China is run by the sexual organ


The crackdown on Hong Kong’s democratic protests last year was basically linked to a book: Xi Jinping and His Lovers and the disappearance of five men from a Hong Kong bookstore.

Quartz reported in 2016 that the book’s title was debated by the publisher with two choices: The Lovers of Xi Jinping or Xi Jinping and His Six Women, according to Willy Wo-lap Lam, an adjunct professor at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

In recent days, the relationship between a prominent CCTV singer Yan Weiwen and Xi’s wife Peng Liyuan has been circulated all across the social media. Peng was a Chinese folk singer much more famous than Xi when they got married. Peng was still based in Beijing while Xi served in Fujian, and the couple didn’t live together for over a decade until Xi was promoted to the party chief of the neighboring Zhejiang province, Lam said.

It is interesting to tell that for at least 70 years, China has been ruled by bureaucrats of morally corrupt officials or by interest groups of men or women who have complicated and incestuous sexual relationships among them.

CCP killer Miles Guo put it bluntly, “China is ruled by the sexual organ!”

The CCP leadership has a tradition of sexual misconduct long before Chairman Mao Zedong. That is the special tradition with CCP characteristics.

According to The Private Life of Chairman Mao: The Memoirs of Mao’s Personal Physician, by Li Zhisui, one of the personal physicians to Mao Zedong, Mao slept with hundreds of young girls.

Li told that Mao did not like taking baths but liked to swim every day in a pool. Mao said he cleaned his sexual organ in the vagina of young girls.

It is well-known in China that the more famous folk singer Song Zuying is called “the national mother”. She had a relationship with former President Jiang Zemin.

If people would like to check the internet for the father of Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, all sources would point to late Premier Zhou Enlai. It is believed that Wang Yi is the illegitimate son of Zhou and Wang Kun, an opera singer famous for her leading role in the opera The White Haired Girl.

It is well known that the Central Military Commission Political Work Department Song and Dance Troupe and China Central Television Station are the harems of the CCP leadership. Other military song and dance troupes and local TV stations serve mainly the sexual desires of CCP officials at different levels.

Since he took office in 2012, President Xi has led an anti-corruption campaign that made adultery grounds for banishment from the Communist Party. In 2016, those rules were changed to forbid “improper sexual relationships with others.”

When it comes to governance by the sex organ, those regulations are nothing more than a cover of morality to claim its legitimacy. Through the exchanges of sexual activities, the CCP is able to hold evidence of all its members so that they would be submissive. If anyone of them doesn’t listen, he will be cleaned out of the party in those so-called anti-corruption campaigns.

In November 2017, the RYB Kindergarten in Beijing was accused of giving injections and feeding drugs to toddlers and its teachers even threatened those innocent children: “Do not tell your parents because we have telescopes that are long enough to reach your home!”

Miles Guo told the kindergarten was run by relatives of Meng Jianzhu, China’s police chief who has a special interest to rape teen-aged girls, and CCP officials did their sexual assaults in these kindergartens.

Guo said in anger, “The CCP is just a huge cesspit. ”

The CCP leadership has always tried to cover up their sexual scandals. That’s why they’ve built the Great Firewall and have strict control over the media.

Ordinary Chinese had learned that Meng Jianzhu and Vice-President Wang Qishan were clean officials because they did not have children until Miles Guo exposed in his live broadcast in April 2017: “Meng Jianzhu has told the Party that he does not have a son or daughter. Wang Qishan said the same that he does not have a son or daughter. And people would think, so long as they don’t have children, they have no reason for corruption. But I am going to tell you today: they are all liars!”

“Meng Jianzhu has an illegitimate daughter called Meng Haijing, 44-year-old now, an American citizen. Remember, she is an American citizen! The other most powerful leader in anti-corruption- Wang Qishan – he has an illegitimate daughter called Sun Yao. His wife is also an American citizen. All his family members are American citizens. They control HNA Group with assets of 20 trillion,” said Miles Guo, claiming he holds all of their DNA evidence.

