China will be more open: a message from Xi Jinping and a joke for too long


“In eight days, President Xi Jinping has sent out eleven letters of compliments.” This message makes headlines of most state-run media in China today when eight forums are under way in the country.

“China’s door will be more open, wider and wider.” “The internet has made our lives better, which is the common responsibility of the international community.” President Xi delivered his sincere hope in a letter to one of the forums.

From the Sixth World Internet Conference to Beijing Xiangshan Forum, From World Technology and Development Forum to Zhongguancun Forum, from technology to trade to international cooperation, President Xi has expressed his heart-felt desire to make friends with the world and to strengthen exchanges in all aspects.

“At the present time, a new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation has been given a hard push; technology has developed along with the economy, society, culture and the ecosystem. All these will have a profound impact on the process of human civilization and the global management system,” President Xi said.

The president said that China highly emphasizes the importance of the internet and is willing to work with the international society to improve its environment for creativity so as to bring about coordinated development to a wider, deeper and higher level.

In his letter to 2019 China Ocean Economics Fair, President Xi expressed his hope that the fair would build a more open win-win platform for cooperation based on mutual trust and interests so that the results of ocean economic development shall be shared by all countries.

In his letter to the Pacific Islands Economic Development and Cooperation Forum, President Xi said, “The forum is an important consensus between myself and leaders from the Pacific Island states. We hope all parties shall make good use of the important platform to strengthen dialogues, cooperation and exchanges.”

Addressing the Qingdao Multinationals Summit, President Xi has these words in his letter, “China’s door will be open wider and wider; the business environment will be better and better; and there will be more opportunities for global multinational corporations.”

With all these words of beautiful compliments, President Xi seems to forget one important thing: China has no open internet with the Great Firewall. Censorship is tightened day by day, affecting businesses as well as the normal lives of 1.4 billion Chinese.

Under President Xi’s dictatorship, there is no freedom of speech in China, no right for people to speak out against human rights violations, and anyone who dares to question the CCP’s wrongdoings or expose its crimes will easily be made “disappeared”.

The CCP leadership has always been good at saying one thing but doing another.

When the internet walls are built higher and higher to stop the spread of truth about China, particularly about Hong Kong, Xi Jinping’s so-called Open Door Policy will always be a joke.

By Winnie Troppie


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