CCP wants to be in office for 30 years more but that’s only their wishful thinking


Visiting a local vegetable farm in Jiangxi Province this week, Chinese president Xi Jinping reiterated the original aspiration of the Communist Party of China (CCP), which was to fight for the people’s wellbeing and national rejuvenation.

Xinhua reported, “At Tantou Village in Zishan Township, Xi called on Sun Guanfa, a villager and veteran, at his home. Carefully checking the kitchen, bedroom, backyard and toilet, Xi was pleased with the improvement in housing and hygiene conditions of Sun’s family.”

There is a very popular folk story in China called “A weasel paying a New Year call to a chicken”, similar to the hypocrite “the crocodile tears”. This is exactly what President Xi and CCP are doing to the ordinary Chinese people.

According to Xinhua, the president demanded every region and department make more efforts to secure decent lives for the people in old revolutionary bases at the decisive stage of poverty alleviation.

The world has known that CCP has kidnapped the 1.4 billion Chinese and in the world’s second biggest economy, a small proportion of the money those traitors like Wang Qishan have stolen from the people could alleviate the national poverty.

Unfortunately, common Chinese mostly have their eyes covered from the truth and facts. “When he (President Xi) was to leave the village, (the ignorant) villagers gathered at the exit to see him off and some of them shed tears,” Xinhua has noted.

Similar acts of deception have been played by the CCP leadership year after year for 70 years and the deplorable Chinese farmers are still waiting for the appearance of a “clean and caring Grand Emperor”.

Amid the difficulties as a result of the trade war with the U.S., the CCP leaders have called on the whole nation to get ready for eating grass. They are still dreaming of the dictatorship being able to survive another 30 years in spite of intense internal and external pressure.

Miles Kwok said in his whistle blow over the weekend that the CCP government has once again sent several teams to the United States, in an attempt to corrupt more US officials and Wall Street financiers with their BGY measures. “They still want to play down Donald Trump’s efforts on tariffs, and on issues about Hong Kong and Taiwan,” said Miles.

According to BBC yesterday, a top business lobby group representing American firms in China said they have “real concerns” over how Beijing may respond to US action taken against Huawei.

The group represents more than 900 US companies working in China, BBC reports, saying American Chambers of Commerce (AmCham) in China and Shanghai released a survey of its members and found that slightly more than 40% had relocated, or were considering moving production facilities, outside of China because of tariffs.

We know that many of these big companies have made lots of money in China by cooperating with the Chinese government in the past 30 years or so in enslaving the hard working Chinese people. Mr. Steve Bannon has also accused those big corporations of hurting the “little guys” in the west by keeping the wages low.

Chinese Vic-premier Liu He said during the last trade talk that China and the US have “common enemies”. Many have later come to understand that the common enemies are the corrupt CCP leadership and those greedy big corporations and Wall Street bankers. These traitors also want CCP in power for another 30 years.

So far, the CCP government’s response to the trade war has been largely rhetorical. Chinese diplomats in the US have blasted the U.S. for “bullying,” and state media has called the trade dispute a “people’s war.” Anti-Americanism is rising on social media, with a viral song declaring: “If the perpetrator wants to fight, we will beat him out of his wits.”

This week during his visit to a rare earths processing plant in Jiangxi, President Xi issued a veiled threat, signaling to Donald Trump that China may restrict sales of the elements used in everything from smartphones to electric vehicles. Recalling CCP’s retreating under the leadership of Mao Zedong in 1930s in the same area, President Xi called for a “new Long March” in the years to come. But few people would follow.

One of the urgent things in China is for the people to have the right to speak out, and the Trump Administration is helping the Chinese out by taking down the notorious Great Firewall through sanctioning Huawei and other tech companies.

We only partly agree with ABC when it reports today, “The internet is dividing, and countries and companies will soon be forced to make a stark decision about their online futures: whether to choose the Western approach or a model shaped by the Chinese Communist Party.”

