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China says that Xinjiang faces a serious threat from Islamist militants and separatists who plot attacks and stir up tensions between the mostly Muslim Uighur minority.(REUTERS)

A UN report reveals that more than one million Uighurs could be detained in reeducation camps as the Chinese government is forcing local Muslims to give up their religious belief. The whole world has expressed concerns and condemned this barbaric act of human rights violation. In recent days, Chinese state media has tried to defend its crackdown in Xijiang as “no such things”.

President Donald Trump on Saturday signed a defense bill to boost military, targeting the Chinese regime. Trump Administration has reaffirmed US conflicts with the Chinese government not only in trade, but in military, on land, at seas and in space. There have been concerns within the Trump administration that China is working to influence US mid-term election and kick Trump out of the White House.

The past week Beijing has been struggling to defuse anger over the P2P lending crisis. In recent years many middle classes have poured their money into online lending platforms, turning their dreams into nightmares. The Chinese government and its policies cannot be exempted from responsibilities for the rise and collapse of many of these fraudulent financial services.

Widespread criticism from international community has put pressure on the Chinese government on the detention of Sun Wenguang, a VOA freelancer and a professor from Shandong University who was removed from his home during a live interview earlier last week.

Google’s reportedly plans to launch censored search engine in China have met with condemnation as “an evil act”, and “stupid”. Google’s efforts to comply with Chinese government’s censorship rules are not only challenged in the western world, and are not welcomed by many in China as well.

As China is challenging the fairness of US trade tariffs imposed by Donald Trump, the US is working with Europe for a more flexible trade deal that might eventually kick China out of WTO or at least diminish its role in the trade organization.

China is working to achieve political and economic balance with Malaysia’s new government and Mahathir Mohamad seems to be doing the same. But reports from Malaysia and around the world have told the public that Mahathir aims to scrap China deals with its predecessor Najib Razak and get the country out of bad debt.

More and more people around the globe tend to believe that the death of HNA c0-founder Wang Jian is a state murder, instead of a suicide. And it is an abnormal thing that most of the western world’s main media have shut their mouth from investigating and reporting this case.

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