China offers easier access for Taiwan businesses but Taiwan warns of a scam


China unveiled measures on Monday for Taiwanese to live and work easier in the country and offer Taiwan citizens abroad the right to seek consular help from Chinese embassies, the same as Chinese citizens. Taiwan says this is a trap and has political aims.

The 26 measures are as follows:

Equal treatment to Taiwan businesses:

1, Taiwan companies can participate in the study, innovation, test and review, and application of technical installations, and participate in the construction of industrial innovation, project research, technology and industrial design centers.

2, Taiwan companies can participate in the technical development, standard formulation, product test and network construction of 5G networks.

3, Taiwan companies can participate in recycling projects related to construction waste, garden waste, and other industrial waste in China cities.

4, Certified Taiwan companies can participate in the investment of air flight cargo transportation, general air service, construction of civil airports, and services related to consulting, designing, and maintenance.

5, Taiwan companies can invest in theme parks, and provide services in the construction of tourism infrastructure and related facilities with licenses.

6, Support Taiwan financial organizations to set up companies to offer loans, leases and guarantees in areas with Taiwan-invested enterprises.

7, Encourage local governments to provide favorable policies for Taiwan businesses.

8, Qualified Taiwan companies can apply to local government guarantee funds for loan guarantees, and apply for loans through trusted organizations. Taiwan companies are allowed to issue bonds in inter-bank markets.

9,  Taiwan companies enjoy the same treatment in trade subsidies and trade protection.

10, Qualified Taiwan companies can use the same tools as mainland companies such as export trusted insurance to ensure safety of export income and lower the risk in overseas investment.

11, Products imported from Taiwan can go through a fast channel in customs by way of third party inspection.

12, Taiwan companies can participate in the formulation of industrial standards.

13, Qualified bases for entrepreneurship can apply for state technical innovation support.

Equal treatment for Taiwanese people

14, Taiwanese can seek consular assistance from Chinese embassies, and apply for travel permits there.

15, Taiwanese can become members of farmers communes and apply for assistance in their agricultural projects.

16, Taiwanese can use the same transportation products in travel.

17, As a test in Fujian province, Taiwanese can use the same mobile phone services with discounts.

18, Taiwanese can purchase properties in the mainland the same as mainlanders.

19, Taiwan cultural organizations or individuals can participate in all kinds of cultural activities. Taiwan cultural and performing workers can work or study in related Chinese institutions.

20, Taiwanese working in the mainland can apply for awards for their art work.

21, Taiwanese working in mainland universities, research institutions, public hospitals, and high tech companies can participate in qualification recognition, and their performance will be treated the same as their work in Taiwan.

22, Children of Taiwan businessmen can be enrolled into mainland colleges and universities after high schools in the mainland.

23,  More colleges and universities will offer positions for Taiwan students, especially in the middle and western provinces, and non-ministry-administered colleges.

24, Taiwan students can apply for financial assistance in the mainland. Taiwan teachers and students in the mainland can apply for overseas study assisted by the government.

25, Taiwan athletes can join national and professional competitions in the mainland. Taiwan athletes, coaches, and sports professionals shall be provided with favorable conditions during their study, training, competition, and exchanges in the mainland. Assistance shall be provided for their preparation for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics and Hangzhou Asia Games.

26, Taiwan athletes can personally join professional leagues in football, basket ball, ping pong ball, and chess. Taiwan clubs can also join these sports.

Translated and edited by staff


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