China predictions: a future man from 2060 tells about what will happen


In June 2019, a mysterious visitor to came onto the forum, claiming himself a future man from 2060. His name is KFK. He told about many things to be happening in the new world in the coming 30-40 years. Now one year has passed. Some of his predictions seem to be significant and have proved to be true.

Today, we list his answers to some of the questions related to China that might be of interest to international viewers and we translate them as follows:

Q: In future, what kind of transportation will mankind take for travel?
A: Technological development is still within our reach. Before 2048, planes and magnetic trains will play a major role.

Q: Are you a human or machine?
A: I am human.

Q: Will there be a war soon, where?
A: This war is between two civilizations, the location being at the joining point of three continents.

Q: Will you be able to afford a house in 2060?
A: In 2060, housing is no longer expensive.

Q: What can we buy with a 100 dollar note?
A: There will no longer be currency in paper.

Q: Will the government assign you or every man a wife?
A: No.

Q: What about our earth by then? Will there be clean energy? Shall we become happier?
A: People will become more worried and confused. There will be more famine, earthquakes and wars. People will remember the years 2000-2030 as some of their best times.

Q: Why have you come in this year of 2019?
A: This year is a turning point. Many important things will happen this year. In 2049, there will be a most popular film called “2019” made in its memory.

Q: Will the Shanghai Stock Exchange index go up to 20,000 points?
A: No.

Q: Will the US survive? Will Donald Trump have a second term in office?
A: Yes, America survives well. Donald Trump will have a second term, but he will face more pressure from his family and close friends.

Q: Can human travel to Mars by then?
A: No. But a US company will develop a project for virtual travels like fiction.

Q: Will there be more divorces by then?
A: It varies with different nations. There will be fewer marriages.

Q: Will China be in much trouble?A: There will be more wars, earthquakes, famine and tsunamis.

Q: Will you be carrying any money?
A: No. In 2060, paper is rarely seen. All wealth will be digitalized. I feel happier to use paper like in this world.

Q: Will the air pollution get better?
A: Air quality is getting worse.

Q: Will China be the number one superpower?A: No. The number one superpower is in the west.

Q: When were you born?
A: 2020. The law for my travel is that I must enter into a time when I am not yet born. I must leave by 2020.

Q: Will people live longer in 2060?
A: It is different in different countries. People in Australia will have the longest life expectancy.

Q: Will people become more friendly to each other?
A: Some people will behave with kind hearts, but there will be many people with evil minds. Good things are many, but terrifying things are more commonplace.

Q: Why are you writing in ancient Chinese?A: I am used to writing in ancient characters. I can also write in English.

Q: Will there be 6G, 7G, and 8G in the future?
A: After 7G, mobile technology is no longer named by G. After 2048, it has entered into another stage.

Q: How can be have an experience of time travel?A: No, you cannot. But you can have a virtual experience by changing your lifestyle habits.

Q: In case you died here. What would you come to?A: I won’t die here. If I was discovered, I would leave earlier.

Q: Where are you born? Will there be other people accompanying your birth?
A: I will be born in Shanghai. Two other people will come along legally with me, one in 2075 and another in 2062.

Q: Will transportation be expensive then? What things are the most expensive?
A: In 2060, public transportation will be free. Fruits and milk will be very expensive.

Q: What are the new industries?
A: After 2030, artificial intelligence (AI) will be more popular, engaged with other industries. Coding and AI development, and gaming industrial will enter a new stage.

Q: Shall I live by 2060?
A: I don’t know. But you shall live away from bordering provinces in the south after the second half of 2019, and away from Nepal.

Q: Will people marry robots?
A: By 2048, so countries will have marriage law allowing marriages with machines.

Q: What are the provinces more suitable for human living?A: Yunan after 2030, Guizhou after 2048.

Q: What about sex equality? Will there still be male and female differences?
A: In some countries, discrimination against female still exists. In some countries, women will have more rights, but that also causes more turmoil. There will still be males and females; machines will also have females and males.

Q: When robots will popular as mobile phones?
A:After 2038.

Q: It seems to be quiet in the first half of this year 2019? What about the second half?
A: Unexpected things will occur in the second half of the year.

Q: Will Apple still be the number one brand?
A: No. Apple is going downwards in my childhood. Three huge companies in the field of house-printing, interactive games, and virtual eyeglasses in the 2040s and 2050s.

Q: Will mankind overcome the disease of cancer?
A: Cancers can basically be cured. But super virus cannot be overcome. It causes greater deaths in the 2050s.

