China needs a “Cultural Movement” to help take down the CCP


CCP killer Miles Guo said in his live broadcast earlier this week that China needs a Cultural Movement to help take down the Chinese Communist Party as he has prepared to cooperate with Hollywood to produce more music and movies in this respect.

With the new song “Taking Down the CCP” gaining momentum across the world in all major music apps downloads, Miles said he is going to rewrite the scripts of many of the popular Chinese songs so that people in China have better channels to know about the true nature of the Communist Party.

Miles said, “Fellow warrior friends, you don’t know what is behind this…the true force behind the fact that my rock song ranks Number One. This is impossible without the support of the big 5 families and 7 institutions in the United States. Why the CCP is so scared? They just formed a task force called Internet Policing on Music. This afternoon I was moved with tears several times by the generosity of these American friends.”

“They called to tell me that not every American is bought by the CCP. Not everyone has kowtowed to their money,” Miles said.

With joint forces of righteousness from the west and China, we have full confidence that we can take down the CCP, Miles stated.

We know that from 1966-1976, China had the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution that caused millions of deaths besides total destruction to traditional Chinese cultures and traditions. The Chinese nation no longer wants a second “cultural revolution” as General Secretary Xi Jinping has started in recent years.

Instead, we need a Cultural Movement to reverse the course of history and bring China back to the realm of respect for freedom and human dignity.

In the 1910s and 1920s, there was the New Culture Movement that criticized classical Chinese ideas and promoted a new Chinese culture based upon western ideals like democracy and science.

The New Culture Movement was the progenitor of the May Fourth Movement that featured the philosophies of such scholars as Chen Duxiu and Cai Yuanpei. But they failed to materialize after the Communist ideology took root in Chinese society.

For about 100 years and especially 70 years after the Communists seized power, China has been ruled under a brutal dictatorship. Today, the highly corrupt and rotten CCP regime is threatening humanity with all its crimes and evils done to the world.

In nature, everyone is born an angel; but once injected with the Communist ideology, even an angel may become a demon.

In a new state of China, we need a clear and clean cultural wind to clear up the dark and poisonous air polluted by the CCP virus.

Cai Xia, a retired professor from the CCP’s Central Party School, who was expelled because she had called Xi Jinping a “mafia boss”, outlined three ways that the CCP regime might leave the historical stage.

First, an external war like the Second World War when Hitler was eliminated by military. Cai Xia thought that the United States is not likely to engage itself in such a war.

Second, a reform within the CCP that sees a shift in the system like those reforms by Soviet’s Mikhail Gorbachev. But this is hard to happen in the case of Xi Jinping.

Third, the CCP collapses under its own pressure from within. She held that when the internal fights as a result of high pressure and mutual contradictions come to a certain height, it is highly possible that the CCP would collapse by its own deterioration.

Whatever the possibilities are, one thing is for sure: the CCP has come to its doom.

Today, more and more people have confidence in CCP killer Miles Guo who has led this outstanding Whistleblowers’ Movement.  Miles’s suggesting another “Cultural Movement” only adds more momentum to the global fight against the evil regime.

Yesterday, Miles Guo gave us another side of Chinese dictators Xi Jinping and Wang Qishan, to help us see through the nature of the present CCP regime so that we could shoot at our targets in the most effective way once a greater revolution is ignited.

By Winnie Troppie

We have Miles’s words translated here as follows:

I can tell everyone whether you accept it or not, but this is the fact. We cannot make things up.

In China, the person who understands music the most is Xi Jinping in real life.

Xi Jinping has a natural instinct for music. His understanding of music and his talent in music is definitely something out of your imagination.

This is why Peng Liyuan was willing to marry him. Peng Liyuan came from the same country area as I did.

If Xi Jinping opens his mouth to talk about music with you, you must be shocked. You definitely will be shocked.

Xi Jinping has some merits in his life. He never lied. Don’t think that he used to say words like “I shouldered 100 kilograms of wheat”. I don’t know what happened with the story, but as far as I know, he never tells lies in his daily life. He never betrays his friends. He values brotherhood. He never showed off in front of those “veteran revolutionary comrades”.

This guy truly has the talents. He is absolutely the number one person in China that I have seen to be the most learned.

One time, a singer was back on an airplane with Xi when they chatted about music. I am not going to tell his name here because it will shock you. He begged me not to mention his name.

He kept a good relationship with Xi. He asked Xi, “I heard that Peng Liyuan praised you highly for music. How could you know about music? ”

Xi replied, modestly, “I am no good for music.”