Guo told that Yao Yilin, Wang Qishan’s father-in-law and vice-Premier of China from 1988-1993, was addicted to alcohol as well as teen-aged girls. His daughter Yao Mingrui had four children with different fathers. The whole family has hard-to-explained incestuous sexual relationships.

In the case of Meng Jianzhu, according to Guo, he had a sexual relationship with the famous CCTV host Yang Lan who went to bed with countless men.

“Let’s talk about Yang Lan and his husband Bruno Wu,” said Miles Guo, “Bruno Wu often took has wife overseas for the sake of building up public relations. Once, Bruno wanted to befriend the Royal Family of the UK and one of my friends there arranged the contacts. After that, Bruno asked his wife to drink together with the royal family member. Yang Lan and the British friend were having sex inside while Bruno was guarding the doorway outside. This is espionage and Bruno is a professional spy. He has given away his wife as a sex gift!”

Miles Guo told that building an overseas intelligence network and sending their illegitimate children overseas to conquer there is one of the key strategies of the CCP to influence the west and finally dominate the world. And this plan has been implemented since the time of General Chi Haotian who served as Minister of National Defence from 1993 to 2003.

Rumor has told that Chi was an illegitimate son of Chairman Deng Xiaoping. Sohu reported that in 1982 when Chi Hao Tian was having a military meeting before his deposition, Deng Xiaoping walked in to see the attendees and have a group photo with them. Before Deng was seated, he looked behind and showed special care for Chi Haotian, shaking his hands warmly in particular while calling “Comrade Haotian!” This gesture shocked all the attendees.

In May–June, 1989, Chi played an important role in directing the military’s enforcement of martial law in Beijing to suppress the Tiananmen Square Protests in the national capital.

In 2005 when Chi was Defense Minister, he told about the CCP’s global ambitions while affirming the correctness of executing the Tiananmen Massacre.

“Deng Xiaoping says, development is the absolute principle. As a matter of fact, our DEVELOPMENT means a grande rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. This is not limited to our country land, it will include the whole world,” Chi said.

StratNews Global recently ran a feature that compared Chinese President Xi Jinping with Adolf Hitler. The article says, the parallel of ‘being in a hurry’ is also worth thinking about. Hitler apparently felt that if he did not move fast, the allies would become too powerful. Perhaps Chinese strategists feel the need to move fast before their population goes into decline or before China misses the opportunity presented by the current Western disarray and confusion.

Chi said, “Germany is an example that we can learn from. Hitler is very successful in education, propaganda and the media. But in the eyes of President Jiang Zemin, Germany is only a tiny country, in population, land area, or history. It is no match for China. We killed 8 million Guomingtang troops in 3 years. How many did they kill?”

Chi Haotian was arrogant to tell that the CCP has two secret weapons from Confucius: grand unification and beliefs in no gods. “This has made us more powerful than westerners, ” he claimed.

Chi said Chinese is a nation superior to others and the CCP system has more advantages over the American system. Chi told that China will one day eliminate the Americans with biochemical weapons and rule over its land. “To deal with the Americans, we must have great patience; we must hide our ultimate goal and wait for the chances, “said Chi.

Last week, the US Justice Department charged Nickie Mali Davis and others as lobbyists for the removal of Miles Guo from the US back to China. The legal document tells that Xi Jinping was willing to exchange Miles Guo with the DNA/Financial maps of Kim Jong-un’s family of North Korea.

Simply put, these DNA maps, like those of the CCP’s, record the illegitimate children of the party officials, their marriages with foreign citizens, how and where they have hidden their assets overseas, etc. These are the secrets to the ever-lasting life of the CCP in the world.

To achieve their goals, Chi Haotian said, the CCP would sacrifice the lives of half the population of China. That means the deaths of 700 million Chinese people!

“No matter how big the sacrifices are! Even though that means half of our population died, we can have more babies born after that. But once our Chinese Communist Party collapses, everything is over! Everything is over, and forever over!” Chi said.

By Winnie Troppie


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