CCP’s chief war wolf diplomat, Jiechi Yang, holds U.S. social security number

Le Aimei, wife of China's top diplomat Yang Jiechi.

The “War Wolf Offensive” displayed by Chinese Communist Party (CCP) diplomat Yang Jiechi in Alaska in the United States is shocking. A netizen angrily revealed two properties of his wife and daughter in the U.S. After Zeng Zheng, a self-publisher, commissioned an investigation expert to verify the information, he not only confirmed that the information was true and credible but also dug out more serious information about Yang Jiechi and his family in the U.S.

Yang Jiechi’s wife holds the same SSN as another person’s being suspected of tax fraud

On April 7, Zeng Zheng, a self-publisher, exclusively broke the news that with the help of Brian O’Shea, a professional investigation expert in the United States, it was confirmed that the two addresses of Yang Jiechi’s wife and daughter were authentic. The Social Security Number (SSN) of Yang Jiechi’s wife may be suspected of tax fraud.

According to Zeng Zheng, Yang Jiechi’s wife, Ai-Mei Le, has been living in Washington, D.C., since 2001, at 2301 S ST NW, Washington DC, with an appraised value of $8,128,520. According to the investigation, the owner of the property is the Chinese Communist government.

Ai-mei Le’s social security number was issued by the State of Maryland in 1998. However, it is also owned by another person named Ruben Ramirez. According to some sources, Ruben Ramirez was born in 1998, the year Ai-mei Le received her Social Security number. Zeng Zheng pointed out that, according to an expert who wished to remain anonymous, this situation of two people holding the same SSN was either a mistake by the government department that issued the SSN or fabrication of one of them, with the main purpose of being tax fraud by falsifying the identity. The investigation also revealed that Yang Jiechi also has a U.S. SSN.

There are three main types of U.S. Social Security Cards

The first type of SSN shows the individual’s name and number, being issued to U.S. citizens and green cardholders.

In addition to the name and number of the individual, the words “VALID FOR WORK ONLY WITH DHS AUTHORIZATION” are printed on the second kind of SSN card. This second type of SSN is issued only to foreign nationals who have a work permit from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to work temporarily in the U.S. for a short period of time.

In addition to the individual’s name and number, the third type of SSN is issued with the words “NOT VALID FOR EMPLOYMENT”. It is only issued to foreigners who have legal status in the U.S., but cannot work legally in the U.S.

I wonder which of the above categories Yang Jiechi’s family belongs to, especially Yang Jiechi, who is currently a member of the Central Political Bureau and the Director of the Office of the Central Committee for Foreign Affairs for CCP. This is a big deal!

Yang Jiechi’s wife and daughter have several Million-dollar mansions

Zeng Zheng also disclosed that Yang Jiale, the daughter of Yang Jiechi, has been living in 60 Riverside Blvd, Apt 1912, New York since September 2010. According to the New York government’s website, the owner of the apartment is Yan Jingbo. The purchase price was $1,777,862. Yan Jingbo is the husband of Yang Jiale, born in July 1994, according to the Orphan’s Gallery, a website dedicated to exposing the personal information of senior CCP officials. According to his Linkedin profile, he currently resides in California, USA. He works as a real estate investment analyst for Vanke in China.

In addition, Yang Jia Le has owned another U.S. address since August 2015, located in 350 W 42nd St Apt 25L, New York. The property is owned by He Zhe. It was purchased on November 7, 2014 for US$1,660,000.

Based on the research information provided by self-publisher Zeng Zheng, Yang Jiechi’s wife and daughter are living comfortably in the United States. Yang Jiechi barked for 17 minutes at the first supreme-level diplomats meeting between China and the United States on March 18. He denounced the decline of American democracy and the deep-rooted racial discrimination. While people at home celebrated Director Yang’s “feat,” some tweeters confessed that after he scolded the United States, he went to visit his daughter at Yale University. His scolding was only performed for the Chinese ordinary people.

According to Hong Kong media, Alice Yang attended Sidwell Friends School, a prestigious and expensive private school in Washington, D.C.. Bo Guagua, son of Bo Xilai, also studied at this school. In 2011, Yang was accepted to Yale University on a full scholarship. For foreigners, it is very hard. Yang Jiale is so lucky to be so “good”. It’s hard to disassociate this from her senior Chinese diplomat father, isn’t it?

The CCP’s propaganda machine has concocted a variety of poisonous chicken soup like “people who are better than you are also working harder than you”. It has harmed many innocent people. Yang Jiale is obviously one of the best “soups”. These second-generation CCP officials are enjoying a privileged life in the United States. They receive the highest quality education. Behind their appearance of “excellence” is the abuse of corrupt power and the exchange of money. It is not possible for the grassroots to achieve this high level of economic and social status.

Back to the Tiananmen Square protests on June 4, 1989, it was Yang Jiechi who lobbied George W. Bush Sr. administration to get the U.S. to lift sanctions against the CCP. Yang Jiechi has been present at every major crisis in U.S.-China relations. Yang Jiechi and his family, who have repeatedly succeeded in renewing the life of the CCP, have perfectly illustrated the “sincerity” of senior Communist officials who voted with their feet.

Zeng Zheng’s revelation is only a microcosm of how senior CCP officials and their families “make money at home and spend it abroad”. It is just the tip of the iceberg of the massive amount of secrets behind these top CCP officials.

Translators: Rosemary, Ermat 【G-Translators/Authentic Writing Team】
Author: MIYA


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