CCP’s recklessness with evil will finally cause its own destruction

National First Prize Honoring Ceremony

“Never, ever do business with government. Love them. Don’t marry them. So, we never do projects for government,” Jack Ma, chairman of Alibaba, said on 60 Minutes in September 2014.

The world now knows that Jack Ma was telling lies, the same with the CCP government that has ruled the nation always with lies and deception. As a matter of fact, Jack Ma and his Alibaba not only does business with the Chinese government, they also have deep engagement in many projects beyond monitoring the daily activities of the Chinese people.

Miles Kwok said last week, “Jack Ma is a communist party member. Ren Zhengfei, The chairman of Huawei, Tencent Wechat’s Ma Huateng, Liu Changle of Phoenix TV, and noted physicist Zhang Shoucheng are all winners of China’s First National Prize, exempted from death penalty. All are CCP party members”. Miles said the honoring ceremony was held in secrecy, and people wonder, “What the CCP has to hide if they truly have the rule of law?”

The two weeks with the arrest of Huawei CFO and two Canadian citizens detained as retaliation, the world has once again seen with clear eyes how reckless and vicious the CCP regime is with its own terms of “rule of the law”.

Andrew Coyne with National Post said yesterday, the correct wording for the lawless hostage taking is – kidnapping.

It is very clear that, to punish Canada, China seized Michael Kovrig, a former diplomat who now advises the International Crisis Group, and Michael Spavor, who organizes cultural exchanges with North Korea. Neither of the Canadians has received any court hearing or airing of the charges against them. Instead, Chinese officials cited the pretext that their organizations had not been registered under a repressive new law regulating NGOs, claiming that Kovrig and Spavor engaged in activities that “endanger the national security” of China.

The arrest of Meng Wanzhou by Canadian authorities was at the request of the US justice department, and Canada shall not be punished for respecting the rule of law. This is common understanding in the world community.

Meng was alleged to have lied to banks about Huawei’s ownership stake in a Hong Kong company that sold U.S. technology to Iran in violation of sanctions.

China, however, reacted politically, describing Meng’s arrest as part of a U.S. campaign to contain China’s rising tech industries or force concessions in the trade talks, and its Foreign Ministry demanded the unconditional release of Meng.

The contrast between the cases highlighted the difference between the West’s rule of law and China’s brutish authoritarianism, Washington Post said. But the reckless CCP regime does not think that way; they have always been proud of their own way of expressing what it means by “the rule of law”.

The cases truly have left the government of Canada stranded in its insistence on the rule of law, as its foreign minister Chrystia Freeland naively told not “to politicize the extradition process or use it for ends other than the pursuit of justice”.

Andrew Coyne commented, “Not that the Trudeau government is entirely blameless. It can fairly be accused of naïveté or worse in its relations with China until now. (It is painfully ironic to recall that it was even willing at one point to talk about an extradition agreement with Beijing.) It may be that this pliant stance has contributed to China’s current belligerence. The present crisis is an opportunity for a rethink.”

Huawei has done too much evil in collusion with the corrupt CCP regime

Huawei was registered a private enterprise, but it is a state-owned military company as Miles Kwok has revealed. They have too much to cover up.

The following is from a Huawei news report,

“As the first comprehensive county-level smart city in China, Gaoqing serves as a smart city model for small and medium cities. Gaoqing leverages Huawei’s Digital Platform to achieve smarter city administration, industry development, and multiple benefits for citizens. Based on a comprehensive city information network supported by a full-coverage eLTE government-exclusive network, the solution integrates the city’s big data, geographic information system (GIS), video cloud, command and dispatching resources, and cloud computing resources.”

“In addition, more than 30 smart applications have been implemented to improve areas such as city governance, enterprise transformation, safe manufacturing, and environment protection. This solution helps Gaoqing accelerate digital transformation and sustainable development as well as improve the standard of living for more than 400,000 citizens.”

“The Smart City initiative allows Gaoqing to achieve modern city governance, improve government services to benefit its citizens, and drive a digital economy through the use of smart industry. To date, Gaoqing has worked with Huawei and more than 20 other partners to establish China’s Small and Medium Smart City Industry Alliance, promoting the application of its city governance solution to surrounding counties and other cities.”