Q: Will religions still exist? Will human still believe in other unknown things rather than sciences, like fengshui, fortune-telling or theology?
A: Religions will exist. Human turns to study more about their own relations with the universe.

Q: Will the city of Shenzhen be good for living?
A: It will get worse after 2030.

Q: Will the living standard of “comfortable life for Chinese” be realized?A: That’s only a terminology in history.

Q: What will be the main crimes?
A: The more common crimes and scams are related to digital money. Social credit is decentralized in some countries and regions.

Q: How long will people live? Will they be happier or more lonely?
A: Human finds a deeper relationship with the universe out of time and space. This will be the second advancement of the human race, but after a war in 2048 that lasts for three years.

Q: In what areas has blockchain be popularized?
A: It is used mostly by some evil countries. Major western powers are trying to avoid the decentralization of their currencies.

Q: When is China’s housing market collapsing?
A: In the early 2020s. I cannot exactly in what year.

Q: You mentioned war and diseases. What are those evil countries that start the war? Is it a large-scale war? Will nuclear weapons be used? Does it cause major damage to technology?
A: It is a global war, centered at the joint of three continents. It is worse than a nuclear war. After the war, we don’t see any advancement in technology, but human start to have advancement in the spiritual world.

Q: Are you a male or female?
A: In 2060, I am a male. When I enter the time travel, there is no difference between male or female.

Q: From 2019 to 2060, will there be aliens visiting the earth? Will humans have super power like those we have seen in films? Will people still go to see movies in theatres?
A: No. But we will find new features of life under earth and in the ocean. Compared to theatre movies, people tend to like interactive games more. After the war, the world will enter a new stage.

Q: Will human be happier? In what areas are people living a happier life?
A: Before 2030, people are happy materially. After 2050, people live happily in another stage spiritually.

Q: Do you have any suggestions to us? Will family relationships be firm as we are now? Will people be studying foreign languages as we do today?
A: After the 2nd half of 2019, the world will enter a new norm of instability, which will last for long. Family relationships will become very weak and even look meaningless when we face more disasters, famine, war, etc. After 2035, there will be no language barriers.

Q: Will science testify the existence of magic or supernatural things like ghosts?
A: After 2050, these are no longer secrets.

Q: 2048 is a year you have talked a few times. Is that a very special year?
A: It is. Not just for China, it is very special for the whole world.

Q: Will there be a global war in recent years?
A: Before 2048, there will be no global war, but regional wars never stop.

Q: Do you need any sleep as a time traveler?
A: The place where the sun passes is the starting point of my travel. The place where the sun shines is the place of my stay. My travel is beyond the earth.

Q: Will robots start a riot against mankind?
A: Never in my lifetime, but legal entities have always seen the danger.

Q: After 2030, shall we be able to travel to other parts of the world freely? What about overseas study?
A: You can after 2030. But after 2048, overseas travel and study are meaningless.

Q: What kind of things are in short supply in 2060?
A: Judging from our present standard, all material things will be of shortage in 2060.

Q: Will there be the Great Firewall by 2060?
A: When Wifi satellites become popular, the Great Firewall is useless. There is no Great Firewall in the memory of my childhood.

Q: Will there be teachers and students? Will there be schools?
A: Yes.

Q: Shall we take any precautions now?
A: We’d better look for inland places more suitable for living. Many cities will become unliveable as a result of extreme weather conditions.

Q: Will be love someone born in 2019.
A: My wife is born in 2019.

Q: Does China lose the cold war?
A: This cold war lasts for 30 years.

Q: Will America be better for living? Is it the number one superpower?
A: America remains the last empire before the war. Europe will play a decisive role in this war. China and India will become another force in the east.

Q: What about the stock market? Shall we buy stocks?
A: In my childhood, the global stock markets collapse within one hour and become meaningless.

Q: Will there be World War III?
A: Yes, WWIII is over by 2060.

Q: In 2060, space exploration shall be common. Can we find solutions to the material shortages in the universe?
A: In 2060, human shows more respect for the unknown world as they explore more of it. Material things will not be valued that much as human did in the past 1000 years.

Q: During WWIII, what is the position of China? What side is China taking?
A: China will be fighting America and Israel. China will unite India and other Middle East countries.

Q: From 5G to 7G, it takes 29 years?
A: Yes. After that, technology is more complex.

Q: Will dogs and cats still be our pets?
A: Yes. But the relationship between humans and animals has changed.

To be continued.
Translation by staff


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