China censorship: CCP leadership digging a grave for themselves


Traditionally in Chinese primary schools, students are taught about the legendary story of the emperor Great Yu who was the founding father of Xia Dynasty.

The story of the Great Flood plays a dramatic role in Chinese mythology and Great Yu made history by controlling the flooding waters with an approach more oriented toward drainage and less towards containment with dams and dikes.

Three thousand years later in today’s China, almost every Chinese students learn about the reasoning about this story. But the ruling Chinese Communist Party leadership is so stupid that their IQ is much lower than an average primary school student.

We all know that censorship in China is implemented or mandated by the CCP party. The government censors content mainly for political reasons, but also to maintain its control over the populace.

If the emperor Great Yu was to live until today, he must be suffocated with anger and fell a choking death.

The dictatorship maintains censorship over all media capable of reaching a wide audience. This includes television, print media, radio, film, theater, text messaging, instant messaging, video games, literature, and the Internet.

The most ridiculous and annoying fact is that 1.4 billion people are tolerant and not rebellious for so long. They are no better than animals.

The CCP leadership is like a thief wanting to steal a bell by covering his ears because he thinks “If I cover my ears, I won’t be able to hear the bell ring. This way, I won’t be caught”.

This is another story so familiar to the Chinese people; and they allow the CCP leadership to steal the bell everyday by covering its ears.

In CCP’s vocabulary, Tiananmen and 1989 are taboos, freedom and democracy are taboos, Tibet and Taiwan are taboos, Dalai Lama and Falun Gong are taboos, Winnie the Pooh and food safety are taboos……They all have to be censored and blocked.

General Administration of Press and Publication (GAPP) screens all Chinese literature that is intended to be sold on the open market. The GAPP has the legal authority to screen, censor, and ban any print, electronic, or Internet publication in China.

Why they need the censorship? They know they have done too much evil and want to cover things up, and they continue doing more evil.

This is not administration. This is not governance. This is committing crimes. This is a total violation of basic human rights. Any such government should have long been taken down and brought to hell.

In China pretty much everyone has WeChat and People wouldn’t be able to speak to their friends or family without it. But if you ever dare to say anything negative about the government, the censors who can lock you out of Wechat hold real power over you.

WeChat can make you an alien barely living on earth.

The Chinese proverb says, “It will cause more harm to stop the free flow of people’s thoughts than to stop that of the rivers”. All CCP leaders should have read about this phrase if they had a primary school education in the People’s Republic of China.

Their stupidity and ignorance have told the population that none of the CCP leaders are qualified as primary school graduates. The whole of China is ruled by such a group of bastards. It is a total disgrace of the Chinese nation.

Today we have heard that the British Guardian’s website has become the latest victim of China’s censorship as it has been blocked in China amid a crackdown by the country’s authorities on international news websites to coincide with the 30th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre.

As of September 2018, about 10,000 domain names are blocked in mainland China, according to The victims include Google, Youtube, Yahoo, Wikipedia, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Bing, Quora, Reddit, BBC, Reuters, Washington Post, New York Times, Bloomberg, ABC…..and And the list goes on and on and on.

Funny to say that this internet control is facilitated by extensive legal and administrative regulations and the notorious Great Firewall. And they call that the rule of law.

Is that a human society? Absolutely not. It is hell. Or if we label it as hell, we are absolutely insulting the hell. It is the Great Hell under the 18 layers of hell.

Let the CCP leadership go there, the sooner the better.

By Lianlong


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