Technology is a good thing when it is used for the good of the people, but in the hands of CCP, technology has been used for widespread crimes.

Although not much has been revealed so far about how China will monitor its citizens for the social credit system, with the help form Huawei, Alibaba, Tencent, etc, but some of the technology currently available in China could well be used in the system. These tech companies are required to share data with the government upon request.

In recent years, there have been numerous reports on human rights violations by the Chinese governments at all levels, with activists detained, religious practitioners persecuted, innocent lawyers imprisoned, millions of Muslims re-educated, people made missing under mysterious circumstances, mouths of more people sealed up or their social accounts canceled. All these have a lot to do with Big Data.

Miles Kwok says yesterday that every cell phone by Huawei has a monitoring cell for detection, and Huawei has helped the CCP to do evil against the world population. The reputed scientist Zhang Shoucheng was supposed to cooperate with Huawei with his quantum technology.

Gaoqing is only one of the model “smart cities” built by CCP with Huawei monitory equipment; they are now working hard to do the same in hundreds of cities across the country.

Qiu Jiajun, Chinese exiled political commentator from Fudan University said in Washington recently, “Huawei has helped the CCP regime to build the whole country into a prison”.

The evil is not only done within China; it is now spread to the whole world. As one example, we cite another Huawei news reports as follows:

“On November 26 2018 in London, Huawei released PoleStar2.0 at the 2018 Global Mobile Broadband Forum. As the infrastructure in smart cities, PoleStar2.0 supports a diverse range of services on a single pole, including 5G mobile communication, smart lighting, smart monitoring, Internet of Things (IoT), smart environmental protection, and city information release.”

Cao Ming, Vice President of Huawei Wireless Product Line, commented, “Smart cities are an inevitable trend. New urban infrastructure is one of the most important key factors in the development of smart cities. PoleStar2.0 features an open platform, sharing, and activates a smart city ecosystem to improve the utilization of urban infrastructure and provide a sustainable, integrated urban infrastructure solution.”

“With existing networks, our online experience is fragmented from one scenario to another. When all things are online and cloud-based, experience and content will flow seamlessly through time, space, and devices for a truly holistic experience across all scenarios.”

“From all angles, 5G is ready,” Huawei’s Rotating Chairman, Ken Hu said. “It’s ready to use, it’s affordable, and most importantly, demand is real. Of course, there are still some barriers to 5G deployment.”

With the arrest of Huawei CFO and more investigations to follow, this process of 5G deployment has been blocked by Japan, UK, Canada, Australia, and more will join the boycott.

The recklessness of CCP will finally cause its destruction

This April, Lai Xiaomin, a former Communist Party secretary and the former chairman of Huarong Asset Management, was kicked out of the CCP party for “serious violations” . Only in one of his houses, US$ 40 million in case was found and confiscated.

Lai was accused of violating political rules including “squandering waste of state property, illegally organizing public banquets” as well as accepting bribes, according to the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, the party’s graft watchdog under the control of Wang Qishan.

According to Miles Kwok yesterday, the CCP has undergone a corruption process of “one black eating another black”. With the cases of noted actress Fan Bingbing, Lai Xiaomin and thousands more, causing the loss of tens of billions of state property, where are the huge amounts of confiscated cash? They have all been robbed by Wang Qishan, Sun Lijun and other CCP officials into their private accounts.

Not just with the case of Wang Jian in France, the CCP has demonstrated fully its arrogance, bullying and so-called rule of law in Malaysia, Cambodia, Thailand, Burma and the Asia-Pacific islands.

In the past weeks or so, more and more people have looked again into the case of former HNA Chairman Wang Jian, and Miles Kwok insisted that his death is a political murder planned by Wang Qishan. He tweeted early today, “The US and related European governments have joined in the investigation of Wang Jian’s death. Why has Wang Qishan given an order for his death? Who were executing his order? Who are Zhou Tiantian and Pei Nannan following Wang Jian around? What secrets have been buried with Wang’s body in Seattle? His coffin must be unearthed for the truth”.

CCP is a tumor in the body of 1.3 billion Chinese. Nearly all Chinese want to see its collapse, the sooner the better.

Its vile nature and recklessness will surely quicken the pace of its destruction.

Everything is just beginning.

By Cloudy Seagail


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