China concludes its CPPCC sessions with the greatest dictator caring about the toilets of rural farmers


China’s top political advisory body concluded its annual session Wednesday, claiming as always to have built a broad consensus and unity for national development.

We have not seen that many highlights during the “two sessions” this year, totally boring and in lack of entertaining happenings. Nearly all representatives going in and out of the Great Hall of the People, their heads down, keeping distance away from reporters, pretended to be deaf and dumb, no longer showing any pride or confidence on their faces.

The last important venue was the Supreme Court Report delivered by its scandalous President Zhou Qiang, who won only sporadic applauds from the audience and dared not even make his appearance at the press conference.

The Party General Secretary of Xinjiang Chen Quanguo, who is now notoriously well-known across the world for the re-education camps in the autonomous region, sat on stage like a wooden chicken, while the provincial governor Shohrat Zakir said the camps were “like boarding schools”.

The arrogant but stupid Foreign Minister Wang Yi raised his fist in support of another scandalous “victim”-Huawei and its CFO Meng Wanzhou, saying “We support the company and individual concerned taking up the weapons of the law to protect their interests and refusing to be victimized like a silent lamb”.

Wang Yi was not successful to threat Donald Trump; he was successful to scare Xi Jinping of a broken deal. All these high ranking CCP representatives have lifted the stones high, but all have their own toes squashed.

A key issue discussed at the “two sessions” was how to boost the private sector, which supplies 80 percent of urban jobs. But along with the domestic chaos and economic recession, most of the country’s private entrepreneurs have chosen to flee the country and migrate overseas.

President Xi says “reform and opening-up is the key”, as a draft foreign investment law, under its third reading at the national legislature, is “hailed as a landmark” legislation for China’s opening-up. We now have seen more and more foreign invested companies move their factories out of China.

State media Xinhua reports yesterday, “President Xi is leading China in its best time for development in modern times. The nation stands at a crucial juncture on the road to rejuvenation: the Chinese Dream.” “We are all running at full speed to chase our dreams,” Xi said.

The world knows if China is at its best time or not; and the Chinese people fully understand that the so-called Chinese Dream is only president Xi’s personal dream or nightmare.

In 2018, Xi took four overseas trips, visiting 13 countries. President Xi is proud that he has taken the occasions to call for upholding the existing international order, building partnerships and promoting an open world economy.

Xi is prouder that his concept of a community with a shared future for humanity “has won broad global recognition” and that “Chinese wisdom is being introduced to global governance”.

Xinhua is kissing his ass by hailing, “With so much responsibility, Xi is always working hard. His schedule has noticeably grown tighter in recent months. Meeting after meeting, he gives orders on a wide spectrum of fields on the country’s development.”

And shamelessly, the President said, “We are sailing through the midstream of a river where the waves are extremely rough; we have no choice but to power ahead.”

President Xi is truly working hard 24 hours per day without any sleep as he has to be on high alert for “black swan” and “grey rhino”, and most probably a “color revolution”. Under this dictatorship, the dictator is always the most unsecure figure. What he fears most is the minds of the people.

“Our fundamental purpose is to serve the people, focusing our efforts on meeting their aspirations to live a better life,” President Xi said. “The people are the foundation of the governance.”

The whole world knows the CCP leader is telling lies when it comes to mentioning the word “people”. During the “two sessions”, thousands of students from Tianmen Vocational College took to the street in protest of education frauds, thousands of parents stormed a primary school in Sichuang for feeding their children with rotten food, and a dozen primary school students in Shangdong were injured in a knife attack yesterday. No media in the country is allowed to report on these tragedies.

The weirdness of the “two sessions” and the embarrassment of President Xi tell that the days of the CCP regime are numbered. And the CCP leaders are planning for the worst to happen.

The puppet like President Xi, who never has a presidential spokesman on his behalf to brief on major national tragedies, still blows off the accomplishments of his administration. “Across China, more than 13.86 million poor people crossed the poverty line last year. The country’s poor population shrank from 98.99 million to 16.6 million in the past six years.”

Xinhua said the accomplishment is attributed to the leadership of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee with Xi Jinping at the core; this is the consensus of about 5,000 lawmakers and political advisors.

Of all his accomplishments, President Xi may be most proud of his toilet revolution as he asked a farming family in the poverty-stricken area, “Do you have flush toilets or still use pits?”

By Cloudy Seagail


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