China plane crash starts an era of people readily to kill one another for socialized retaliation


The pilot has planned a suicide crash of his China Eastern plane months ago as a retaliation according to unnamed sources.

Chinese state media reported on March 21 China Eastern Airlines flight MU5735, a Boeing 737-800, was flying a domestic route from the city of Kunming to Guangzhou when it crashed on a hill in Guangxi province, in the country’s worst air disaster in nearly a decade.

Sources said that the pilot has planned to crash his plane because he was highly stressed as a result of the covid-19 pandemic and vaccine restrictions. His family member death of the coronavirus, his own financial debt, and suppression by his company to speak out his resentment all add up to his decision for this retaliation.

This suicide crash has let me think of the Buddha’s words about this world we live in:

“People of this world are driven to kill by their desires. The strong abuse the weak and the victorious massacre the defeated. They hunt, slaughter and devour. Thus, karmic retribution naturally follow. That is why they are the orphaned, poor, lonely, wicked, blind, disfigured, deaf, mute, deranged, weak, deformed or crude.

People of this world defy the rules of propriety. They are proud, shameless and rapacious. Furthermore, they revel in decadence and cause outrage. They abuse their authority and engage in corruption. Likewise, they punish the innocent and scheme against the virutous. Hypocritical and manipulative, they seek to defraud others. Regardless of their station in life, they are all united by a deceitful heart.

People of this world have short lifespans and must rely on reciprocity to live. However, wicked people pay no hed to this impermanence and are always full of immoral intentions. They are dissolute and full of lust. Their appearances reflect their perversions, which also consumes them. Furthermore, they squander their patrimonies on vice and transgress the bounds of decency with their depravity. They willfully neglect to fulfill their duties and to do good.”

We do live in a hell-like world with evil people have all the rich and power. That’s why plague and war have come along and will kill many more.

China Eastern plane crash has started a new era that people in this world can easily get angry and readily hope to do harm to others as a way of retaliation.

In the near future, we are going to see more drivers crashing their cars into walking crowds, high-speed train pilots driving their trains into destruction, or people just bombing their own apartment houses with angry fires.

That surely will happen.

By Annie Tang


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