China, Iran, North Korea, Turkey and Russia form a totalitarian working group, says Steve Bannon

Bannon in an interview with BBC Radio.
Editorial note: Today, Donald Trump endorses his former strategist Steve Bannon with the following tweet:

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The following is from the latest interview of Steve Bannon with BBC Radio regarding western confrontation with Communist China:


Reporter: Let’s talk about the President’s school card. You know Obama Care has not been repealed and replaced. It was one of the promises. The trade war with China is going on, it’s hurting a lot of farmers in the mid-west, it’s hurting consumers as the goods are becoming more expensive. How can this be resolved?

Steve Bannon: This is the mainstream media’s beauty. Let’s take China for a second.

We are now, it’s not just a trade war engaged in but an economic war against China. It’s a war against the industrialized west for 25 years, engaged in very deep level. That deep…almost came up with those verticals of stopping cyber intrusions, cut-off support for the state-owned industries, basically exporting deflation, destroying much of the industries in the United Kingdom.

That’s what Trump’s doing and we are actually winning. The supply chain is coming back. China’s growth I think now is down at 2.9%, the real number.

This is not going to happen overnight. But it’s been engaged even in …our imports from China is dropping in the United States. We are starting to bring this supply chain back. This is a very complicated issue, and it’s not going to be resolved overnight.

But it mainly jumps to the fact that the consumable prices are going up, which they are not. The fact is the President has already said he is going to take care of the farmers. The entire farmer situation with China is 20 to 25 billion dollars. It’s fairy small when you segment it verses all other things that are going after.

Make America Great Again. The reason this President of the United States is the same thing with Brexit. It’s that middle-class people and working class people felt the elites do not care about them anymore. They did not care. And he understands on things like border security and massive illegal immigration, on bringing back manufacturing jobs from China, and getting us out from this worsening farmers in the mid-east.

His fundamental things put on the backs of the working class people. Trump spoke to them. None of these is going to be accomplished in two or three years, no. But if you look at the process, how he’s going for border security, starting to solve these problems out in our southern borders.

If you look at China, this China situation is going to take ten or fifteen years. But he has started the process in engagement in the heart of it.

(Reporter: that’s then you’ve put the fingers in and off the 2020 elections. In 2016 he could run as the outsider, angry, the American carnage of the inauguration speech.)

Steve Bannon: Pretty good image! (Reporter: Did you write the speech?) The president himself did that.

Reporter: Is it very difficult for him in 2020. He’s been widely charged. Does he has fears?

Steve Bannon: Look! That’s a big challenge. The same thing happened in the United Kingdom. These things do get resolved overnight. What he’s going to position himself is that “I started the process, I need the second term to finish it”. OK? If you look at the verticals, the America First foreign policy.

We are not putting the whole burden of the world on our shoulders. We are sharing with our allies in NATO, in the Persian Gulf, in the South China Sea, up around the North West Pacific upper range with China.

If you look at the change in American foreign policy. We are not looking for protectors; we are looking for allies, number one.

If you look at what he’s doing with China, what he’s engaging now, that’s an economic war we are running. If you look at the complexity of what I am telling you today about the border and border security, and immigration, if you take any one of these, he can make in a particular case., “Here I can promise you; here’s what we are, and here’s what I am going to go”.

Reporter: More troops have been sent to the region of the gulf; do you worry that America would get into something there when the President has promised he would be taking on Iran?

I think the favorite picture of the audience of the BBC, right now there is a very disturbing trend that I think may be the preliminary to a major confrontation starting economically, remember, the war in the future will be in the cyber economy, almost more than heat.

And you have seen China, Iran, Turkey, with North Korea, and now Russia , forming I think some sort of working group. The United States is already in an economic war with them right now.

The tariffs are actually sanctions on China; we’ve sanctioned North Korea; we’ve sanctioned Iran. We are looking for our allies to help us for secondary sanctions. We began this kind of economic confrontation with Turkey. Turkey just bought the plane, the jet, from Russia. Russia has joined combat exercises in the Pacific with China.

You can see the control of the Euro-asian land mass. There is a working partnership, as I said this for years, but people are laughing at me, between China and Iran. I think it is very unwise for us to be brought into a connected conflict with Iran now. This is where the United Kingdom is a key ally.

Remember if your vessel has been taken, the United Kingdom has got a bigger stake in the Persian Gulf, in the Strait of Hortmuz with the United States. And as allies, working with other allies Audi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, we are going to have problem with Iran solved up.

The next 20, 30, 40 years about the Iranian land mass: it’s China, Iran, Turkey, Russia and North Korea. It’s an ally forming right now through economics. What they want…they want to be off the Switch system, they want off the dollar as the reserve currency. They are tired of the west, and particularly the United States. They are able to dictate, how they run their countries.

This is my point. These are all totalitarian and surveillance states. I think the conflict coming in the future is against the western democracies, and those like India, Japan, and South Korea…. they believe in the industrial democracy, freedom and the democratic process verses these totalitarian governments.

It is very clear to me that is the storm in the clouds rising. Donald Trump and his wisdom is putting together …that’s why he is putting his focus on the South China Sea. That’s why has put such a focus on the Taiwan Strait. That’s why we have the aircraft carriers up on the Indian Sea. It’s not to be provocative, adding heat to the war.

What he’s doing is telling our allies, particularly NATO in Europe that depends on the Persian Gulf for their oil. We are now energy independent. We are an energy exporter. These places in the world is not as significant as they used to be except to our allies.

Steve Bannon’s interview with BBC Radio/notes taken by followcn editor.

Reporter: You have said the most important thing the President can do is to have this confrontation with China. This is the most important thing in his one term, two terms of presidency, whatever. This is what he’s going to be remembered. You say you are watching history unfold real time.

Steven Bannon: Yes, I have been talking on the show to you guys the past four, five or six months, across the world. I think it’s pretty straight forward. This is the fighting event of our time. The relationship between China and the United States is going to set the framework of how we will go as a world, the world’s economy for the next 25, 30 or 50 years.

That’s why this is history in real time.

I think the framework for all the world, the world economy, in the thirty, forty, or fifty years, that’s history in real time. I think it’s quite remarkable it’s the foreign policy establishments of the elites, of the geniuses that have got us into this situation.

Remember, we have de-industrialized this country because of this. This is Wall Street and the corporate leaders, this is the RI department of all these investment banks Goldman Sachs, all the investment banks, and the giant corporations that have got us into this situation, the American elites.

This is the fundamental reason Donald Trump, the President of the United States, the return of American greatness. This is to bring our manufacturing base back. And it’s not easy.

I think he is unwavering in this.

Steve Bannon with an CNBC interview on trade on August 1st.

By Steve Bannon
Notes taken and edited by staff


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