CCP’s three major telecommunications companies delisted by NYSE; what does that mean?


On May 7, three major Chinese telecom operators failed in their appeal in the United States and were delisted by the New York Stock Exchange. On May 9, Mr. Miles Guo’s live broadcast explained the significant impact and significance of this decision.

The CCP’s three major telecom operators are responsible for operating the CCP’s domestic firewall. China’s financial system is inseparable from the communication systems of these companies. Once they are delisted from the U.S. financial system, they will have a series of major impacts:

1, The communication systems of the three companies in foreign countries cannot be used. As a result, all overseas financial systems, financial institutions, and Alipay of the Chinese Communist Party cannot be used. Chinese people must use overseas communication providers. The biggest winner is Elon Musk’s Starlink, Sky Wi-Fi, the space program.

2, Chinese mobile phones, including the Chinese version of Apple mobile phones, cannot be used abroad.

3, The delisting of the three telecommunications operators means that they are included in the scope of sanctions by the United States. It does not apply to the “principle of reciprocity” between countries. As long as the CCP’s communication and financial systems are used, any CCP’s overseas money is not safe. If it is stolen by others, there will be no way to complain and no one will control it.

4, It has a fatal impact on domestic private companies. All companies cannot connect to foreign industry software systems, such as Fidelio in the hotel industry and Shopify in the trade industry. Overseas companies are also unable to contact and cooperate with domestic companies.

5, All China-related stocks listed on the New York Stock Exchange will be delisted. After all Chinese companies are delisted, all Chinese corporate stocks will be implicated, which will affect the financial system, major US funds, including pensions in various industries. Funds, retirement funds, education funds, etc. will all be withdrawn from the CCP. Following the New York Stock Exchange, Europe, Japan, Canada, Australia, etc. will follow.

6, Chinese money and things will be completely decoupled from the world.

7, The CCP has killed Elon Musk’s automobile company in China. This lets all major companies see the danger and let them realize that they must exit the CCP market as soon as possible. For example, Apple held an internal meeting yesterday (Saturday) morning to seriously consider moving all production lines away from the CCP territory. At the same time, Apple’s future new mobile phones may exclude the CCP’s network. Unless the CCP removes the firewall, Apple’s mobile phones will not be available. The US Congress is studying that if any company needs to develop the so-called Chinese standard in accordance with Chinese law, it will not allow China to sell it. The CCP’s firewall, from hardware to software, will be completely finished.

Edited and translated by staff
Source: Miles Guo’s Getter on May 9


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