Carrie Lam: scandals behind the Extradition Law of Hong Kong


Dear warrior friends! Today is May 30th, and the International Children’s Day is drawing near.

In the past three days, my supporters in Hong Kong sent me lots of messages of greetings and good information. Sorry to say, I don’t have the time to respond to them. Thank you very much for your support, concern and donations to the Rule of Law Fund. I will pay back with concrete actions.

Today I want to talk about Hong Kong. Many people in Hong Kong have had cooperation with me on a lot of occasions and I have passed their concerns to related U.S. government offices, in particular their concerns on the so-called Extradition Law.

But sadly to say, until today, no one from Hong Kong has stood up to say anything of conscience against the CCP. Hong Kong’s billionaires have been the greatest benefiters but none of them has the balls of men, including Hong Kong government officials.

All of them are fully aware that things are getting really bad there, but because of selfish interests and threats from the CCP, no one dares to stand up and say a word. Your future generations will pay the price of your cowardice today.

Among all these, there is a key problem that I want to tell about: background of the Extradition Law. Friends in Hong Kong, I strongly urge you to get into the truth of how the Extradition Law has come along.

One year ago in one of my videos, I foresaw things to happen in Hong Kong. In two years I have told about possible developments in the territory, like the stepping down of Leung Chun-ying and Carrie Lam to be the new Chief Executive.

Make no mistake! The Shanghai Gang has taken over Hong Kong, Carrie Lam being their representative. We all know their boss is Jiang Zemin, and his subordinates Wang Qishan, Meng Jianzhu and Sun Lijun follow. That’s why when Meng Jianzhu retired, he promoted his secretary Sun Lijun to be Vice Minister of the Public Security Ministry taking charge of Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. Sun also acts as the director of the First Bureau of the Ministry, whose main responsibility is to control resources of espionage and kidnapping in the three areas, or to put it differently, to administer Hong Kong like a mafia organization.

Why was that? Hong Kong relates to the huge economic interests and safety of these traitors and corrupt officials. I can say that the most part of their assets and wealth are stored or hidden in Hong Kong. And most of their illegitimate children also reside in Hong Kong, followed by London and New York.

Why Carrie Lam was elected as the Chief Executive? She is well trusted by the gang of traitors.

Today I want to tell you a key secret. The world has never reported on this, and it is a gift I am presenting to my warrior friends before June.

I am telling you here live with my broadcast that every single word of the Extradition Law was initiated and drafted by Carrie Lam. Carrie Lam herself went on presenting the draft and her request to the Central Leadership in Beijing for its immediate implementation in the territory.

I don’t think you have expected this. I said it one year before, and Carrie Lam is very clear about this.

Without an extradition law, Hong Kong people will one day charge all the Hong Kong Chief Executives for their wrong doings. Specially, with the case of Carrie Lam, her husband and son live and work in Beijing. The interest of her family in China related to corruption is much greater, and then her possible ending could be much worse than Donald Tsang.

Carrie Lam has her dreams. She is prepared to retire with a title of Vice-chairman of Chinese People’s Consultative Conference (CPPCC) and spend her retirement in Shanghai and enjoy the luxury of wealth worthy of tens of billions of dollars.

Friends! Do you think she can enjoy that wealth? Do you think she can be safe in Shanghai?

As a whole, Carrie Lam has done two main things – which I have told officials from the U.S. government. The main idea with the Extradition Law is her exemption from investigation into the corruption and crimes of her collusion with the CCP, including those of her family members. That may also include their crimes of killing and kidnapping. She hopes to extradite to the mainland those who dare to charge her and her gang members, like in the case of Zhang Ziqiang.

I used to say that the High-speed Train Station at Kowlong must be constructed as it helps with the extradition. We should not blame President Xi Jinping or Wang Qishan for this. This is absolutely the work of Carrie Lam, with the order from Meng Jianzhu, Sun Lijun and most importantly Jiang Zhicheng of the Jiang family.

With this, Carrie Lam hopes to seal up the mouths of Hong Kong people about her corruption and other scandals.

Secondly, I want to tell you friends, the current U.S. ambassador, the U.S. Consulate General to Hong Kong will soon be fired. He is going to be replaced with a new person. But I am not going to give further details.

The U.S government had not been able to obtain related intelligence; that was a great setback in U.S. diplomacy. But it is good news to our Expose Revolution. We once again showed to the world how Carrie Lam had been successfully targeted by CCP’s BGY scheme.

The Hong Kong police force was also trapped into the BGY related scandal and thus works to help Carrie Lam cover up her crimes. That’s why you have seen them sealing up or confiscating my assets, my property in Hong Kong and arresting my business partner Xu Guojiao. They have done anything they can to persecute or defame me and my partners, because I am the one who has evidence of their crimes.

This is the sorrow of Hong Kong and its people. This is also the sorrow of Hong Kong democratic groups. They have no idea of what is happening in the territory even though they have been sold. Opponents of Carrie Lam’s government should stand up to question her for the scandals.

History will give you the answers. Next, the United States and Europe will take actions against Hong Kong. You will see significant changes in the territory soon.

Third and lastly, friends, I want to tell you about the law enforcement in Hong Kong: how their “black rooms” have now been changed to “red rooms”, from mafia controlled to CCP-controlled.

In the past four years, a total of about 9,000 Hong Kong residents have been detained by Hong Kong police, or arrested by mainland police and sent to the mainland. The number is mostly correct, only about 100 more or less.

The horrifying part of the arrests is that none of these 9,000 “criminals” has stood out to say a word about it. And everyone in the Hong Kong police force learns about this. You know that my business partner Xu Guojiao is still missing in China.

Officials from the U.S. and European governments were shocked with the intelligence from me. This is the job of Carrie Lam who directed the play of the Extradition Law in Hong Kong to protect herself, her husband and her son.

For her own safety, she has sold off Hong Kong. At the same time, she wants to make Hong Kong a safe refuge for the illegitimate children of corrupt CCP officials and those traitors, and their wealth too. This is what I call “The Gang of Traitors”.

Dear warrior friends, everything is just beginning.

By Guo Wengui
Translated by staff


Background: the Extradition Law of Hong Kong


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