Many authoritarian regimes have also been attempting to ring-fence the internet in their countries as a means of greater social and political control, inspired by the success of Beijing’s Great Firewall, ABC tells.

Independent watchdog Freedom House estimates that about 38 countries have now had their telecommunications infrastructure designed and constructed by Chinese technology firms. Those systems favour Chinese platforms like Alibaba, Tencent and Baidu, as opposed to American giants like Facebook and Google.

ABC may be telling the facts and the world is truly facing a security threat from Communist China when it delivers the Belt and Road Initiative across the globe.

But we are confident that the Great Firewall will have no future because the CCP dictatorship will have no future. The Great Wall of China built by the First Emperor Qin Shihuang is still standing, but it cannot stop planes flying over or trains going through channels. The same fate will be with the virtual Great Firewall.

Google announced on Monday that it has restricted Huawei’s access to updates of its Android operating system and some mobile services in compliance with US government curbs on the Chinese tech company.

Other US chipmakers including Qualcomm Inc and Intel Corp are also said to have stopped supplying products to Huawei, Bloomberg reported.

When Huawei and other tech companies in China are no longer able to update their technology, the Great Firewall will gradually lose its defensive power, although we have seen Huawei’s founder Ren Zhengfei is fighting until his last breath.

Currently, the attitudes toward Huawei are divided into two groups, Global Times has said, one represents the genuine patriots who support Huawei, while the other believes that Huawei has kidnapped the patriotic feelings of the entire society.

“Don’t fan nationalist sentiment,” Ren warned in an interview with Chinese media in Shenzhen on Tuesday. “We should stop others from shouting empty slogans and inciting nationalist sentiment.”

“We are very grateful to the US companies. They have made a lot of contributions to us. Many of our consultants are from American companies such as IBM, ”Ren said, almost crying.

To counter Beijing’s global economic ambitions, the Trump administration is not stopping here. The U.S. is considering limits to the ability of more Chinese video surveillance giants to buy American technology, with Hikvision highlighted.

According to the New York Times, Hikvision is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of video surveillance products and is central to China’s ambitions to be the top global exporter of surveillance systems. The Commerce Department may require that American companies obtain government approval to supply components to Hikvision, limiting the company’s access to technology that helps power its equipment.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said in an interview with Fox News on May 2 that the administration was concerned “that the Chinese are working to put their systems in networks all across the world so they can steal your information and my information.”

Trump’s administration is not only targeting the security threat from Communist China, it has also taken on the traitors in the United States like former Vice president Joe Biden whose son was given over one billion dollars by Bank of China to start an investment business.

According to the Intercept, Joe Biden’s son Hunter’s investment company in China, known as Bohai Harvest RST, invested in Face++, a technology used by the Chinese government to introduce a mass surveillance state and spy on its citizens.

The technology has been used to spy on Muslims in China’s western province of Xinjiang, where an estimated 1 million Muslims are held in “re-education” camps, providing authorities access to data that shows personal information such as their religious activity, blood type and usage of utilities.

In his interview with Steve Hilton earlier this week, Donald Trump slammed Biden directly. He indicated that Biden saw China differently due to his family’s controversial connections with the nation’s government. “But with Biden, he says they’re not a competitor.  Then they take a lot of money from China,” Trump said after agreeing that those connections should be investigated.

Miles Kwok said in his latest whistle blow that internal wrestling of leaders within Zhongnanhai has driven them to grasp a hope of the U.S. starting a war with Iran.

Miles said with the situation in the Middle East driven into turmoil, the CCP leadership may have a chance for a breath to prolong its governance in the country for another 30 years. We won’t allow this to happen.

Mr. Steve Bannon said over the weekend, “I don’t think they’ve got the bullets in the chamber for the long game.”

On the contrary, the Trump administration has many more cards to play in the trade war. Chinese people would like to see the U.S. freezing the assets of corrupt CCP officials and their illegitimate children.

“Go for their money and their women! The CCP leadership is most scared of this,” many have pledged.

Everything is just beginning.

By Cloudy Seagail


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