China installs ‘the world’s most advanced video surveillance system’ with over 20 million street cameras


China has installed 20 million artificial intelligence-equipped cameras in what is believed to be the world’s most advanced surveillance system.

The camera system is part of China’s anti-corruption programme, known as ‘Sky Net’ operation, mainly to track down any fugitives.

Such technology can identify a person’s age, gender and colour of clothes, which can help policemen in their search for criminals.

Video footage posted by today displays what a real-time CCTV captures on screen.

A number of boxes pop up next to a person with details of age, gender, and colour of the clothes.

The same technology can apply on vehicles as well, identifying the type of vehicles and its colour.

Image result for china street cameras reported that the scanning of pedestrians used computer vision technology to pinpoint any pedestrian on road.

It allowed gps tracking and facial recognition to help policemen to locate criminals on the loose.

A signal will be alarmed to the police if the recognition matches any criminals in the database.

There were over 20 million CCTV cameras equipped with AI technology installed in China, crowning to be the world’s most advanced surveillance system.

Operation ‘Sky Net’ was launched in 2015 as the government aimed to hunt for corrupt fugitive officials, cracking down on underground banks and confiscating misappropriated assets, according to Bloomberg.

It has now extended to catch fugitives in local community in different cities across China.

In April, China has started to use facial recognition technology to catch jaywalkers in Shenzhen.

Portraits of offenders will be uploaded to a LED screen displayed on the side of the road immediately.

The new surveillance system had feared the citizens that the techonology was a use to monitor their daily lives.

‘Why are there so many child abductors around if the Sky Net is really working?’ wrote web user ‘xianzaihe_89’.

‘We don’t have any privacy anymore under the watch of the Chinese government!’ said web user ‘neidacongmin’.

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