CCP Insider Blows the Whistle On Infiltration In the US


Recently, a video from China went viral on social media throughout North America, to such an extent that even Sidney Powell and President Trump re-tweeted it on their accounts. There was a very good reason why the video garnered such widespread attention. In the speech, a communist expert exposed the truth of how the Chinese Communist Party has successfully infiltrated the USA over the past several decades.

The speaker, Di Dong Sheng, a member of the CCP, was the vice-dean of the School of International Relations at Remin University of China, deputy director and chief secretary of the CCP International Strategy Research Center, and guest researcher for the CCP International Currency Academy. Even more to the point, he is believed to have been “a member of the think tank of Xi Jinping.”

In the video, Di blatantly declared the reason every Sino-US crisis from 1992 to 2016, including the 1999 US bombing of the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade, was successfully resolved within two months is because “there are old friends up there in the core circle of US political power.” In other words, he was making it quite clear that CCP has allies and influence in some very high places.

Even though the speaker withheld some revelations in order not to sell out his “old friends”, bearing in mind, as he said, that “there are at least one million people watching live,” he nevertheless offered his audiences small part of the story to illustrate CCP’s power to control US politics.

In 2015, to generate momentum for Xi Jinping’s state run visit to the USA, Di Dong Sheng, considered to be skilled at misleading public opinion. He was assigned to reserve a bookstore in New York as the venue for the launch ceremony for the English version of Xi Jinping’s “Governance of China”. But the store he had chosen, which had been booked by someone else, and the owner of the bookstore was not inclined to be cooperative. He handed the matter over to a CCP deputy minister, who later informed him the ceremony would take place as planned, with special help from a Jewish American lady (evidently, one of the CCP’s old friends), who turned out to have been District CEO of Wall Street in Beijing for the past 30 years, and who possessed Chinese citizenship (note that ordinary Chinese people are not allowed to have a dual citizenship), as well as a courtyard dwelling house in Beijing worth a hundred million dollars.

According to Di, CCP’s recipe for resolving problems in Sino-US relations is simple and straight forward:“There is nothing US dollars can’t buy. If one stack of money is not enough, then toss over two stacks” That cynical remark drew some loud snickers from his audiences, who clearly recognized the unfortunate truth behind it.  Interestingly, this remark echoed the warnings of Miles Guo in 2017, that CCP were planning to undermine the US through “BGY” Plan – “Blue”: Intelligence (Information to blackmail), “Gold”: Money (Assets to bribe) and “Yellow”: Sensual lust to seduce (sex-espionage).

“Before 2016, everything was easy due to the influence of Wall Street,” he continued. “So during the US-China trade war, they (Wall Street) tried to help, but they couldn’t do much.” Di suggested that under the Trump administration, Wall Street has had less influence over American politics because Trump has longstanding issues with the financial powerhouse.“But now we’re seeing Biden elected [laughter], the traditional elite, the political elite, the establishment, they’re very close to Wall Street, so you see that, right?” he went on with a triumphant smile, suggesting CCP had interfered in the American election, and that China-US relations would return to normal after Biden’s victory.

American political elites and establishments have traditionally had a close relationship with Wall Street. It’s not always been a relationship they want to make public either. For instance, Hunter Biden was accused by Donald Trump of having a global fund management corporation. “But who helped him to create the corporation? Do you see it? There have been deals behind it.” said Di.

This speech basically revealed all of these kind of machinations which have been exposed by the Whistleblower Movement over the last three years. It’s significant because it comes from a CCP official, a insider’s public speech. It connected all the dots, and served as another wake-up call for Americans, to remind them that CCP has a well-organized and detailed plan to take over the free world, and to replace democracy with communism. Some commentators in the West have been inclined to deny this, but here it was coming straight from their mouth.

The video was quickly taken down from the Internet by the CCP Government. Di has done nothing less than confirm that CCP shamelessly uses bribes to get its own way internationally, as it schemes to undermine the orderly mechanisms of the free world.

Author : Henry (文和)


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