CCP media provoked hatred by using the Latest US-China dialogue


CCP propaganda media reported extensively in China to mislead Chinese people about the U.S.-China talks by claiming the big CCP victory over the bilateral high-level strategic dialogue. The deeply brainwashed Chinese citizens are overexcited worldwide to celebrate Capitalist America’s falling and the strong rising of the Chinese Communist Party.

On March 19, the CCP’s spokesman Lijian Zhao proudly indicated that the U.S.-China dialogue was theatrical and fiery, but the CCP is ready to confront the US. The CCP media set the tone from strategic and diplomatic conversation to hostile confrontation. It is also the CCP’s consistent style to provoke domestic waves of anger and intense hatred towards the United States of America. It is CCP’s winning tricks to hold the 1.4 billion Chinese as the hostage in bargaining with the western world.

The free world is far from understanding the evilness of the Chinese Communist Party. Presenting to be the victim is one of the CCP’s rogue logics to fool the public for cheating, stealing, and robing. CCP would say and promise anything to buy time and space to avoid international condemnation, accountability, and racial genocide. CCP will use the Chinese people by fake news and intentionally evoke against America to reduce the pressure from civilized countries to seek the truth about the CCP-virus. The latest U.S.-China dialogue in Alaska was the extremely needed opportunity for CCP to continuously coverup the source of the deadly Covid-19.

CCP uses its wolf warrior strategy to brainwash the Chinese people to stand behind the CCP’s ruling without asking any questions about the lack of freedom, human rights, and the average standard of living standards. CCP’s propaganda media successfully convinced the Chinese public that America is the Chinese people’s enemy by shifting the CCP’s tone from beneficial mutual dialogue to fiery conflicts. CCP uses its total control of media and information inside China and partially outside of China to feed the Chinese population with patriotism and hatred against America and its allies, especially after the successful summit meeting among the U.S., India, Japan, and South Korea.

CCP’s hostile behavior is mainly for a domestic plan to hold the CCP’s ruling party with a stronghold, and it does not mean the CCP is ready to confront the United States of America openly. CCP is good at deals under the table by saving face publicly. The Whistleblower Movement led by Miles Guo has awakened many Americans for the past four years. CCP’s low-level cheating tricks are fading out gradually.

CCP tried to use the U.S.-China talks to give Biden administration to compromise with Xi’s strategies by stimulating Chinese people’s negative momentum against the current U.S. government. Through this bilateral meeting, the message the CCP sent out to the world is that the 1.4 billion Chinese people are standing behind the CCP and the Party leader Xi Jinping. CCP wants the Chinese people to believe that the universal values advocated by the United States of America could not represent the international community. The hidden message to domestic audiences is that Communist China will reshape the new world order by saying NO to the U.S.-led world order and establishing the CCP led international allies.

Hopefully, the world is waking up now. It is time to take down CCP before it is too late. We will never underestimate CCP’s ruthless powers and plan to conquer the world.

Author: MOS Gospel Team– Righteous man (正道人)

Editor: Gospel Team

The Chinese Communist Party Outrageously Attacks the U.S. Human Rights Issues

At the Alaska meeting, the CCP repeatedly mentioned the themes of the left-wing such as “American Human Rights Crisis” and “Black Lives Matter” to attack and smear the overall image of the United States.

At a meeting in Anchorage, Alaska on Thursday, Chinese top foreign policy diplomat Yang Jiechi rebuked US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan and cited “Black Lives Matter” to accuse the United States of committing the crime of human rights violation.

When Blinken talked about the CCP’s disgraceful conduct in Hong Kong, Xinjiang, and Taiwan, CCP diplomat Yang Jiechi retorted: “China firmly opposes the United States’ interference in China’s internal affairs… Regarding human rights, we hope that the United States will make improvements in human rights instead. China has made steady progress in human rights. However, there are many human rights issues in the United States, and the American people acknowledge this… The challenges the United States faces in human rights issues are deep-rooted. They have not only occurred in the past four years, such as “Black Lives Matter.”

The CCP’s Global Times also pointed out that the CCP protested against the Washington team who hold the view of “putting human rights issues above the sovereignty”. This is unacceptable to the Chinese.

