CCP censorship: May 31 is the darkest day on Twitter and in U.S. democracy


Warrior friends!

Again, Carrie Lam has made headlines! Years ago, Carrie Lam went to visit New York and was looking into my apartment here from the Central Party. She didn’t think I would become her nightmare years after.

She sent so many policemen to demolish my house at the South Bay of Hong Kong. She ordered them to freeze my bank accounts there.

But her shameful things are far from over yet. I will reveal more of her scandals soon.

Today is the International Children’s Day. I was born in 1970 and experienced hunger at my young age. The Chinese Communist Party has ruled the country for 70 years, pledging that it has fed the Chinese people. It was a total shame!

China is now the world’s second biggest economy. Ms. Liu Xin, the host of CCTV, said three days ago, China’s per capita GDP is only one-sixth of the US’s and she blamed the U.S. for China’s problems. I urge Liu Xin to ask her own mind when she said such words.

Liu Xin, you married a foreigner and made your two kids foreign citizens. You work for CCP in Beijing and make lots of money, and you stand out to question the political system of the United States.

Why don’t you do something to eliminate the U.S. and replace it with a CCP system? If you give Chinese a chance to choose, do they prefer a U.S. system or a CCP system?

Dear friends, we are humans with conscience, not animals. Don’t be misled by such false arguments of Liu Xin! Liu said that in the U.S., there are also IP thefts and it is common for U.S. companies to sue each other with similar cases. I want to charge Liu Xin, “In China, who dares to sue people like you with the Central Television Station?”

Because we do not have a beautiful sex organ that the CCP leaders love, or because we don’t want to sleep with the CCP leadership in the same bed, we do not have the right or guts to sue them.

In the United States, individuals and companies can sue the government. Can you do the same in China? The country is ruled by gangsters, by mafia groups, and by evil police. Can the speech from your mouth be more sensible, Ms. Liu Xin?

About Twitter, friends, days ago my intelligence has warned me of account blockage by the Twitter Company. They have a list of 32,000 accounts to be suspended during the June Fourth Movement Commemoration.

Since I revealed the scandal of Carrie Lam behind the drafting of the Extradition Law in Hong Kong, they started the action of blocking “sensitive accounts” who spread the news.

I want to add that in Carrie Lam’s plan, there are three laws to be passed in Hong Kong, this Extradition Law amendment being the first. The drafting of the other two is underway.

With the jurisdiction change, Carrie Lam can arrest any citizen in Hong Kong in the name of inciting subversion of government. The second law is about confiscation of private properties and assets. That relates to life and death. The third is about education in Hong Kong.

After these steps, Carrie Lam will request the Central Government for a new legislation so that she would stay as Chief Executive of Hong Kong for two consecutive terms. She is to sacrifice the interests of all Hong Kong people for the life safety of herself and her family.

This will not happen as she wishes, when we are going to see demonstration on Hong Kong streets on the 9th of June.

This is the main reason Twitter has taken actions to block so many accounts on the date of May 31th. The factual number of blockage amounts to 80 thousand yesterday. Facebook is even more disastrous with its censorship.

I was told that close to 10 thousand people have been detained in China and Hong Kong in the past days. My revelation of Carrie Lam’s scandals has shocked the CCP leadership.

I have told our Twitter friends not to worry. I am sure our friends in the U.S. Congress, the White House, the Pentagon, and from all walks of life are standing by our side. They must hep us win back the front. I have the confidence and ability.

Former VOA journalist Sasha Gong immediately sent our messages to Senator Rubio and generals in the Pentagon and the White House. Mainstream media have come to me asking “What happened?” I told that it is about Carrie Lam and the blockage was an order from the CCP.

Friends, we have gathered around us the most powerful forces from western media; we have won the support of the forces of justice and righteousness in the west. The global anti-CCP alliance has been formed. We have the strongest group of warrior friends united from all countries in the west. CCP is no longer able to confront us!

The only thing the CCP government can do is to deceive the ordinary people in China. They can no longer fool around the world’s majority. Their fear and stupidity is the gift to us from God.

Our has now become one of the most popular outlets in the world. We have become the greatest beneficiary.

This tragedy on Twitter has added more to our opportunities. It tells we have a strong silent force in the west. It gives people the opportunity to see clearly the unlawfulness and craftiness of the CCP government. This is remarkable news!

I now have a small request from friends. Please contact Ludepress, Xisijikong, Little Brother David, Ms. Pinkduli, the Voice of East America, Zhuang Liehong, the Voice of Australia, Platforms in Japan, Pheonix 9 heavens, Beijing Sisters, and Voice of that we are going to have a joint broadcast live on Sunday morning at 9:30.

First this is going to be a collective event to send a message of gratitude to all warrior friends. Second, we are going to pray for the Chinese people and each will send 100 messages to U.S. officials or other friends from their own platforms. Third, we jointly send our pledge to the Trump administration.

Yesterday we have seen reactions from Donald Trump, Vice President Pence, Security Adviser John Bolton, Mike Pompeo and other U.S. officials, the U.S. State Security Commission, the U.S. Intelligence Commission, the Pentagon, the White House, etc.

Some senator even made his phone call back far from Panama. Many people have called the Twitter Company up for answers.

This is unprecedented in 70 years that the voice of Chinese was echoed so quickly in a foreign country. This is unprecedented the US government has paid its highest attention to calls from Chinese. This is unprecedented all western mainstream media have paid their close attention to such an incident. The historical significance is out of everyone’s expectation!

Everything is just beginning.

By Guo Wengui
Translation and edited by staff


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