CCP Virus will soon be officially deemed as bioweapon


Mr. Miles Guo is right again

During his broadcast on Dec.18th, 2020, Mr. Guo said, “The biggest news today is that we will work with governments of various countries, and try to let them believe and certify that this virus is a bioweapon created by CCP. We will see that there will be more virologists like Dr.Yan, probably senior than her, and even some (virologists) who actually got involved with this project will step up and serve as a witness of this CCP virus case. This (certifying bioweapon) is the most important news today. I’ve really been hoping this to work out. And today, let me tell you all some fantastic news, it worked!”

What Mr. Guo said about various governments “believing and certifying that this virus is a bioweapon made by CCP” was corroborated by Mr. Matthew Pottinger, US deputy national security advisor. According to <Daily Mail> on Jan 2nd, Mr. Pottinger openly claimed that ‘There is a growing body of evidence that the lab is likely the most credible source of the virus.’ Also, according to the same report, former Tory party leader, Sir Iain Duncan Smith said that’ Mr. Pottinger’s comments represented a “stiffening” of the US position on the theory that the virus came from a leak at the laboratory. Amid reports that the Americans are talking to a whistleblower from the Wuhan institute.’ This whistleblower scientist that he mentioned must be Dr. Li-Meng Yan, the hero scientist who risked her life, bringing the truth of the CCP virus to the world.

Not only Mr. Pottinger, but US secretary of state Mike Pompeo has also claimed, according to his source of intelligence, that ‘there is “enormous evidence” to suggest that the Wuhan lab is the outbreak’s source.’ (Source)

All those claims on CCP virus origin by senior US officials, especially the most recent claim by Mr. Pottinger, have corroborated with what Mr. Guo said in his broadcast on Dec 18th, 2020. On this day, Mr. Guo said that various governments have officially concluded and certified that this CCP virus is a bioweapon made by the CCP.

Unimaginable efforts by Whistleblower Movement must have been done in order to achieve this consensus

We now know that most of the academia, media and politics circle are either colluding with or controlled by CCP. Then how can the Whistleblower Movement manage to let the relevant authorities come to the consensus and officially certify that this virus is a bioweapon? We might not be able to answer this question in detail till several years from now, when everything is declassified. However, we can, right now, answer this question generally from the point of human nature. As Mr. Guo said in the same Dec.18th broadcast, “There are still several pretty powerful interest groups out there in the world; the last thing they want is to connect CCP virus with CCP.” Those interest groups are hopelessly hooked together with CCP by either monetary interest, which affects the livelihood of hundreds of thousands of people, or even worse, by some dark secrets related to specific critical persons in the giant interest web. History has repeatedly told us that untangling such interest webs is extremely difficult, and it requires rock-solid faith, unparalleled wisdom, unrelenting courage, and, of course, strength. However, this time, Whistleblower Movement made it. Through Dr. Yan’s world-changing whistleblowing on Jan 19th, 2020 through LuDe Media, through Mr. Guo’s courage, wisdom and strength, through the intelligence and information spreading by thousands of Mr. and Ms. Anonymous, we made it.

The Whistleblower Movement branded “filter” – a powerful machine to filter the noise created by CCP

During the past year, to distract people from exploring the real origin of the CCP virus, the CCP tried so hard to create one lie after another. Such ridiculous misinformation included but was not limited to bat soup video, pangolin origin; Norwegian salmon source; Benz truck source (Yup, it’s that bizarre). The evil intention of spreading such misinformation is to mess up your brain and make you feel exhausted. That’s precisely CCP’s goal – use unrelated or even somewhat entertaining trivia to consume your attention and energy so that it’s almost impossible for anybody to be laser-focused on the details that really matter.

Recently, CCP colluded with BBC to put on a new farce. It looks like the BBC pretended to visit and investigate a bat cave in Yunnan province, and the CCP pretended to block them. And they even “brilliantly” put a truck in the middle of the muddy road to block the way. As a result, the BBC article’s main focus seems to be keeping complaining that CCP wouldn’t let them go into the cave to check on the bats. That’s precisely another trick – to distract from the real point! Regarding the bat cave in Yunnan province, Dr. Yan, along with other brave whistleblower scientists, have already exposed that this fake bat cave story is another desperate attempt by CCP. They tried to use the poor bats in the cave as scapegoats and divert from the real source that people should focus on – a lab modified bioweapon.

On the bright side, no matter how many lies they makeup, the fact that the CCP virus is a bioweapon has already been certified, based on the real evidence provided by whistleblower movement. Lies and rumors can and will never become evidence and are always irrelevant. As Mr. Steve Bannon said, “focus on the Signal, not the noise.” A common trick by CCP is to add chaos and noise in the signal and make it almost impossible to distinguish or decipher. However, the whistleblower movement serves as a filter that only keeps the real signal.

When the CCP virus is officially deemed as a bioweapon, what’s next?

Regarding bioweapon, the UN has passed <Biological Weapons Convention> in the 1970s, and almost all the countries in the world have agreed upon and signed the convention. The CCP virus has so far caused millions of death and trillions of dollars of loss. This is a systematic trampling of human civilization and is an unprecedented crime. Therefore, it’s impossible for the organization that initiated this colossal disaster – CCP, to continue to exist on this planet. Now that the virus has officially been certified as a bioweapon, meaning that most parties of interest have already reached an agreement, or at least reconciled under the table. What’s next is non-stop action. It’s like once the suspect is convicted, the following step is the punishment by law. That’s why we saw Mr. Pottinger, one of the US senior officials who really acknowledge the essence of CCP, stepped forward and made such claims mentioned above. Also, what Mr. Miles Guo said in Dec. 18th broadcast was “various governments.” That indicates we will see more officials from different countries will join Mr. Pottinger and openly make similar statements. And then, multiple governments and organizations will act jointly to solve the root of the CCP virus – CCP.

To view this issue from another point of view, eliminating CCP is necessary for the survival of the entire mankind. We, as human beings, do not have a choice. This is about the survival and prosperity of all humankind, of every one of us. We should never look down upon ourselves, every one of us is important, every one of us is a part of human society. Now we are at the crossroads of human history, in the middle of the sacred battle between justice and evil. As long as one more person stands with truth, the side of justice will gain a little more power. Bit by bit, quantitative change leads to qualitative change, and the justice side shall prevail.

“God and the devil are fighting there, and the battlefield is the heart of man.”- Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Author: Sister Karamazov【㊙️G-Translators/Authentic Writing Team】

Proofreader: Voice of Heart

A Chinese version of this article can be found here: 【正道观察】离CCP病毒被公开定性 为生化武器的日子不远了



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