideological bias, stop political games and do more things to promote the bilateral relations”, the embassy said.

Beijing’s secrecy and duplicity on COVID-19, however, leaves the world vulnerable, confused and suspicious — and China in cold, stark isolation, the Australian said.

“The BRI is one of the biggest public goods that China provided to the world, and it’s become the biggest platform for international co-operation,” Wang Xining claimed.

Yes or no? The whole world has clear eyes, I guess.

The West to cut off Diplomatic Ties with Communist China

Today, the US has been taking steps to restrict Chinese activity in the country in the run-up to the presidential election; The State Department had said it would also take action to help ensure all Chinese embassy and consular social media accounts were “properly identified”.

Last week, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said those measures were a response to long-established controls on American diplomats in China, drawing an angry rebuke from Beijing.

In June, the US ordered China to close its consulate in Houston, Texas, which prompted Beijing to force the closure of the US consulate in Chengdu.

Beijing will impose “reciprocal restrictions” on all American diplomats in China in response to earlier curbs on the activities of its embassy staff in the United States, China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has said on Friday.

“To urge the US to repeal its wrong decisions as soon as possible, the Chinese side has recently sent a diplomatic note announcing reciprocal restrictions on US embassy and consulates, the consulate-general in Hong Kong included,” it added.

We would love to see the two countries officially cutting their diplomatic relationships as the CCP government can no longer represent China or the Chinese people.

The tide has turned, and in every corner of the globe, wakened-up Chinese are setting off waves to take down the evil Chinese Communist Party and bring sunshine back to a new Federal State of China.

As Miles Guo’s new song sings, “A roar of the vast sea; The tidal waves surging up to take down the CCP; Heroes from all over the world have gathered together; A laugh from heaven; Take out a sword to behead the red demon….Who is the victor or loser is now obvious!”

“Take down the CCP!” “Take down the CCP!” “Take down the CCP!”

Everything has begun!

By Cloudy Seagail

Miles Guo speaking to Chinese youth protesting in front of the CCP’s Consulate General in California on 29 August 2020.

Updated September 11th.


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