China PLA Daily: Sex Scandals popular with journalism


I used to work in a military base of the People’s Liberation Army, a unit of the Second Artillery Corps or SAC (now restructured into the PLA Rocket Force). The national military newspaper the PLA Daily has a reporters station at the SAC base.

I once had work contacts with the head of the station and several other journalists. Since I had been working with the military, I had little chance to get in touch with journalism. But this experience made me feel that the first half of my life had been spent in vain.

With this task of working with the journalists, I was assigned to the job of making arrangement of daily reports on major military training, in addition to coordination amid different combat units at the military base.

When I first met the journalists at the station, I had a talk with a colleague from the Propaganda Section of the Political Department. This colleague told me the quotation for an article to be published in the PLA Daily.

Very often, CCP leaders of the Central Military Commission would pick up a PLA Daily newspaper to learn about the situations of the lower-level military units. Because of this, journalists working for the newspaper are very much welcomed at the bases.

At that time, the basic price for a SINGLE WORD in an headlined article on the front page of the PLA Daily was RMB 10,000 (US$1,700), equal to the amount of my nine months’ salary. At that time, RMB 10 could be a decent gift to a newly-weds’ at their wedding ceremony near the Rocket Launch Base.

After I set things right for accommodation for the head reporter and two other reporters, I was told to change my military uniform into plain clothes. We left the base headquarters in civil vehicles, accompanied by five female colleagues from the Arts Troupe.

We traveled into the suburbs and arrived at a remote farming house. I had never heard of such a place. But when I stepped inside, I found it an unexpected paradise.

When we settled down in the rooms, our chief of staff and the director of the Political Department arrived afterwards. After some common talks, it was time to eat.

At the dinning table, we had the 30-year-old Maotai and all sorts of delicacies. I was shocked to see such extravagance. That meal would cost as much as what our whole army unit ate in one day.

After the food and drinks, my superior asked me to accompany one of the journalists to his room to “talk about work”. This man was almost drunk. After helping him into the toilet, I turned around and wanted to leave him alone. He dragged my hand, saying to me, “You see, I am 37, but I am not able to urinate”. I did not know what he meant.

He said to me, “For three years as a journalist at the Reporters Station, I had sex with different girls for over 1,000 times. If you can have sex for 20,000 times, you can make yourself head of the station.”

I am sorry to tell that I was really ignorant. Only until then had I come to understand what he meant by those words. I had heard of the power of a reporter, but only this time I had the feeling that they were really “remarkably powerful”.

A while later, two of our female colleagues brought in four beautiful young girls, all in perfect body shapes. Soon, these four girls started their hot conversations with the reporter.

I stood there still, listening to their talks. I had never imagined such a scene of sexual bodies with erotic words behind the PLA army uniforms. I heard of similar rumors, but this time it was reality.

I thought I needed to leave, but the reporter stopped me. He said to me, “Don’t leave! Last night, I had sex with three girls. Today with this four girls, I am powerless. Come and fuck them. And look at me. This is an order!”

I did not know what to say, and how to react. I had never thought of this. I was speechless. I followed his order.

I felt the burning of my face,
I felt my heart beating fast,
I felt the girls’ make-up in the air,
I felt the stiffness of my own body,
I just could not forget…

But I was not able to make my penis hard. The journalist, sitting by my side, took out a refined bottle from his handbag and poured out three drug pieces for me. When I took the drugs, my penis turned wood-hard.

The next morning, the chief of staff came for me and brainwashed my soul. He asked me to go home and rest well.

The third day, they all left. Later I was told that the final draft of a news report was ready for publishing. Again, I was told to accompany the propaganda colleagues to take some photos in the combat units for the publication.

Very soon, this news report appeared on the front page of the PLA Daily.

By Little brother Dongfeng
Translation by staff
Source: Gnews


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