China attempts to dodge conversations about its predatory actions against U.S. companies


A Wall Street Journal report this morning describes how China will seek to narrow the scope of on-going negotiations with the United States, hoping to focus on trade alone, leaving national security issues for a separate conversation.

Of course, in many cases, these two issues are intertwined and indivisible. And of course, China and the United States will invariably disagree about which issue is a trade issue and which issue is a national security issue.

Regardless, this transparent attempt by China to dodge a conversation about its predatory actions against American companies should not stand.

China has stolen an entire generation of innovations from the United States. Of course, they don’t want to talk about this topic. Of course, they want to defer this conversation to a date in the future that will never come.

And make no mistake about it. What the Chinese are doing is another effort to protect Huawei and seemingly large Chinese corporations from further actions of the United States.

They don’t let our best and biggest corporations sell goods in China. Why should we let them sell goods here, particularly when there is a national security risk as there is in Huawei?

My late father-in-law, New York city cab driver, used colorful language. “Hey! You know what, when it comes to China, we are not Uncle Sam, we are Uncle Sap.”

Let’s stop that already! President Trump has shown some strength on this issue, but then he often backs off. We’ve got to be tough on Huawei, very tough on Huawei.  That’s the best way to teach China that they can’t sell whatever they want here in America and not let us sell in China.

I have a concise and pointed request to the White House this morning, “Tell China forget about it! Don’t let China exclude our nation’s security, and Huawei from the negotiations.”

Let me remind President Trump and his advisers that over the past several years, China has endeavored to keep our blue chip technology companies out of its markets. When it does allow American companies access, it makes the transfer of proprietary intellectual property and technology to Chinese companies a pre-condition. When American companies don’t play by their rules, Chinese companies steal the technology.

President Trump, you’ve been tougher on China than President Bush or Obama. I give you some credit for that, but it will all come to naught unless we actually take action. Don’t let Huawei sell here, don’t let Huawei get the components, made in America, that they need to continue to threaten both our economic and national security.

If China keeps American companies out, we shall keep them Chinese companies out, particularly those like Huawei until China relents. And they will, if we stay strong, and if we stay tough. President Trump, stay strong on China and on Huawei!

By Chuck Schumer
U.S. Senate Minority Leader
Notes taken by staff


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