Then he and Xi talked together about music. To his astonishment, he said, he was amazed by how exceptional Xi was in music.

He said, “We took music as a profession. But in terms of professionalism, we are no match to Xi.” Xi truly knows music.

What about movies? I am telling you that Wang Qishan is definitely among the most learned in China. He really understands movies. He is truly the master of the historic quacks as well as the Thick & Black Philosophy. He is very good at the tactics of association.

Wang Qishan understands the rogue economy in the west.

It is not coincidently a joke that these two men can become China’s top leaders as many have said they are nothing but gangsters.

Because both Xi and Wang just despise all the other people – those other CCP bastards, “those sons of bitches” as our brother-in-arms Hao Haidong has put it.

Why has Haidong spoken with that temperament? Many warrior friends in China say his words kill. Why? He has seen too much. He has been running into contact with the CCP bastards since 10 years old, witnessing how they committed adultery behind closed doors. If you have won a world championship, you shall be exempted from punishment for your adultery. Then it’s abortion and having the baby born.

Many of those people whom Hao Haidong met were my friends as well. Many of them are generals now in the military or high-ranking officials.

Deep in his guts, Haodong looks down upon them, as they carry the same nature as Xi and Wang.

Why had Xi and Wang dared to arrest those one million people? They took them as a bunch of dumb asses, their brains full of shit.

That’s why once Dai Bingguo went to my Pangu Plaza and said, “I did not expect to see such a business in China! Such a boss as Miles Guo!” He said this many times.

Also, Yang Jiechi said close to my ears, “Hey! Come over to our Foreign Ministry. We have many pretty girls.” See! This is Yang Jiechi’s mindset. He made himself close to my ears while I was sending him off down the stairs. He whispered to me, “Do come to our Foreign Ministry; our pretty girls are waiting for you! We have lots of them in our hotel.”

“And our Foreign Languages Institute. If you want to find someone to teach you English, I can send you a hundred girls,” Yang Jiechi said to me.

Just like Wang Enge- when he met me, he would say, “Wengui, come to our Peking University, we can send you 200 girls. Do come over, hurry up! We shall select 200 students with good English to act as your assistants.” He treated the students of Peking University as prostitutes.

This is why I was shocked when Yang Jiechi moved close to my ear and whispered to me those words.

Wang Yi is exactly the same. He told me: “Hey! Wengui. Come over to our Foreign Ministry. We have lots of beautiful girls. I can send you dozens as secretaries. Some from Xinjiang, some from Shanghai, all very pretty.”

And then he said, “The girls in your hotel are also very beautiful.” Because Pangu Plaza is the place in Beijing with the most beautiful girls. So he said, “Your girls are very beautiful.”

Look at all these sons of bitches! Why are they all behaving like this? Dai Bingguo, Wang Yi, Yang Jiechi, Wang Qishan, Xi Jinping – they look down upon anyone else.

They are too proud, “I can speak English. I have good taste. I have overseas experience. I understand the history.”

They despise all Chinese entrepreneurs, including Jack Ma. How could they have respect for Jack Ma? To them, Jack Ma is nothing better than a running dog.

I have seen some stories. Once Jack Ma cried loudly outside the Shangri-La China World Hotel in Beijing, his hands holding his head.

Look at Jack Ma: When he moved his company headquarters from Hangzhou to Shanghai, he was kicked out of Shanghai; then he wanted to move to Beijing, he was kicked out again. Who helped him in the later days? The Jiang family. Of course, unfortunately, he had to kowtow to the Jiang family.

Finally, Xi gave him a hand. Xi said in one of his speeches, “Why Jack Ma has not been listed among Chinese entrepreneurs?” These words changed his fate. And from then on, Jack Ma got a reputation.

But deep in their bones, Xi despised Jack Ma the same.

People like Liu Chuanzhi would have a reputation because of their Communist red-blooded family background. He has good tastes and he is capable, so people think highly of him.

But Jack Ma was looked down upon.

We have to accept that both Xi Jinping and Wang Qishan have their merits. Unlike what most have imagined, there is something good about them. We have to be objective when it comes to criticizing people. They truly have their talents and knowledge.

In the area of music, Xi is definitely number one! He is amongst the best in China as long as I have seen them.

Therefore, you can imagine how shockingly amazed he would become when we have our music out. He understands the power of music.

Who has Xi admired the most? Only three people. Number one is Stalin, number two Hitler, and number three Mao Zedong. The same is with Wang Qishan.

By Guo Wengui
Translation and edited by staff


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