CCP has covered up the eyes of the Chinese people, says former top US official


“Communist Party is covering the Chinese people’s eyes; they can’t see clearly the nature of the CCP, or the potential future”. Stephen J. Yates, former US security adviser to the White House, makes this comment at the popular We-media Lude Talks.

On 25 August, Stephen Yates seats with Mr. Cao Changqing, a reputed exiled Chinese political commentator now living in the US. They exchange views on the recent China-US trade war, China’s interference in US mid-term election, the issue of Taiwan, and the whistle blows of Guo Wengui.

Yates recalls his days working in Taiwan in the 80-90s and his understanding of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) after he entered the mainland to have face-to-face dialogues following the June 4th Movement. His deepest impression was that “CCP would sacrifice the lives of the ordinary Chinese for the governance of its regime”.

Yates hails Trumps’ administration and his determination to win the trade war. He added that although the Chinese government has tried to meddle on US elections and has influenced many US think-tanks, Trump’s party would no doubt win the election again due to his domestic economic success and trade policies. Yates says, “They (CCP) really are very powerful. They are good at many tactics, launching many wars from all directions, ideological war, cultural war, religious war… very different from us.” He thinks Americans are simpler, but may not be a bad thing. “I am curious about my foes.” He added.

On the Taiwan issue, Stephen argues that it is the CCP that has created “two Chinas”, separating the Chinese nation; “It is the CCP who has betrayed, given up the traditional cultures and history, because after 1949 they founded a new China, different from the Republic of China that hands down from five thousand years”. “They have gone a different way, a Communist way. CCP is the separator.”

Yates challenges the CCP’s legitimacy in China. “Most Americans would not recognize the legitimacy of the CCP and its government”. “I am not willing to criticize China, but I am very much willing to criticize the CCP. If you mix them together, then you would not be willing to criticize; this way, the CCP would live a very good life.”

Yates acknowledges that Guo Wengui’s whistle blows, whether true or false, would help Chinese people to learn about the nature of the CCP and what is happening in the world. “But if they can have this coverage taken from their eyes, they can see clearly the nature of the CCP, and they can also see clearly their potential future.” He agrees with Cao Changqing’s remark that Guo Wengui is the person who lifts up this coverage.

Stephen Yates is very optimistic about China’s future. “I don’t know when the time of freedom will come, soon or very long. But my belief tells me that it must come. If more and more Chinese come to understand that CCP is not their friend, nor their protector, but their evil doer, China would have a change.”

Yates was Deputy National Security Adviser to the Vice President Dick Cheney from 2001 to 2005, a senior Asia adviser, and a past Idaho Republican Party Chair from 2014 to 2017. Yates is the Founder and CEO at DC International Advisory since 2006, a consulting firm advises on managing international political risk and business opportunity. Yates is experienced in China and fluent in Mandarin Chinese.

By Cloudy Seagail


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