Another CCP’s official media, Daily China, also fanned the flames on Twitter. Daily China’s editor-in-chief Chen Weihua tweeted that “After four years of Trump’s rogue administration, stop even to think of intimidating and blackmailing China. “

Obviously, this dialogue was not meant to solve the problem from the very beginning. The CCP needs such stimulation to boost the climax of Wumaos(those who earn five cents for each Twitter posted for CCP)  and the Little Pinks (the CCP’s frantic supporters). The CCP’s condemnation of the so-called human rights issue in the United States is obviously outrageous. However, it is clearly the American left-wing media’s advocacy that has provided ammunition for the CCP’s accusation such as its promotion of BLM to intensify the racial conflict.

In recent years, the left-wing media has largely focused on reporting such racial conflicts. For example, in the recent shootings involving colored people, instead of whether or not it’s a case of the police correctly defended themselves, the media reported that the US police discriminated against colored races.

Any country would have some human rights or ethnic issues at a certain period of time. But we must remember that the CCP has never stopped at racial discrimination and its extent and time span of CCP’s extinction of humankind is all-time unparalleled and beyond the history book. And such crime of genocide is still implementing. Hundreds of millions of Uyghurs, Tibetans, Dais, Yi, Mongols, and even Han nationalities have been persecuted by the CCP.

The West, which has a different ideology from the CCP, has been deeply penetrated and undermined by the CCP. The CCP has even developed and released the CCP virus, which directly threatens the survival of mankind, and the CCP is the worst enemy of mankind ever.

Although the Biden administration has acted against the Chinese Communist Party recently, its policies are still ambiguous and not firm enough. Also lack substantive and powerful punch. Let’s hope that the current US government, all western countries, and the world will recognize the true enemy, put aside internal disputes and contradictions, so as to concentrate the efforts to hold the CCP accountable and pay the price of destruction.

  • Author: The-world
  • Editor: Victor Torres
  • Translator: Jenny Ball

Miles Guo: Will the CCP’s “Buy Buy Buy” Strategy Succeed?

In his live Getter broadcast on January 19, 2021, Mr. Miles Guo revealed how the CCP will use money to bribe the world and clean up their crimes this year. That is, to spend 400 billion USD on bulk purchase in countries and regions like America, Europe, Argentina and Canada, accompanied by the Grand External Propaganda, to buy their international trade, relations and image back. Will the CCP’s “Buy Buy Buy” Strategy Succeed?

And have you thought about this, brothers and sisters? Have you seen the food crisis in China recently? This is absolutely going to be a challenge before May this year. [They are] waiting to import food from America, and waiting to import food from Argentina. Collusion has started in the last few days. They said that they would import huge amounts of food starting from the end of February and in March and April. Remember this. Everyone, let us wait and see. It is said that exact numbers were decided two days ago. By purchasing some of the existing food in America, as well as some stored food, the so-called stockpiles for war preparation, [they will] restart the Sino-US trade. [They will] purchase large amounts of pork and seafood from America. Bulk purchase and external propaganda will start after tomorrow. The top priority of the Grand External Propaganda personnel is to purchase things as soon as arriving in America. They will keep buying until America feels embarrassed and has to reconcile with China. Remember my words and see what happens. [They will] use the ‘buy buy buy’ strategy to make everyone forget about Trump and make the American people call for a return to the Sino-US economic and trade relations with the CCP. And then [they will] take the ‘buy buy buy’ strategy to Europe and Argentina.

And they will buy Meng Wanzhou back from Canada. It is said that Meng Wanzhou will be released soon. I got news yesterday that Meng Wanzhou will be released soon after the 20th. [The relationship with] Canada will reboot upon Meng Wanzhou’s release. There will be a strategic migration to Canada in the next 3 to 4 years. Five to eight million people will migrate to Canada. These migrants will be like troops deployed in Canada, directly confronting America from the north. All these decisions have been made. [They will] use the ‘buy buy buy’ strategy to buy relations back with all these countries. How much money do they prepare to spend this year? It is said that the CCP will spend 400 billion dollars to buy their international trade, relations, and image back.

And about the northern part of Russia. Russia will roll out a series of friendly policies to the CCP in all aspects. Then [they will] deal with Japan, using the same ‘buy buy buy’ strategy and promise, allowing Japan to heavily participate in China’s domestic market opening, practicing a large amount of local currency swap in trade. The previous 250 billion USD promised to Japan has now changed to 360 billion.

Let’s wait and see. In the next few months, you will see an era when the CCP uses money to bribe the world and clean up their crimes. Just wait and see. Do you believe that this will happen? My brothers-in-arms, do you believe that they will succeed?

Himalaya Rose Garden Team


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