CCP’s Suppression of Uyghurs to be Characterized as Genocide


Abstract: The most rigorous U.S. foreign policy magazine reports that the U.S. State Department is reviewing whether the CCP’s suppression of the Uyghurs constitutes genocide. After the revelation of this news, the characterization of genocide is unavoidable, and it is how to determine the subject of the crime that is crucial. Xi Jinping, facing President Trump’s besieging, admitted that the Tarzan is on his top, but never conceded defeat. At a time of crisis, he intended to deploy the democratic life meeting to forcibly unify the thoughts, kidnap all CCP members and the public, and to fight against the United States to the end.

1. CCP’s Suppression of Uyghurs to be Characterized as Genocide

According to the rigorous U.S. Foreign Policy magazine, the U.S. State Department is conducting a review of whether to define the CCP’s suppression of the Uyghurs as genocide. The fact that this news has been made public means, in effect, that it has been essentially characterized. The nature of the genocide is as serious as the Nazi concentration camps. Once characterized, it is the same as putting death chains on the CCP. Last month Yu Maochun said we will soon see the American position on the issue of genocide characterization.  A month has passed and the answer is about to be revealed.

2. The Key is to Identify the Subject of the Crime

How to identify the subject of committing genocide? The person in charge of Xinjiang, the government of Communist China, or the CCP organization?There is a fundamental difference.

The CCP already knows it is inevitable that its suppression of Uyghurs will be characterized as genocide, and is lobbying hard and trying to attribute the subject of this crime to an organization or individual in Xinjiang, intending to leave the real devils of the Zhongnanhai who ordered the suppression at large. Yu Maochun’s view is to identify the subject of this crime as the Chinese Communist government, but this option would also be very limited to strike the CCP since it would invoke the diplomatic immunity of a sovereign nation to get out of the crime. Therefore, the best solution is to identify the subjects of this crime as a small number of proposers and decision-makers of the CCP and specific perpetrators and participants in the violence.

3. Why Xi Jinping Said Tarzan on Top in 2020

The battleground of the ultimate war is in the United States, and a series of intense contesting took place in the White House. As soon as the U.S. decides to strike, the CCP will be over in 72 hours.

Faced with President Trump’s all-around besieging on various fronts such as trade, virus, Antifa, election, decoupling, etc., the CCP is running around and spending money constantly to find people to lobby, and it is almost unable to withstand. Especially recently almost all centralized enterprises are characterized as CCP military-controlled enterprises, all Chinese stocks will be kicked out of the U.S. stock list, the all-around collapse of the CCP nation is not far away, so Xi Jinping said Tarzan on top.

4. Why Xi Jinping Suddenly Held a Democratic Life Meeting

The so-called Xi Thought is to abandon the Deng-Jiang-Hu Era of Hiding Light and Making Big Money with no Voice and to proactively attack the United States in a comprehensive manner in the political, economic, and cultural fields using all the infiltration channels established in its history. Unexpectedly the Whistleblower Movement came out suddenly and the strategy became a complete failure. The CCP faced the fate of collapse, which caused strong discontent among the major families in the party. In order to suppress internal dissenting voices, Xi Jinping convened a so-called democratic life meeting to “lure the snakes out of the hole”, take down dissenters, eliminate rivals, consolidate his absolute rule in the Party, and fight against the United States to the end.

5. President Trump Told White House Staff to Stop Packing

Giuliani said the storm is already here and everything will come to light from Christmas onward and it will shock the entire nation. Trump has instructed White House staff to stop packing, the Pentagon has stopped intelligence handoffs with Joe Biden, and more Republicans have claimed they will argue in the Electoral College vote. Dan Scavino, Deputy of White House chief of staff and White House social media chief, tweeted more encrypted messages, and Harris hasn’t resigned from the Senate (fearing all in vain).

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