China security head requests better emergency response from police ready for “color revolution”

Public security minister Zhao Kezhi inspects police training in Shandong province.

Chinese State Councilor and Minister of Public Security Zhao Kezhi has asked the country’s public security and special police forces to improve their emergency response, according to state media Xinhua.

Zhao made the remarks while watching a national combat-condition drill in east China’s Shandong Province Saturday.

Zhao said the forces must unswervingly uphold and strengthen the absolute and comprehensive leadership of the Communist Party of China (CCP) over public security work, reinforce the police ranks at primary level and place more focus on combat and practical skills in training.

The communist government of China has never been shy away from admitting that the police forces work more for the interests of the CCP than those of the Chinese people, that in times of conflicts, the police should first stand to guard the CCP against the common people.

The central role of China’s police force is to protect the Communist Party regime from popular uprisings, as Zhao has said earlier on Thursday at a general meeting of public security directors from 31 provinces or regions across the country.

According to Xinhua, the security minister has told the public security and special police forces to maintain a state of combat readiness, hone their professional skills and carry on their valiant and tenacious conduct to ensure a safe and stable environment for celebrating the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China.

With this readiness for combats, the communist regime has made the Chinese people its enemy. That’s why Miles Kwok has repeated that China is a nation ruled by the evil police, and that the CCP is an organization of organized crimes.

In order to quash popular uprising and maintain social control, the CCP government every year spends trillions of dollars without public approval. But afraid of more social unrest, the communist government stopped publishing its interior security budget in 2014, after figures showed it had outstripped military spending for three years in a row.

For decades, as the Chinese people are working hard to contribute to economic development and building socialism, the CCP has set “safeguarding political security” and “censoring the people” as its top priorities for the security forces. The national police is not busy in saving lives or protecting the people, but active daily in cracking down individual freedom of speech and public protests.

Chinese police is the biggest human rights violators in the country, as well as law abusers.

Anyone who speaks out against or challenges the Chinese governments at all levels will be viewed as “subversion of state power” and thus awaits jail terms.

At the general conference of national public security directors on Thursday, Zhao Kezhi has called on directors from across the country to study the spirits of Xi Jinping Thought while sticking to the Four Awareness and Four Self-confidence and standing firm politically by the side of their core leader President Xi.

Zhao warned that there might be a “color revolution” in the country in 2019 intending to change China’s political system, and the police must stress the prevention and resistance of “colour revolution” and firmly fight to protect China’s political security.” He said western influence and overseas anti-China forces are the source of a possible color revolution and the whole system must be aware of this.

“We must firmly defend our national security, with regime and system security at its core, and firmly defend the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party and our nation’s socialist system,” Zhao said.

Chinese have a saying that “a dog will leap over a wall in desperation”, or “a cornered beast will do something desperate”. Under severe pressure from the forces of justice and righteousness in the civilized world, including a democratic force from within the country, the CCP is desperate to fight for its own life.

While some “little brothers” spreading the truth about China have been silenced by the evil police, more and more “little brothers” will stand up for their rights of free speech and individual dignity.

The trend of the world for freedom and democracy is surging forward. Those who follow the trend will prosper, and those who go against it will perish. History has left very little time for the CCP to survive on the land of the Middle Kingdom.

As the CCP has become a common threat to modern civilization, the country of China is shadowed by dark clouds of uncertainty and anxiety, and the year of 2019 will be a difficult time for the ordinary Chinese people as they once again have to stand up against the cruel and vile communist regime and its evil police.

By Cloudy Seagail


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